Casual Games 27 November 2015
27/11/15 20:50 | Category: Casual Games |
We have added the following games to our casual online / downloadable shareware gaming section:

BRIDGE CONSTRUCTOR Playground Downloadable game. Let your creative side run riot, anything is possible! Build bridges over deep valleys, canals or river and make sure they can support the weight of the cars and/or trucks which drive across them. Will they be able to pass the stress test?
An extensive tutorial is available, that means no fixed budget and no limitations. Here you are free to do as you please - build and construct to your heart’s desire!
Experienced players will also enjoy the challenges of attaining the new badge system. Meet the requirements and earn all 5 badges for building each bridge.
Build and construct to your heart's desire!

Solitaire Stories The Quest for Seeta Downloadable game. The Demon King Raavan has abducted Princess Seeta and has held her captive in the dungeons of Lanka! Embark on an epic journey with Prince Ram in the quest to save his wife. Play solitaire games to pass through forests, mountains, swamplands, underground passages and more as you battle mythical monsters that block your way! The trusted and faithful Laksman and Hanuman will aid you in this dangerous mission in Solitaire Stories: The Quest for Seeta!

Holiday Jigsaw Thanksgiving Day 2 Downloadable game. A Thanksgiving gift for all fans of classical puzzles - it's a new holiday puzzle! Holiday Jigsaw Thanksgiving Day 2 has 500 high-quality images of the harvest holiday, the fall and relaxing leisure among family and friends.
The time has come to decorate the house, pick out a turkey and make traditional dishes. Hundreds of ideas for decor, treats and gifts await you in Holiday Jigsaw Thanksgiving Day 2! It will help you amaze your loved ones and have a great Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Day Griddlers Downloadable game. Thanksgiving Day Griddlers is an exciting game for developing logic skills which combines the spirit of griddlers with the warm atmosphere of the harvest holiday. Enjoy a golden autumn landscape, a holiday table with a roasted turkey, rich gifts of nature from the horn of plenty and over 100 themed levels!

European Mystery Flowers of Death Downloadable game. A strain of toxic flowers has surfaced in the Netherlands, attacking locals and pulling them into lifeless comas. After being summoned to investigate this strange situation, you quickly realize that the plants aren't the only sinister thing happening in the city. Some of the city's most prominent citizens have been involved in shady dealings... and they might just be the cause of the horticultural horrors. Can you find the root of the mystery and stop the fatal flowers before falling victim to them yourself? Find out in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Incredible Dracula Chasing Love Downloadable game. It turns out even Dracula has an online dating profile, but when his princess turns out a bit different than her picture, Dracula is having second thoughts. He's not ready for that kind of commitment, but she certainly is! Help Dracula escape the bonds of holy matrimony in 45 unique levels featuring Dracula's monster friends and the humans trying to capture him. Order your servants to clear obstacles, construct buildings, and negotiate with heroes to make a break for freedom in this hilarious resource time management game! Will Dracula find true love, or will it find him first?

Griddlers Ted and P.E.T. Downloadable game. Head into the past with brave time travelers! This time, the tireless and handsome scientist Ted and his clever robot P.E.T. find themselves in a prehistoric age!
120 unique levels, 6 locations and more than 10 hours of gameplay. Choose a training level based on your skills and complete only the tutorial you really need. Complete special tasks and get trophies to make the game even more fun. Solving griddlers is now easy and fun!

Check the on-line games if you are after a quick gaming round or wish to take a pause from a frag-fest or days-long Civilization game; Beware though as some of these small flash games may get addictive! For more quick gaming action, we have an archive of over 3600 games on our Casual Games area.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen PC Gameplay Video
27/11/15 20:47 | Category: General | Platform: Playstation 3 |
Capcom offers a new gameplay movie for Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, this time showcasing the PC version due to launch in January 2016. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen contains all the content from the original Dragon's Dogma plus the additional content from its sequel including the Bitterblack Isle area, challenging new enemies and quests, and additional high level weapons and armor sets, making this the ultimate franchise experience for PC players.
Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen for PC will features high resolution graphics with increased fidelity, full Steam platform support with Achievements and the ability to play using both Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, plus the traditional keyboard and mouse control scheme are all available for players to customize the way they play.

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Monster High New Ghoul In School Ships to Europe, Launch Trailer
27/11/15 20:44 | Category: Game Releases |
BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe and Mattel have announced that Monster High New Ghoul In School is out now on 3DS, Wii, Wii U, PS3 and Xbox One. You will roam the halls of Monster High in full 3D and build relationships with your classmates. You will compete to become the leader of the Fearleading Squad or Student Council President in fast-paced mini-games.

Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Underway, Video Released
27/11/15 20:07 | Category: General |
Ubisoft has announced the start of the open beta test for Rainbow Six Siege which is scheduled to end on November 29 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. Rainbow Six Siege will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation® 4 and PC on December 1st.

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Destiny 2.0.2 Update Deployed
27/11/15 20:04 | Category: General |
Bungie has issued a new patch for Destiny fixing Nightstalker abilities and alleviating the famine of weapon parts. It also includes various changes that impact activities and items. Changelog: Destiny 2.0.2 Update

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Path of Exile Trailers Reveals Ascendancy Expansion
27/11/15 19:51 | Category: Game Announcements | Platform: PC |
Grinding Gear Games offers another trailer for Path of Exile, this time presenting Ascendancy, the next expansion scheduled to launch in early 2016. It will offer new skills, enchantments and items, plus the Ascendancy system - a set of 19 possible classes, each with its own additional Ascendancy Skill Tree to master. You can access these Ascendancy classes by completing a new procedurally generated dungeon called the Lord's Labyrinth.

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Neon Chrome Joins Steam Greenlight, Trailer Released
27/11/15 19:44 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
10tons has unveiled another video for Neon Chrome, announcing that this cyberpunk top-down shooter needs your votes on Steam Greenlight here. Neon Chrome is set inside an arcology, a massive science fiction residential structure. The player will shoot and blast his way through the mega structure consisting of both procedurally generated and hand crafted areas.

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Resident Evil 0 Video Interview
27/11/15 19:17 | Category: General |
Capcom has released a video interview for the remastered version of Resident Evil 0, which will arrive in early 2016, for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The new title takes the fear-inducing atmosphere from the original 2002 release and transforms it with HD visuals, improved sound, widescreen support and an optional modernized control system. Both series fans and newcomers alike can experience the story of what really happened before the iconic mansion incident that was the catalyst for the entire Resident Evil saga.

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PES 2016 Free-to-Play Version Announced
27/11/15 19:12 | Category: Game Announcements |
Starting December 8, those who haven't yet experienced PES 2016 will be able to download a free, entry-level version of the game which boasts an Exhibition Mode complete with the choice of seven teams including Bayern Munich, Juventus, AS Roma, Brazil and France. There is also a full Training section and the popular myClub feature.
This version will allow new users to experience PES 2016’s online and offline play, and unlimited access to the myClub mode wherein players use accrued in-game currency and micro-transactions to build a title-winning team.

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Starpoint Gemini 2 Xbox One Version Dated, Video Available
27/11/15 18:46 | Category: General | Platform: Xbox One |
Iceberg Interactive today announced that Starpoint Gemini 2 for Xbox One is due to launch on December 11th, 2015. Starpoint Gemini 2 is an open-world 3D space simulation set in the sci-fi setting of Gemini, a star system deeply divided by conflict and plagued by events that are yet to unfold. This Xbox One version will include an entirely re-modelled HUD system, both in functionality and visual appearance; re-designed camera system prepared with Xbox One controller in mind; and optimization and performance improvements. Press Release: Starpoint Gemini 2 - an amazing tactical space sim, coming to Xbox One this December

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An MMO FPS / TPS set a large seamless world, with elements of RPG and preservation of the post apocalyptic atmosphere

Players can start building awesome machines and impressive vehicles very soon indeed

El Presidente enters the 'Spy Game' in this major DLC expansion for Tropico 5

This latest installment to the Wargaming universe puts unique tactical card combat in the hands of the player

Featuring surviving in wild nature, harvesting, hunting, gathering, craft, unlimited building, pvp, sieges, treasure hunting, and even more

Blood and Wine, the final expansion for Wild Hunt, will arrive next year

Unite with million Guardians in the fight to defend our solar system and Become Legend

Total War: Warhammer will take the award-winning PC strategy series to a realm of epic high fantasy for the first time

This content requires the base game Total War: ATTILA on Steam in order to play

Become a legendary hero in the first MMORPG from the Heroes series

The story of the game is based upon true facts

The 12 Gold Saints are coming back to burn their cosmos

PS4 continues to demonstrate the fastest and strongest growth in PlayStation hardware history

Envisioned and created by a passionate group of Hungarian RPG and fantasy enthusiasts

The true successor of the Men of War series

Go beyond HDD mode and take the power of Gamindustri's CPUs to the next level in NEXT mode

It introduces players to timed battles, along with even more powerful enemies to defeat and a new rune system

Drive all kinds of RC Cars, boats or quad copters on any of the RCSim 2.0 workshop tracks

Service your city in this upcoming open world simulation game

From the creator of indie horror hit Home comes Alone With You - a sci-fi exploration game with a little bit of romance

Explore a medieval fantasy world, gather and trade resources, forge weapons and demonstrate your strategic abilities in dynamic PvP battles

A homage to the gory hack and slash games of the 80's and 90's

Enjoy fast paced, high intensity fleet battles with enemy ships as you race to the top

A strategy game like Civilization, Crusader Kings 2 or Heroes of Might & Magic, but with shorter playtime and simple controls of a game like Risk, Lux, or FTL

Build a quest, grow your character and win the battle

A hardcore online action RPG/simulator in a contemporary Russian setting

Available now on PSN

Do you have what it takes to be the last man standing, as you take on alien invaders, and try to survive in brutal deathmatches?

The game launched in September of last year in Korea and has been one of the most popular MMORPG’s there.

Experience massive battles, breathtaking castle sieges, deep storyline and even more

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