Casual Games 2 March 2015
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Today we have added the following games to our casual online / downloadable shareware gaming section:

Sea of Lies Burning Coast Downloadable game. A strange plague is sweeping through coastal towns, and you've traveled to Port Talbot to help find a cure. But when the town is evacuated to neighboring Wellport, you suddenly find yourself right in the middle of a madman's devious plans. Now you're the only one who knows the truth... but can you reveal it before you become another victim along the burning coast? Find out in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Solitaire Perfect Match Downloadable game. Entirely new Solitaire Game! Match cards to clear the decks, get valuable rewards. No hurry, no rush.Smart and sometimes crafty ways to scoreShow off your skills and score big! You can simply remove similar cards. But you can make color matches, suit matches, use boosters smartly and draw up Perfect Matches to be #1!Valuable achievementsYou deserve them! Really valuable achievements bring you coins to purchase boosters that charge your game.Useful BoostersSpend your coins on useful boosters to overcome those challenging levels and enhance your game experience.

Magic Gate Faces of Darkness Downloadable game. The main character, together with his fiancée, takes up residence in their new home. While unpacking their belongings, his fiancée stumbles upon a magical mirror that takes her to another world. Without hesitation, the hero goes after his fiancé and enters the magical world of Elyrium where he sees his fiancée being kidnapped by dark ghostly spirits.
Venture into a magical world and experience the struggle of good versus evil. Fight for your love and return to your world!

Fill and Cross Pirate Riddles 3 Downloadable game. To sail or not to sail? What kind of question is that! While others mull it over, you can be the first to find the pirate cache!
Somewhere out there, at the bottom of a mysterious lake, lies the secrets of times long past: a crystal capable of giving youth, a cup which can give eternal life with a single sip, and a gold doubloon which brings luck to its bearer... All of this could be yours, if only you get to the island before anyone else!
So onwards, summon your crew and set sail! Your journey promises to be risky, but they don't call you a courageous captain for nothing, right? Go ahead! Hoist the Jolly Roger! Fair winds to ye, sea dog!

Mystery Tales The Twilight World Downloadable game. You and your daughter, Nancy, can't resist the lovely hotel just off the highway, especially after a long day on the open road. But just as the two of you get settled, your peaceful pause is shattered by a witch who abducts Nancy! You must travel to the Twilight World to stop the witch before she takes over your daughter's body. Along the way, you'll meet others who have been doomed by the witch's dark magic. Can you free them all from her spell, or will you become trapped forever in the witch's dark world? Find out in this magical Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Living Legends Wrath of the Beast Downloadable game. Bear attacks have increased since Goldilocks, the hero of Fortress, passed away three years ago. As her only son, you've taken on her legacy to protect the village and keep its people safe. Explore mountainous forests, snowy cliffs, and remote castles to uncover the truth behind the history of the village and unlock the secret of the magical bears who roam deep in the forest. What's causing the bears to suddenly attack? Your mother's diary may hold the answer, but will you survive long enough to read her final chapter? Find out in this captivating Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Frozen Patchworks Downloadable game. The most magical night of the year is coming... today! Feel the atmosphere of an unforgettable Christmas night and start your exciting adventure with Frozen Patchwork!Journey through a Frozen Christmas world and complete all the puzzles. Earn as many keys as you can and unlock new worlds! Can the great Queen of the Frozen Kingdom restore the magical amulet? Will the magic have time to work before Christmas arrives or will the cold heart remain forever frozen?

Mahjong Gold 2 Pirates Island Downloadable game. Set sail from Port Royal on the Golden Hind and head for Hard Luck Island. Legend has it that untold treasures are hidden there. The treasure trove's location is encoded in special tiles which you will have to remove to reach the gold! The greed and generosity of pirates knew no bounds. The smuggler's path wasn't easy – goals and limited moves will present a serious challenge to your abilities in Mahjong Gold 2: Pirates Island!

Stranded in Time Downloadable game. Stranded In Time takes you on a fun and exciting adventure to explore a mystery out of this world! What seems to be a little weekend get-together with an old eccentric uncle turns into a fantastic journey through time and space. Play as Olivia - a young sceptic woman from a big city. Join her Uncle Peter and writer Nick on an exploration of an abandoned church that hides a secret that is beyond any wild dream! Meet fun characters and solve tricky puzzles. Only you can find the key to an enigma that is older than history itself!

Twilight Phenomena The Incredible Show Downloadable game. It's that time of year again! Visiting the Strauss Circus has been a tradition for you and your sister, Judith, for many years. But this year, when Judith is chosen from the audience to help with a magic act, you discover that the smiling faces on stage aren't as happy as they first appear. Judith doesn't meet you after the show, and you quickly realize something is wrong. Search the circus and uncover the dark secrets haunting the performers and animals who call it home. But you'd better hurry! Time is running out in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Lost Lands The Four Horsemen Downloadable game. After several centuries of peace, a terrible new evil threatens the Lost Lands! Rumors are spreading of four mysterious horsemen cutting a path of terror throughout the land. They burn villages, freeze the water, and bring darkness wherever they go. The horsemen are after a key that will allow them to control parallel worlds, and they'll stop at nothing to get it. As the champion of the Lost Lands, you're the only one brave enough to face them... but can you track them down and stop them in time? Find out in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Check the on-line games if you are after a quick gaming round or wish to take a pause from a frag-fest or days-long Civilization game; Beware though as some of these small flash games may get addictive! For more quick gaming action, we have an archive of over 3600 games on our Casual Games area.

Fluffy Kitten Studios has announced the Steam Early Access launch of Ascent: The Space Game, a MMO/space simulator hybrid that sports 270 billion star systems allowing players to build and customize their own ships, colonize faraway worlds, compete with other players for currency and resources, mine asteroids, trade, and much more. The game's two gameplay modes are roughly divided into "Industrialist" and "Combat" campaigns running side by side - it's possible to switch between the two at any time.
"Industrialist" is more trade-oriented: players are tasked with rebuilding business empires and attempting to restore order to the human race. Priorities include food and raw materials. In contrast, "Combat" features ship-to-ship (PvE) skirmishes as the player is recruited by the last remnant of the military (United Nations Combined Arms [UNCA]) to help protect the wealthy Janus Merchant Cabal against a pirate syndicate.

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Shadow Blade: Reload Trailer Video and Screens
02/03/15 08:42 | Category: Screenshots |
We have a video and seven visuals for Shadow Blade: Reload, a fast-paced action platformer where you play as Kuro, the last remaining Ninja of his clan, guiding him through challenging levels, around countless traps, sneaking past enemies or right over their dead bodies.
In the works at Dead Mage, Shadow Blade: Reload will be available on PS4/Vita, Xbox One, Wii U and PC (Win,Mac,Linux) in Q2 2015.

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Heroes of Rune Open Alpha Underway
02/03/15 08:40 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Developed by MijiKai Game Studio for the PC, Heroes of Rune (HoR) is a casual game that combines elements of multiplayer RPG and MOBA style gameplay. You will team up with friends for quests, raid challenges, engage in fast-paced PvE, PvP combat in a casual multiplayer RPG environment. Once you are ready for more action, you can go head to head with other teams in the Rune Wars, a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) mode included in the game. Unlike other MOBAs, Heroes of Rune will not include lanes or auto-spawning minions. Players have the freedom to roam the environment, hunt various monsters for experience points, collect gold, purchase upgrades, and spawn minions that will follow you directly into combat.
Heroes of Rune will reward players with Battle Points for their achievements in both gameplay modes. Battle Points will help determine the players Ranking on the Leaderboard, and also unlocks additional game content such as new playable characters, and skins. Players will also have an option to unlock this content through the purchase of in-game currency, but Heroes of Rune will not adopt a pay-to-win model.
Heroes of Rune is currently in Open Alpha stage of development.

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Bard's Gold Joins Steam Greenlight, Trailer/Screens Released
02/03/15 08:30 | Category: Screenshots | Platform: PC |
Bard's Gold is a 2D retro arcade platformer with a small touch of RPG elements, where the player has to find the key hidden within the level and get to the door in order to progress through the game. The game needs your votes on Steam Greenlight here - seven screenshots and a gameplay movie are available for your viewing pleasure.

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The Last Tinker: City of Colors Released on Mac App Store
01/03/15 09:10 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: Mac |
The Last Tinker: City of Colors is an action-adventure developed by Mimimi Productions and published by Daedalic Entertainment. In a world where creativity has given way to conflict, a young street kid living in the slums of Colortown seeks to restore the spark of imagination to his hometown. As Koru, you must harness the power of color to defeat the Bleakness and make Colortown vibrant once again.
You must help the young boy Koru save Tinkerworld from the all-devouring Bleakness. You will use the power of those colors to aggravate (red), frighten (green) and grieve (blue) your enemies as you manipulate them to solve logical puzzles and overcome various obstacles.
The Last Tinker: City of Colors is out now via the Mac App Store in five languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. Press Release: The Last Tinker: City of Colors is now Available at the Mac Apple Store

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Blackguards 2 Released on Mac App Store, Video Available
01/03/15 08:53 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: Mac |
Daedalic Entertainment has announced that Blackguards 2 is now available in the Mac App Store for 33,99US$/ 25,49£/ 33,99€/ 2050RUR. Blackguards 2 is based again on the RPG rulebook of The Dark Eye, but it will come along with some revisions, optimizations and simplifications. The gameplay focuses on turn-based battles once more - this time, the players have to conquer Cassia's lands and defend them against intruders when the need arises. As in a fraction-based game the enemies can recapture the territories from the Blackguards.
The game features full English and German localization as well as subtitles in Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Korean. Press Release: Blackguards 2 now available at Mac App Store!

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Mute Joins Steam Greenlight, First Screens/Trailer Released
01/03/15 08:41 | Category: Screenshots |
Developed by RGBird Games for Windows, Mac and Linux, Mute, a mystery game about Love, Brotherhood and Tragedy, where you have to explore an open world wilderness in search of your missing brother. You start the game playing as Jeff, on his journey to find the whereabouts of his missing brother, Steve, who went hiking on a canyon and disappeared. The story leads you to play the game as five different characters and over a span of 100 years. It is up to you to put the pieces together and find out why he is missing.
Mute needs your votes on Steam Greenlight here - fourteen screenshots and a gameplay movie are available for your viewing pleasure.

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Supernova Announced, Videos/Screens Released
01/03/15 08:16 | Category: Videos | Platform: PC |
BANDAI NAMCO Games America announced Supernova, a new approach to the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre by adding real-time strategy (RTS) elements. In Supernova the universe is the battle arena, and players must battle as humans or aliens for their race's right to exist. Commanders from across the galaxy pit themselves against each other to save their race from extinction - only the strongest commanders can save their species from interstellar annihilation. Players choose from a wide variety of commanders to control, such as giant robots, cyborgs, or interstellar races adapted to the unyielding harshness of space.
Supernova also allows lane minions to be upgraded in ways familiar to any RTS player providing an additional element of strategy. Infantry, mechanized land and air units provide a rock-paper-scissors triad. In addition, the game introduces the Mechanoughts, a planet-razing ancient technology that will grant a savvy team megalithic blasting drones, which relentlessly drive to the heart of an enemy's defenses
Created by Primal Game Studio, Supernova is set to launch on PCs later this year. Ten screenshots and a video have been inserted in our download area. Press Release: Bandai Namco Games America Inc. Announces a New Interstellar Online Game, Supernova

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The KISS Bundle Released
28/02/15 21:37 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Indie Royale has launched The KISS Bundle, a package that includes the following titles: //N.P.P.D. RUSH//, Canyon Capers, Cobi Treasure Deluxe, Glacier 3: The Meltdown, Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising, Hyper Fighters, Nosfertau: The Wrath of Malachi, Numba Deluxe, RADical Roach Deluxe Edition, Racer 8, and The Tribloos 2. The games are all on Steam and compatible with Windows with Racer 8 also being available on Mac.

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A homage to the gory hack and slash games of the 80's and 90's

Bonus content available for gamers who pre-order through GameStop and participating retailers

Based on LASTMAN, a comic book written by Michael Sanlaville, Yves Bigerel and Bastien Vives

A story about childhood, memory, and hope

Full of engaging fun puzzles, a cast of crazy characters and dozens of bizarre locations

The game is available as a physical and digital release, only on PlayStation 3

Fable Legends will be available to play on both Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One

République Remastered is the first commercial game to fully utilize the power of Unity 5

The Deer God is a 3D pixel art adventure that will challenge your religion and your platforming skills

Built in partnership with the Alaska Native community

Everyone will get two free maps, increasing the level count to six

Build and defend your castle against an army of evil creatures

KOF 2002 UM, fully upgraded version of KOF 2002 & 2nd title in the UM series, joins the battle on Steam

The game will be the first Texas Hold'em Poker game to grace PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles

The very first strategy RPG in the Hyperdimension Neptunia series out now

From the team behind DmC, Heavenly Sword, and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

A futuristic skate-like game coming to PS4, PC and Mac

The sole developer, Tom Happ, is responsible for all the music, art, and programming in this game

Explore and survive the new majestic landscape of Kyrat at the top of the Himalayas

The video showcases the new generation of characters as they join forces to fight against the power hungry clone Mileena and her Outworld rebel army

PAYDAY 2 is one of the most popular shooters in the market with more than 9 million players on Steam, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

The universally acclaimed reality TV Show you wouldn't want to miss

Create your own character and join Goku and his powerful friends to restore Dragon Ball history for the first time ever on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam

To be showcased at PAX East 2015

Race in cars, boats and planes as one of ten Sanrio characters, including Hello Kitty, My Melody, Keroppi and Bad Badtz Maru

The story continues in Episode 2 - Claire and Moira meet other Terra Save members, while Barry and Natalia push farther into the island.

The first closed beta period will be held for one week starting on March 11

Hope hangs by a thread and fades with the light as survivors scavenge the remains of humanity...

Super Mario amiibo - Gold Edition available on March 20 exclusively at Walmart

The game will be showcased at PAX East 2015

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