#IDARB Coming Next Year
18/12/14 16:22 | Category: Videos | Platform: Xbox One |
Microsoft has released a new video for #IDARB announcing that this chaotic 8-player eSport jumping jetpack future arena ball game is coming in February 2015. The game was developed by Other Ocean for Xbox One.
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Don't Starve Together Gets Steam Early Access, Video Released
18/12/14 16:16 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Developed by Klei Entertainment, Don't Starve Together is a standalone multiplayer expansion for the wilderness survival game Don't Starve. It allows friends or complete strangers to survive together, in either public or private games.
Note that if you currently own Don't Starve on Steam, you will get Don't Starve Together for free when it exits Early Access. By purchasing the Frontier Pack, current owners get Early Access, and a bonus copy for a friend.

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Criminal Girls: Invite Only Second Video Released
18/12/14 15:44 | Category: Videos | Platform: PSV |
NIS America has revealed a new video for Criminal Girls: Invite Only, a revamped version of Criminal Girls for PSP which was released in Japan only. In the game you will explore the depths of Hell as you lead a female gang of delinquents on their quest to absolve themselves of their sins and be reborn on Earth. You will wrestle with the girls' conflicting battle plans, spend some one-on-one time keeping the girls motivated to be their better selves, and uncover their deepest, darkest secrets on the way to reforming them into not just upstanding citizens, but a cohesive, and effective battle group.
Criminal Girls: Invite Only will be available physically and digitally in North America on February 3, 2015, and Europe on February 6, 2015, for PlayStation Vita. This game will be compatible with Playstation TV.
In order to bring this title to as many fans as possible in both North America and Europe, NIS America has edited certain aspects of this game.
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Perfect World International: Eclipse Launched, Video Available
18/12/14 13:09 | Category: Videos | Platform: PC |
Releasing a cinematic trailer, Perfect World Entertainment announced the launch of Eclipse, the sixth expansion for Perfect World International. Perfect World International: Eclipse tells the advent of the new ethereal Nigthshade player race, descendants of the Reapers and thus the god Pan Gu himself. With their arrival comes two new classes, the saber-wielding Duskblade and the scythe-equipped Stormbringer. Adventurers in the world of PWI will now start in the beautiful new region of the Celestial Vale.
Additional content includes a new endgame dungeon, a revamped skill training system, optimized dailies, and new 8.5 ranked gear.

Imperial Fists Expansion Released for Space Hulk: Ascension
18/12/14 12:52 | Category: Game Releases |
Independent developer Full Control today announced that Imperial Fists, the first Space Hulk: Ascension expansion, is available now on Steam for $7.99/€7.99/£5.59. It brings 15 new unique story missions and 20 flash missions for players to conquer. Press Release: Ready the Defences! - Imperial Fists Expansion for Space Hulk®: Ascension Is Available Now

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Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart Battle Trailer and Screens
18/12/14 12:47 | Category: Videos | Platform: PSV |
We have a video and seven more screenshots from Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart, which will be coming to North America and Europe in early 2015. In the works at Idea Factory International, the game will be available in both retail and digital formats exclusively on the PlayStation Vita handheld entertainment system.
Unlike previous Hyperdimension Neptunia games, Hyperdevotion Noire is not set within the world of Gamindustri, but instead within a similar, but separate, world known as "Gamarket". The CPUs of each of the four nations are locked in heated battle against one another for dominion over this world. Just as Noire is one step away from complete domination, the CPUs are suddenly robbed of their powers by an unknown force. Now in order to save the world from destruction, the four CPUs must unite Gamarket and defeat the onslaught.
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The selection of new customization items in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare includes 4 Premium Personalization Packs (includes themed weapon camo, three reticles, player card and emblem item PLUS matching exoskeleton and helmet camo; 4 Personalization Packs (includes themed weapon camo, three reticles, player card and emblem item); 4 Exoskeleton Packs (unique themed exoskeleton and matching helmet), and 10 Flag Exoskeleton Packs (you can show your patriotism with a flag exoskeleton skin and matching helmet) - available for United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, and Japan.

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Grey Goo Dated, Firmament Trailer and Video Dev Diary Released
18/12/14 09:19 | Category: Videos | Platform: PC |
Independent videogame developer Petroglyph has announced that Grey Goo, an all-new real-time strategy (RTS) game for PC, is set to be launched by Grey Box via Steam on January 23rd, 2015. Grey Goo features three distinct factions - the Beta, Humans and Goo - each with its own truly distinctive style, strategies and "epic" units (very powerful, rare combatants that tower over the battlefield).
The game promises an immersive single-player campaign and competitive multiplayer options. Both single and multiplayer modes require diligent planning and intelligent decision making to capitalize on the sophisticated build tree system and multiple tech upgrades available. Press Release: Petroglyph and Grey Box Set the Stage for Grey Goo with Two New Videos
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Crossing the line Teaser Video
18/12/14 09:13 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Zomboko Entertainment has unveiled a teaser trailer for Crossing the line, a first person thriller where a player takes the role of a former police detective trying to solve the mystery behind his wife's death.
A terrorist attack has caused many deaths including the wife of chief police detective Edward Mason. This horrific act has brought a lot of sorrow and left the world in shock. A few years have past but the investigation still hasn't moved. Mason finds himself more often at the bottom of a whiskey glass in the local bar. He begins to see his wife in his dreams. In those dreams she is crying for help and it's killing him inside. He slowly comes to the realization of the fact that he can't help her and that she is gone forever. Unable to deal with his grief, Mason decides to begin his own investigation. He starts to search, looking for some answers. He knows the only thing left to do is to dig a little deeper into the case, but some doors are better left closed...

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Bloodborne Screens 18 December 2014
18/12/14 08:50 | Category: Screenshots | Platform: Playstation 4 |
We have eight fresh visuals from Bloodborne, an action RPG developed by From Software (Demon's Souls, Dark Souls) for PS4 and due to be available on March 24th (North America), March 25th (Europe), and March 28th, 2014 (UK and Ireland). Available at participating retailers, the Collector's Edition for Bloodborne will include a special Steelbook collector's case, an exclusive premium art book featuring concept art from the game, as well as the complete soundtrack featuring all of the haunting music from the game's score.

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Weave your way across the galaxy

Developed entirely by a team of two, Pillar has been in development since August 2012

The update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted

Created with the tradition of classic platformers such as Mega Man and Metroid in mind

Spend $5 or more and you'll get the Chiptune album The Dominant Idea by Gem Tos from the Data Airlines label

Create your unique playthrough by making decisions and get an early taste of Dying Light. Delve into an open world that's full of possibilities

The video discusses the game's features and what sets it apart from other games in the genre

Hazelight is made up of the core team behind Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Interface, AI & mechanics improvements and gameplay additions

An arcade space shoot 'em up with all things combined people love from the classics, adding modern gameplay mechanics and lots of eyecandy

The sequel to Guided Fate Paradox coming next March

From the creators of Demon Gaze

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance brings together a completely new cast of characters to tell a tale of rebellion and revenge

Conceived and designed by three Magic: the Gathering tournament champions

Available for free

In Construction Simulator 2015, you take the controls of 15 realistic construction machines made by Liebherr, Still, and MAN

The update is available now and will let players keep both Save Data and Achievements

Formerly known as 'Project Totem', the Danish studio's platformer is out now

Featuring broken-world mindscape levels that won Indie Bits 2014's Prettibyte Award

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel's second batch of add-on content out now

Multiple downloadable content offerings available

What happens in your wildest dreams... becomes a video game

You can not run away from extreme strike sensation

◦Added support for multiple equipment profiles and the ability to change the sets of equipment in battle, while the character is dead

Live the journey of three heroes - a Wizard, a Knight and a Thief – in a quest to save the kingdom from evil

Martial Arts MOBA King of Wushu to arrive on Sony's next-gen console

Explore a science-fiction universe of infinite possibilities this December

The third entry in the much-loved Oddworld series goes portable

Ubisoft puts a fresh twist on the classic block-sliding puzzler

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