Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Dated, First Screens Unveiled
31/10/14 14:12 | Category: Screenshots |
Along with these screenshots, KOEI TECMO Europe announced that their tactical action game, Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires, will arrive in North America on January 27th, 2015, and in Europe three days later, for PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One. The Dynasty Warriors Empires series returns replete with new features including deep customization of warriors, horses and armies, or even the creation of an original character in dynamic battlefields that evolve with environmental changes. Players can seluary ect from 83 unique characters, or create their own original character with a plentitude of options through the edit function. The visual customization goes further with the newly implemented ability to customize their horses, banners and "normal" officers. Press Release: Koei Tecmo Europe Reveals Launch Date for Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires

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Bear With Me Pre-Alpha Demo
31/10/14 13:07 | Category: Demos |
Indiefferent Studio has released a demo for Bear With Me, a classic 2D, black and white, point'n'click adventure game which mixes noire mystery & horror elements in a cute style filled with puns. You must help Amber solve the mistery of her missing brother while being chased. Amber is getting help by her trusty teddy bear which happens to be an experienced private detective.
Bear With Me needs your votes on Steam Greenlight here.

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Haunted House: Cryptic Graves Available to Pre-order, Screens/Video Re..
31/10/14 12:30 | Category: Videos | Platform: PC |
Unveiling these screenshots and a new video, Atari has announced that those who pre-order Haunted House: Cryptic Graves will get a 15 percent discount. This is a first-person single-player adventure-horror game filled with cryptic puzzles, supernatural entities and paranormal activity. Gifted with psychic abilities, players must use their unique powers to purge the spirits and monsters that infest the Abbadon Grange estate. For example, players can communicate with the dead to decipher puzzles and avoid deadly traps, and use additional powers to craft objects that eradicate gruesome ghosts.
Haunted House: Cryptic Graves for PC is being developed by Dreampainters, the team behind the survival horror game, Anna. Press Release: Atari® Thrills Fans With Pre-Orders for alone in the Dark: Illumination™ And Haunted House: Cryptic Graves™ On Steam
Local Download:

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Alone in the Dark: Illumination Available to Pre-order, New Screens Re..
31/10/14 11:30 | Category: Screenshots | Platform: PC |
The pre-order bonus pack for Alone in the Dark: Illumination "Eldritch Edition" includes limited-edition character and weapon skins, as well as early access during the game's beta launch starting later this fall. As the latest installment of the Alone in the Dark franchise, Alone in the Dark: Illumination is a third-person action-horror game that brings interesting new twists and gameplay including the power of illumination, 4-player cooperative multiplayer mode, and a unique cast of characters featuring descendants of the original Alone in the Dark heroes. Players can choose between the four playable heroes, each armed with an individual set of special abilities and weapons.
Alone in the Dark: Illumination will be available on Steam for $29.99 - four fresh screenshots have been inserted in our gallery. Press Release: Atari® Thrills Fans With Pre-Orders for alone in the Dark: Illumination™ And Haunted House: Cryptic Graves™ On Steam

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The Last Dogma Joins Steam Greenlight
31/10/14 11:12 | Category: Game Announcements | Platform: PC |
Developed by Sasha Darko, The Last Dogma is a dark comedy adventure set in the year 1999 of an alternate reality world, where US actively campaigns for world domination, UK is ruled by the dictator from Iran and Yugoslavia is being invaded by several countries. You play as Sebastian Arise, an ATF special agent tasked with the tracking and eradication of local firearms dealers. One day straightforward tracking mission turns into disaster, thrusting him into the village of cannibalistic Christian cult known as "Holy Intentions". Entwined in a web of intrigues between emotion-feeding daemons, Sebastian must keep his senses sharp as he travels back in 1366 A.D. to stop the things he shouldn't stop.
The Last Dogma needs your votes on Steam Greenlight here.

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Dragon: The Game Coming to Steam Next Month
31/10/14 11:01 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Developed by Red Level Games for the PC, Dragon: The Game is an open world, action role-playing game in which you will bring your dragon's story to life. As you eat, age and hunt, your dragon will develop allowing you to improve and customize its wings, tail, claws, and breath weapon.
Dragon: The Game will be available via Steam Early Access on November 7th, 2014 - this version offers single-player, co-op and PVP multiplayer modes for up to four players, plus moddable dragons and maps.

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Blitzkrieg 3 Gameplay Video
31/10/14 10:42 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Nival Interactive offers a gameplay movie for Blitzkrieg 3, which is is coming to PC and Mac in early 2015. In Blitzkrieg 3 players will become commanders of the era as they experience an interactive story of the second World War, blending single-player and multiplayer gameplay. Classic single-player campaigns will be available for each party involved in the conflict - the USSR, the Axis and the Allies. Multiplayer is asynchronous, allowing players to make their way through the enemy defenses without needing to be online for hours on end.

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The Red Solstice Horrors of Mars Update Deployed, Trailer Released
31/10/14 10:25 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Developed by Ironward, The Red Solstice is a strategic, team-based action shooter from the top-down perspective with a strong focus on unique and cooperative multiplayer. The game is a tactical, co-operative survival game set on distant-future Mars, during a great storm known as The Red Solstice. Rewarding tactical and strategic cooperation between squad mates, The Red Solstice offers 8-player co-operative play, randomly generated battlegrounds, eight different player classes, customizable equipment and so much more.
The latest update adds two deadly new bosses that will greatly impact gameplay, requiring extensive teamwork to defeat. The update also includes extensive gameplay improvements, including completely overhauled tutorials and other features that help make the learning experience a bit easier on new players, as well as significant network optimization, new Steam achievements and a range of gameplay fixes and balancing.

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Gold Rush! Anniversary Dated, First Screens/Trailer Released
30/10/14 17:56 | Category: Screenshots | Platform: PC |
Gold Rush!, one of the most comprehensive adventure games of the 1980's, has been completely re-developed from the ground up and will arrive on November 7th, KISS Ltd announced. Gold Rush! Anniversary features high-resolution graphics, speech synthesis, modern user interface, and more.
Seventeen screenshots and a video are available for your viewing pleasure.

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Insurgency Nightfall Update Deployed, Trailer Released
30/10/14 17:51 | Category: General |
Along with a new video, New World Interactive (NWI) announced the launch of Nightfall, the third major content update for its squad-based, hardcore shooter Insurgency. Nightfall introduces a party system to connect players with their friends in game, nightvision goggles for updated night time maps, a new level called "Verticality," two new weapons: AK-74 and M4A1, and a brand new co-operative game mode called Survival. Press Release: Insurgency Nightfall DLC Now Available for Free on Steam

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SMTIV is the first true successor to 2004's Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

The closed beta will be accessible to all Xbox Live and PSN members but some online features will require an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus membership

Quirky co-op platform adventure Chariot out now

The spookiest RPG of all-time is back, and better than ever

The video features completely new cut-scenes created by Blur Studios

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Mining, multiple ship ownership and interdiction headline extensive new features in Elite: Dangerous Beta 3

Unlock a special Halloween prize by completing a new quest

Players can purchase The Dark Below individually or as part of the Destiny Expansion Pass, which includes both Expansion I and Expansion II

In control of a space marine, walk the arena and defeat your opponents using powerful weapons

The video presents the veteran Ex-Marine unit known as Santos Raiders, a former USF elite unit led by the infamous Colonel Carth Santos

Phoebe will usher in a new era for 'nullsec' (player owned areas)

Gunscape offers to FPS fans the ability to create, share, publish and play their very own customized shooters

Bite size arcade shooter landing on the PlayStation Network

World of Warships to make first Australian hands-on debut

The video transports you to the dynamic and enthralling world of Orience, where a turbulent war of nations threatens to tear the land apart

The game's features are only possible on technologically advanced platforms

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The trailer features an arcade machine called Anarchy Man, where you can spend quarters in order to play a couple rounds of the game to relieve your stress

Recreating the vibrant color and energy of Disney’s upcoming Big Hero 6 movie, Disney Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay aims to bring San Fransokyo to life

Fixed an issue in which multiple errors reported with Zebra error codes

The spookiest RPG of all-time is back, and better than ever

Share Play, YouTube integration, Themes and USB Music Player are among the additions

Explore a vast dark fantasy world

Visceral Games brings its storytelling swagger to an all new cops and criminal fantasy inspired by some of the most popular TV crime dramas

Gameplay enhancements, visual upgrades and connected game modes headline latest NBA LIVE title

Developed collaboratively by Yuke's and Visual Concepts, a 2K studio

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