Blitzkrieg 3 Pre-Order Offer
25/11/14 21:20 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Nival Interactive today announced that those who pre-order Blitzkrieg 3 will receive either a 10% discount on the Tactical Edition or 30% discount on the Strategic Editions of the game. They will also be automatically eligible to be among the first to get their hands on the game itself when the Closed Beta Testing launches this winter.
Blitzkrieg 3 is set to release in the first half of 2015 with the Tactical Edition priced at $49.99/46.99 ($44.99/41.99 with the 10% pre-order discount) and the Strategic Edition priced at $78.99/72.99 ($54.99/50.99 with the 30% pre-order discount). Press Release: Pre-campaign launches for the forthcoming World War II strategy game

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World of Speed Ford Mustang GT vs. Chevrolet Camaro SS Trailer
25/11/14 21:16 | Category: General | Platform: PC | and Slightly Mad Studios have unveiled a new trailer for World of Speed presenting two iconic muscle cars going head-to-head; Ford Mustang GT and Chevrolet Camaro SS. In World of Speed, players will hop in the driver's seat of an endless garage of cars ranging from everyday city runners to the fastest super cars on the planet to the most iconic cars from throughout the storied history of auto racing. Players will find themselves racing on true-to-life tracks spanning the globe and on tracks carved from roadways across cities including London and San Francisco.
World of Speed will introduce a new level of connected competition allowing players real-time interactive social gameplay through Club and team gameplay, the Airfield social hub, and unique missions and objectives in every race to make every players actions really matter. As an online experience, World of Speed will be supported with live events and player challenges, new gameplay modes, tracks and cars and much more.

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Last Inua Coming Next Month, Video Released
25/11/14 21:04 | Category: Videos |
Developed by Glowforth and published by Wired Productions, Last Inua - An Arctic Adventure platform is a platform adventure grounded in Inuit Mythology. Launched on the iOS platform in April 2014, Last Inua tells the tale of an Inuit family's fight for survival against a fearsome demon and the harsh elements of the mythical Arctic. Guiding Hiko, his physically weak but gifted son through the mythical world, Ataataq will need to rely on his brute strength to overcome many obstacles. Hiko, although more fragile than his father, carries with him supernatural abilities and magical skills that exceed the physical powers of his father.
Last Inua for PC and Mac will arrive in December 2014. Press Release: Arctic Platform Adventure Last Inua Confirmed for PC & Mac Winter 2014
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Teslagrad Dated
25/11/14 20:58 | Category: General |
Available now on PC and Wii U, Teslagrad, a 2D platformer developed by Rain Games, will arrive for PS4 and PS3 on December 3rd, 2014, SOEDESCO announced. Teslagrad is a 2D puzzle platformer with action elements, where you use magnetism and other electromagnetic powers to progress through the game and discover the secrets in the long abandoned Tesla Tower.

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Daedalic Entertainment and Mimimi Productions Sign Deal
25/11/14 20:39 | Category: General |
Daedalic Entertainment sent over a press release announcing it has signed the next project of Munich-based independent developer Mimimi Productions, which is best known for the multi-platform title, The Last Tinker: City of Colors. The new project is a real-time tactical stealth game scheduled to be published in 2016 for PC, Max, Linux, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Press Release: Daedalic Entertainment to publish exciting new project by Mimimi Productions

Thomas Was Alone Released for PS4 and Wii U
25/11/14 20:34 | Category: Game Releases |
Previously released for PC, Mac, PS Vita, PS3 and Xbox One, Thomas Was Alone is also available now on the Nintendo eShop and the North American PSN store, with a European PSN releases following on the 26th, Curve Studios announced. Created by Mike Bithell, voiced by Danny Wallace and with a score by David Housden, Thomas Was Alone is a 2D platform-puzzle game that tells the story of Thomas, a red block, as he teams up with a band of other quadrilaterals to solve a variety of environmental puzzles. Press Release: Emotional Polygons Jump Onto New Platforms this Week

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LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Mac Version Dated, Trailer Released
25/11/14 20:23 | Category: General | Platform: Mac |
Feral Interactive announced today that the Mac version of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham will be available on November 28th. The Mac release will be accompanied on day one by three add-on content packs. Players will rev up the "Tumbler" Batmobile in the Dark Knight pack, send an infant Superman to Earth in the Man of Steel pack and orchestrate deviously designed party celebrations in the Batman 75th pack. These packs will be available separately via in-game or in-app purchase. Press Release: Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham for Mac Goes Galactic on November 28Th!

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Cloudbuilt Defiance DLC Pack Released, Screens Available
25/11/14 20:13 | Category: Screenshots | Platform: PC |
This second DLC pack for Cloudbuilt is now available via Steam inviting you to explore a new path in Demi's story as she starts to question and break away from the destiny set before her. Players face their hardest challenge yet in levels focused more on making it through in one piece rather than running through as fast as possible. Along with new enemies and gameplay mechanics, these levels also introduce a new risk/reward system by having no fixed checkpoints - it's up to the player to collect and then manually place them.
Ten screenshots found their way in our gallery.

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Super Happy Singh Available, Trailer/Screens Launched
25/11/14 20:01 | Category: Screenshots | Platform: PC |
Games by Shri has launched a video and four screenshots from Super Happy Singh announcing that this game is out now on Windows and Linux PCs. In Super Happy Singh, you will be playing as Happy Singh, a cute Punjabi guy who loves to run and jump. His truck is broken in the middle of the jungle where angry monkeys are waiting to beat you up, and deadly cacti that can send you spinning.

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Eonia Dreams has launched an Indiegogo campaign to secure funds to complete the development of For Eternity, a platform RPG inspired by the hit song and music video For Eternity, already hugely popular on YouTube and MTV with more than 2.2 million views, and topping the charts as #1 on iTunes across many countries.
For Eternity tells a story about King Jonathan, his Queen Isabella and the kingdom of Lurania, a peaceful kingdom until it was invaded by an Unknown Evil. In the game, players enter the stage after the kidnapping of Queen Isabella. King Jonathan goes on a rescue mission in the forest of Lurania, and must endure trials and tribulations on his quest to success. Thankfully, the king is aided by his elite commanders Calandra and Aretrian. Calandra is an excellent archer and Aretrian is a high level magician. Control your party on your adventure to rescue Queen Isabella.
Nine screenshots and a video are available for your viewing pleasure.

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An open-world action RPG in which players undertake numerous missions in a virtual recreation of Akihabara, Tokyo's popular 'Electric Town' district

The demo will become unavailable on December 8th, 2014

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