Marie Joins Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Screens Released
31/07/14 09:37 | Category: Screenshots |
Along with these, Atlus U.S.A announced that Marie, a nimble fighter with a wide range of skills, will be available as a Free DLC for all Persona 4 Arena Ultimax players. She is a deadly combatant with skills that control and immobilize opponents, and who knows what kind of game-changing items she can pull out of her purse. Her Persona Kaguya complements her abilities with ranged and stun attacks.

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Wyv and Keep Arrives on Steam Next Week
31/07/14 09:30 | Category: General |
Developed by A Jolly Corpse, Wyv and Keep Wyv and Keep is a 2D platform-puzzler starring two rookie treasure hunters. The game is packed with team-based puzzles where you must use both characters to unlock and reach a door to the next level. You can play solo, switching between the two, or cooperatively, locally on one computer or online. You will be dodging poison darts, snakes, and spear-throwing pygmies, leaping over spike traps and pits of lava, and using TNT to blast through crumbling walls and floors.
Wyv and Keep will be released first for Windows for $14.99USD, with Mac/Linux to follow shortly.

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Playstation Now for PS4 Enters Open Beta
31/07/14 09:26 | Category: General |
Sony Computer Entertainment today announced that PlayStation Now (PS Now), the company's streaming game service which leverages cloud-based technology, is now in Open Beta testing for PS4 users in the mainland United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) and parts of Canada. The service will expand to PlayStation 3 (PS3) systems from September, followed by PlayStation Vita, and also PlayStation TV by the end of this year in the US and Canada.
During the PS Now Open Beta, PS4 users will see a diverse library of more than 100 titles to rent, with more added regularly. PS Now will offer a variety of rental periods depending on the game, including 7-days, 30-days or 90-days, as well as a short 4-hour duration, so players can sample the experience first.

Clockwork Empires Coming to Steam, New Screens Available
31/07/14 09:11 | Category: Screenshots |
Releasing these fresh pics, Gaslamp Games, creators of Dungeons of Dredmor, announced that Clockwork Empires, a narrative-driven colony building sandbox game developed for PC, Mac and Linux, will be available via Steam Early Access on August 15th. Clockwork Empires transports players into a steampunk dystopia, where players take on the role of a Junior Bureaucrat (Colonial Grade) sent forth by the Empire to seek fame, promotions, and natural resources to feed the ever-hungry maw of industry and commerce. You will build mighty colonies populated by foppish aristocrats, ambitious middle-class artisans and clerks, and the toiling lower-classes who labor in your magnificent factories, scientific laboratories, lavishly decorated houses, farms, cathedrals, pubs and more! But be careful - every character in your society has its own personality, motivation, and (sometimes deadly) secrets.
Clockwork Empires encourages its players to link together the mighty gears of ominous colonial megaprojects either via singleplayer, a multiplayer mode with up to four players, or via a turn-based 'round robin' successive multiplayer saved-game file option. Powerful Sharing Technology provides the ability to upload their creations directly to the Heliographic Aether, allowing other Bureaucrats to further diverge histories and continue building and expanding those colonies. Press Release: Clockwork Empires Explodes Spectacularly onto Steam Early Access on August 15th

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Elite: Dangerous Beta Launched, Screens/Video Available
30/07/14 20:52 | Category: Videos | Platform: PC |
David Braben's Frontier Developments today announced that Elite: Dangerous, the next game in the Elite series, is now in beta testing. The Beta version of the game features 55 star systems covering 38,000 cubic light year, player to player communication by voice and text, and friends management and matchmaking.
It also offers private group and online single player options, fuel consumption and docking computers for safe star port landings, plus an overview of trade route mapping and the beginnings of online mission systems.
Eleven fresh screenshots and a new video have been inserted in our download area.
Local Download:

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The Sims 4 New Emotions Gameplay Trailer
30/07/14 20:43 | Category: General |
Electronic Arts and Maxis today released new gameplay footage from The Sims 4, which is currently in development at The Sims Studio and is set to arrive on September 2nd in North America and September 5th in Europe, for PC and Mac, The Sims 4 brings all new ways to play with life; powerful new creative tools, all-new Sims with enhanced emotion and intelligence, and a gaming experience where players control the mind, body and heart of their Sims.
Those who pre-order the game will receive the Limited Edition which comes with the Life of the Party Digital Content.

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Deep Silver Acquires Homefront IP from Crytek
30/07/14 19:35 | Category: General |
Koch Media sent over a press release announcing it has acquired the Homefront brand and all coherent assets from Crytek. This includes Homefront: The Revolution, a free-roaming FPS that throws players into a near future dystopia. The development will be continued in newly founded, Nottingham-based Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, which is the third development studio within the Koch Media Group, joining Deep Silver Volition and Deep Silver Fishlabs. Press Release: Koch Media Acquires Homefront® IP – New Development Studio Founded
Press Release: Crytek Share New Details on their Plans for the Future

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AirMech Arena Released, Launch Video Available
30/07/14 19:34 | Category: Videos | Platform: Xbox 360 |
Ubisoft today announced the availability of AirMech Arena, a competitive fast-paced real-time strategy game developed for Xbox 360. In AirMech Arena, players command giant transforming robots that fight to capture and protect bases while building colossal armies to take on waves of enemies. As players conquer fortresses, they unlock powerful units, pilots, items and AirMechs and can customize their armies to fit their personal gameplay preferences.
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Devolver Digital has announced that Hatoful Boyfriend, a visual novel developed by Mediatonic (Amatuer Surgeon, Foul Play), will launch on August 21st, for PC, Mac, and Linux. You can get get 10% off the $9.99 price by pre-ordering the game before it launches on Steam.
Also available, for $14.99, the Hatoful Boyfriend "Summer of Dove" Collector's Edition includes the official digital soundtrack, an exclusive digital comic from series creator Hato Moa, exclusive wallpapers of Oko-san, and a digital St. Pigeonations 2014 Yearbook.
Ten fresh screenshots found their way in our gallery. Press Release: Hatoful Boyfriend Spreads Its Wings of Love August 21st

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Vivid Games at gamescom 2014
30/07/14 19:15 | Category: General | Platform: Android |
At gamescom 2014 (August 13-17, 2013), Vivid Games will be showing the Android version of Godfire: Rise of Prometheus, playable for the first time ever and enhanced with brand new content that takes the game to a whole new level. In addition, boxing fans can look forward to Real Boxing making an appearance during the show.

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