Concursion Demo and Gameplay Movie Released
17/04/14 12:32 | Category: Demos |
Developed by Puuba for PC and Mac, Concursion is a single 2D action game seamlessly fusing together five different original, and uniquely designed, games each based on a classic gameplay genre. The story of Concursion is about one hero on a mission to save his princess and stop their hybrid world from being torn apart. Throughout his journey, and mid-level, our hero will regularly encounter gaps in the reality of the world - seams where one gaming world meets another. The art style changes, the music style cross-fades, and all creatures' behaviors are affected by the change.
As the hero crosses these boundaries, he instantly transforms into a new form: a fast sprinting platformer, a shoot 'em up spaceship, a hack 'n' slash double-jumping, 6-way-slashing ninja, a jetpack wielding planetary explorer, and a top down maze explorer.
A playable demo is locally mirrored - a Steam Greenlight page dedicated to the game is located here.
Update: a new gameplay movie is also available.

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Bridge Constructor Medieval Dated, Screens Released
17/04/14 12:23 | Category: Screenshots |
Developed by ClockStone Studio for iOS and Android, Bridge Constructor Medieval, the sequel to Bridge Constructor and Bridge Constructor Playground, will arrive on May 1st, Headup Games announced. The game features brand new siege levels in which your bridge will be attacked by enemy catapults. Additionally you have to protect your infantry and their horse-drawn carriages by equipping your bridge with solid roofing. On the other hand you have to construct bridges that collapse under the weight of attacking troops, sending the horde of enemies into the abyss below.
Bridge Constructor Medieval also features new materials - you can choose between normal and heavy wood, ropes, stone and protecting roof elements.
Five screenshots found their way in our gallery.

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PlayStation 4 Sales Hit 7 Million
17/04/14 12:10 | Category: General | Platform: Playstation 4 |
Sony Computer Entertainment sent over a press release announcing that cumulative sales of PlayStation 4 have reached 7.0 million units globally as of April 6, 2014. The company also announced it has sold over 20.5m copies of PS4 games through retail stores worldwide and digital downloads via PlayStation Store as of April 13.

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Towers of Altrac Released on GamersGate
17/04/14 12:06 | Category: Game Releases |
Cybertron Design Studios has announced the GamersGate availability of Towers of Altrac, a tower defense game that promises beautiful 3D environments, spectacular effects, a dynamic weather system, day and night time cycles, and more. The lands of Altrac are invaded by the Morkul'al and it's up to you to defense against the enemies. The lands are divided into three folks: The Dreoks, an engineering nation of humans. The Eldran, a forrest nation and the Kal'than, a magician nation. Each nation has an own campaign to go through and free up the lands.
The player will battle against over 50 different enemy types with different levels each, 15 boss types and 15 elementary enemies. As the maps progress, the enemies become stronger and more difficult to defeat. Towers of Altrac has 62 unique environments, each with a different placement of roads, tower build locations, and open areas to plan a strategy around.
Its Steam Greenlight page is located here.

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The Debut 12 Bundle Released
17/04/14 12:04 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Indie Royale has launched The Debut 12 Bundle, a package that includes the following games: Yrminsul, Selknam Defense, Luna's Wandering Stars, Rot Gut, Storm over the Pacific, You Are Not A Banana: Chapter 1, Pester, and GEARCRACK Arena. All the games are available for Windows via Desura and all are in Greenlight seeking a place on Steam. Four of the games are also on Mac & one on Linux.

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Eclipse War Online Open Beta Dated
17/04/14 11:12 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Playwith Interactive has announced that the open beta test for Eclipse War Online will begin on April 24th. During the Open Beta, all beasts and monsters can drop a special Transformation Card, allowing your character to take their physical form. Each card has unique stats and 4 additional skills, and there are over 700 cards to collect.
In addition, every species has a natural prey or predator that changes how combat plays out. The time of day and geographic location will also play an important role in gameplay.
Eclipse War Online will also offer a 3 Lane AOS mode complete with towers and minions, Arena mode, and more.

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft iOS Version Available Worldwide, Video..
17/04/14 11:08 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: Mac |
Blizzard Entertainment has announced that the iOS version of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, previously released in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, is now available in the rest of the world.
In Hearthstone, players build card decks centered around one of nine iconic Warcraft character classes and duel each other for fun, glory, and the chance to win new cards. In addition to honing their skills in practice matches against the computer and taking on their buddies via their friends list, players can challenge each other in two competitive game modes. Play Mode features traditional head-to-head battles, with players facing off for a chance to increase their medal ranking and earn card packs along the way.
And for a different type of challenge, players can enter The Arena, where they start each match by building a deck from a new set of cards, and then use that deck to duel other Forge participants. Aside from winning new cards, players will be able to round out their collections by purchasing new card packs or disenchanting some of their existing cards to craft the ones they're missing.

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Trials Fusion Released, Launch Video Available
17/04/14 10:05 | Category: Videos |
Developed by RedLynx and published by Ubisoft, Trials Fusion takes place in a high-tech and futuristic world inviting you to perform various FMX tricks. The game is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 - the PC version will arrive on April 24th.
Local Download:

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The Last of Us Grounded Bundle DLC Announced
17/04/14 09:54 | Category: General | Platform: Playstation 3 |
Naughty Dog has announced that Grounded Bundle, the next The Last of Us DLC, includes The Reclaimed Territories Map Pack which features four news maps: Wharf, Capitol, Coal Mine, and Water Tower. Each map has a mix of trophies attached and is set in location that will be familiar yet unfamiliar to players of the single-player campaign.
Grounded Bundle also includes The Survivalist Weapon Bundle, which contains four new weapons: Specter, Double Barrel, Enforcer, and Launcher. These guns have very unique attributes that have been carefully balanced so as to offer new play styles that fit into the existing Factions gameplay.
Two Survival Skills Bundles, Situational Survival Skills Bundle and Professional Survival Skills Bundle, are also included if you own the Season Pass. In addition, everyone, including non-Season Pass holders, will be getting a new gun - the Full-Auto Rifle - for free. This is a fully automatic, modified burst rifle that is very easy to use.

inFAMOUS: Second Son Patch Adds New Photo Mode
17/04/14 09:50 | Category: General | Platform: Playstation 4 |
Sucker Punch Productions has announced that a new update for inFAMOUS: Second Son, the latest chapter in the inFAMOUS series, is available via PSN allowing you to disable the HUD and, once you've finished the game, to adjust the time of day as you like. It also includes an option to cap the game frame rate at 30 FPS if you prefer playing this way. Note that this is a frame rate cap - not a lock. It won't eliminate the rare instance of a dropped frame during gameplay.
With this update, you can also enable Photo Mode within the options. Once you do that, clicking L3 will pause the game, and allow you to use a suite of our internal tools (like setting depth of field) to take even more shots.

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The update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted

The update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted

The update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted

The update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted

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