Destiny 2.0.2 Update Deployed
27/11/15 20:04 | Category: General |
Bungie has issued a new patch for Destiny fixing Nightstalker abilities and alleviating the famine of weapon parts. It also includes various changes that impact activities and items. Changelog: Destiny 2.0.2 Update

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Path of Exile Trailers Reveals Ascendancy Expansion
27/11/15 19:51 | Category: Game Announcements | Platform: PC |
Grinding Gear Games offers another trailer for Path of Exile, this time presenting Ascendancy, the next expansion scheduled to launch in early 2016. It will offer new skills, enchantments and items, plus the Ascendancy system - a set of 19 possible classes, each with its own additional Ascendancy Skill Tree to master. You can access these Ascendancy classes by completing a new procedurally generated dungeon called the Lord's Labyrinth.

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Neon Chrome Joins Steam Greenlight, Trailer Released
27/11/15 19:44 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
10tons has unveiled another video for Neon Chrome, announcing that this cyberpunk top-down shooter needs your votes on Steam Greenlight here. Neon Chrome is set inside an arcology, a massive science fiction residential structure. The player will shoot and blast his way through the mega structure consisting of both procedurally generated and hand crafted areas.

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Resident Evil 0 Video Interview
27/11/15 19:17 | Category: General |
Capcom has released a video interview for the remastered version of Resident Evil 0, which will arrive in early 2016, for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The new title takes the fear-inducing atmosphere from the original 2002 release and transforms it with HD visuals, improved sound, widescreen support and an optional modernized control system. Both series fans and newcomers alike can experience the story of what really happened before the iconic mansion incident that was the catalyst for the entire Resident Evil saga.

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PES 2016 Free-to-Play Version Announced
27/11/15 19:12 | Category: Game Announcements |
Starting December 8, those who haven't yet experienced PES 2016 will be able to download a free, entry-level version of the game which boasts an Exhibition Mode complete with the choice of seven teams including Bayern Munich, Juventus, AS Roma, Brazil and France. There is also a full Training section and the popular myClub feature.
This version will allow new users to experience PES 2016’s online and offline play, and unlimited access to the myClub mode wherein players use accrued in-game currency and micro-transactions to build a title-winning team.

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Starpoint Gemini 2 Xbox One Version Dated, Video Available
27/11/15 18:46 | Category: General | Platform: Xbox One |
Iceberg Interactive today announced that Starpoint Gemini 2 for Xbox One is due to launch on December 11th, 2015. Starpoint Gemini 2 is an open-world 3D space simulation set in the sci-fi setting of Gemini, a star system deeply divided by conflict and plagued by events that are yet to unfold. This Xbox One version will include an entirely re-modelled HUD system, both in functionality and visual appearance; re-designed camera system prepared with Xbox One controller in mind; and optimization and performance improvements. Press Release: Starpoint Gemini 2 - an amazing tactical space sim, coming to Xbox One this December

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Pangaea: New World Kickstarter Campaign Launched
27/11/15 18:42 | Category: General |
LVR Studio is running a Kickstarter campaign for Pangaea: New World, a MMO action game about survival in the post-apocalyptic world. In order to survive the player must develop his/her character, build better weapons and equipment. The game focuses on the adventures of unexplored territories either alone or in co-op with friends.
Pangaea: New World is coming to PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Scrap Mechanic Coming to Steam
27/11/15 18:35 | Category: Game Announcements | Platform: PC |
Axolot Games announced today that Scrap Mechanic, a multiplayer survival game developed for PC, will be released on Steam Early Access worldwide on January 20, 2016. In the game, you will find yourself exploring, scavenging and collecting objects from all over a wide-open interactive world. With these gathered objects you will build shelters as well as moving vehicles and machines that will help you survive all the treacherous adventures ahead of you.
You can team up with friends or fight against robots and the kinds of unscrupulous types who want to steal your stuff.

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Tropico 5 Espionage DLC Released on PS4
27/11/15 18:25 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: Playstation 4 |
Kalypso Media has announced that Espionage, the latest DLC (downloadable content) for Tropico 5, is now available globally on PS4 via the PlayStation Store. It includes a new campaign and story spanning 6 challenging missions, 9 new spy and military themed buildings, 4 new island maps, such as "Dos Torres," and "Grito Grande", 4 new music tracks, new sandbox tasks and events to go with the new 'espionage' setting, and more. Press Release: From Tropico With Love - 'Espionage' Out Now for PlayStation®4

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World of Tanks Generals Out Now
27/11/15 16:30 | Category: Game Releases |
Wargaming has announced that its TCG card game World of Tanks Generals is now available on iOS tablet and PC browsers. Boasting over 200 cards across three nations (U.S.A, Germany and U.S.S.R.), players can construct their own unique deck to create the perfect balance of tanks, artillery and special orders. Skirmishes take place on the Bridgehead; prospective generals must strategically place their units within the grid, harnessing sudden strikes and tactical traps to protect their HQ and destroy the enemy HQ. Players can soldier their skills in training battles against AI bots and ultimately put their prowess to the test against real-life opponents in 1v1 battles. Press Release: World of Tanks Generals Stacks the Deck for Tactical Warfare

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