Cricket Captain 2015 Arrives Tomorrow
07/07/15 19:13 | Category: Game Announcements | Platform: PC |
Developed by Childish Things and published by Kiss Ltd for PC, the latest chapter of the series now includes Indian domestic teams, updated and expanded stats, a new and improved interface, updated 3D graphics and a stack of other additions and improvements. Cricket Captain 2015 will launch on July 8th, via Steam.

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Music Man Online Closed Beta Dated
07/07/15 19:11 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Cubinet Interactive and Snail Game have announced that Music Man One will enter Closed Beta testing on July 14th. This a 3D casual dancing game that enables you to create and customize your own character with a huge selection of appearances, clothing, actions and mounts. The game is primarily targeted to SEA players.

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The Endless Cylinder Video Revealed
07/07/15 19:06 | Category: Game Announcements | Platform: PC |
This work-in-progress prototype is a first look of this single player surreal adventure set in an abstract world where one assumes the role of an small newborn creature who starts his life in a hostile world. The setting is an alien location where a huge rotating cylinder is crushing everything, destroying all in its path. The gameplay is still in early experimental design stages, but the atmosphere and some elements can be seen in the video.
The Endless Cylinder is powered by Unreal Engine 4

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Rumble City is a lighthearted yet tactical puzzle brawler steeped in 1960's American biker culture. Players engage AI opponents in bars, warehouses and back alleys that convey the chaos of a fistfight (feel free to bring knives!) while offering various tactical opportunities. Before and after each brawl, there is the option to customize gear, care for busted up fighters and pick your line up for the next run-in with your rivals.
A free download with in-app purchases, Rumble City will be released on iOS platforms this Thursday, July 9th, 2015. It is also currently available on Android and Amazon devices. A video and four screenshots are also available.

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Independent game studio Codex Worlds today released a playable demo for Infinium Strike offering players a look into this 3D tower defense game that puts you in charge of weapon systems aboard Freedom Strike - the largest, most heavily armed ship in human history - as you defend against hordes of sentient alien ships, called The Wrog. A trailer and fourteen screenshots are also available.
In conjunction with the release of the playable demo, Codex Worlds is preparing for an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. After two years of game development, Infinium Strike is nearing beta. With additional funds from Kickstarter, Codex Worlds will further polish gameplay, add content, and implement valuable feedback received from the player community.
Infinium Strike is planned for release in fall 2015 on PC, Mac, and Linux.
Local Download:

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Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel E3 2015 Video
07/07/15 13:29 | Category: Game Announcements |
Developed by EXAMU for PS4 and PS3, Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel is a 2D arcade fighting game populated by numerous heroines from Nitroplus' collection of IPs, as well as some yet-to-be-announced guest fighters. In Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel, players will select a main character - including SUPER SONICO, who will be playable for the first time in this console release - along with two partner characters from an array of Nitroplus-related products.
Once players master the basics, they can see how their skills stack up online against other network players, with full cross-play on offer between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 users.

Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale E3 2015 Video
07/07/15 13:23 | Category: Game Announcements | Platform: DS |
A new game based on the Japanese PopoloCrois Story comic book series, and a new entry in the wildly successful Bokujo Monogatari farming and life simulation series, now known as Story of Seasons in the West, Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale features both classically-styled turn-based combat and towns full of lively and interesting NPCs who contribute to a heartwarming narrative about friendship, forgiveness and the bounty of the earth that veterans and newcomers alike to either franchise can enjoy equally.
Ample farming and life simulation elements are also on offer in this crossover, including real-time crop-raising, bug-catching, rock-quarrying, item synthesis, and relationship forging. Players can collect over 600 items and undertake nearly 100 quests throughout the game, supplementing its 25+ hour main story with nearly unlimited potential for replayability. StreetPass features are also present, allowing players to connect with one another and earn bonus items through treasure-hunting.
Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale will launch in winter 2015 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos Dated
07/07/15 13:20 | Category: General | Platform: Playstation 4 |
XSEED Games sent out a press release announcing that Onechanbara Z2: Chaos will arrive in North America exclusively for PS4 on July 21st. The game will be available digitally via the PlayStation Store for $39.99, as well as in a limited "Banana Split" retail release for $49.99, which will include a soundtrack CD containing almost a full 80 minutes of music from both this game and its Japan-only predecessor, Onechanbara Z: Kagura, an 80-page softcover "Behind the Bikini" book also featuring artwork and backstory from both games, and a code to download the "Strawberries & Banana" premium DLC costume. Press Release: XSEED Games Confirms Launch Date for Onechanbara Z2: Chaos

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Beyond Flesh and Blood Screens 7 July 2015
07/07/15 13:11 | Category: Screenshots |
In the works at Pixelbomb Games, Beyond Flesh and Blood is a 3rd person action shooter with horror overtures that challenges players to blast through hostile scavenger forces and mutating enemy threats, solve intense mini games and outthink challenging platforming elements, in order to locate and bring home a lost expedition team. Players must battle their way through multiple gore-filled levels, blasting apart grotesque enemy hives, eliminating wave after wave of enemy scum with powerful weapons that push player's skills to the limit.
Beyond Flesh and Blood will release on Windows 10 in September this year, and the studio aims to release on Xbox in 2016 - thirteen screenshots found their way in our gallery.

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The Little Acre Video
07/07/15 13:09 | Category: General |
The Little Acre is an adventure game in the works at for PC, Mac and Xbox One. Aidan and his daughter Lily dwell in a rural part of Ireland during the 1950s, where Aidan struggles to make ends meet. When he enters the old workshop of his inventor father, Aidan finds himself inadvertently transported to the alternate world of Clonfira, where he must utilize his father's creations to navigate the fantastical realm. Meanwhile, Lily - armed with a wooden sword and accompanied by a loyal companion - sets out to rescue Aidan. Separately and together, they must make their way through this strange new land in order to get home.
The Little Acre will launch later this year.

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