Deep Silver today announced that This War of Mine, a PC game developed by 11 bit studios, is coming to consoles as This War of Mine: The Little Ones. Scheduled for January 29, 2016, on PS4 and Xbox One, the title features all content that was released for PC plus additional missions and characters, as well as a new perspective on wartime survival.
A video and seven screenshots are available for your viewing pleasure. Press Release: This War of Mine: The Little Ones - Groundbreaking Survival Game Debuts January 29 on Consoles with All New Content

Just Cause 3 Second Video Dev Diary
27/08/15 18:44 | Category: General |
Developed by Avalanche Studio and published by Square Enix, Just Cause 3 is a vast open-world action adventure due to be launched on December 1st, 2015, for PC, Xbox One and PS4. A new video developer diary is available offering fresh info about the game.

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Neverwinter: Elemental Evil Coming to Xbox One, Trailer and Screens
27/08/15 18:33 | Category: Screenshots | Platform: PC |
Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have announced that Neverwinter: Elemental Evil, the latest module for the action MMORPG set in the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms universe from Wizards of the Coast, will go live for Xbox One owners on September 8th. Neverwinter: Elemental Evil will bring content from four different expansions including Elemental Evil, Fury of the Feywild, Shadowmantle and Curse of Icewind Dale - all available to play for free.
Neverwinter: Elemental Evil will bring an increase to the level cap, the Oathbound Paladin playable class and new adventure zones. Adventurers will also gain access to four end-game campaigns and additional in-game dungeons for veteran Xbox One players looking to collect more loot as they adventure through the Forgotten Realms.
A video and five screenshots are available for your viewing pleasure. Press Release: Neverwinter: Elemental Evil Launches on Xbox One Sept. 8

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Velocity 2X Second BTS Video
27/08/15 18:29 | Category: General |
Sierra has released another behind-the-scenes video for Velocity 2X, an arcade shooter developed by FuturLab and available now on Xbox One, PC, PS4, and PS Vita. Built around fast action and tight controls, Velocity 2X combines a top-down vertical shooter with a side-scrolling platformer. It features over 50 stages of twitch-trigger adventure, including engaging puzzle levels, dynamic boss battles and energetic audio-visual design.

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How to Survive 2 Announced, PAX Prime 2015 Screens and Trailer
27/08/15 18:09 | Category: Videos | Platform: PC |
505 Games today announced that How to Survive 2, in the works at EKO Software, will launch via Steam Early Access this October. This sequel features updated graphics, advanced gameplay and hundreds of crafting tools for weapons - all set in the eerie French Quarter and bayous of Louisiana.
Seven pics and a trailer have been inserted in our download area. Press Release: Do You Have What It Takes to Survive? How to Survive Returns in Zombie Slaying Fashion

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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Released
27/08/15 17:35 | Category: Game Releases |
Scopely, with Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and his company Skybound, today announced that The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is now available as a free download for iOS and Android devices. The Walking Dead: Road to Survival challenges players to navigate the unforgiving world of The Walking Dead, faced with difficult decisions that will determine who lives or dies and how future events unfold in the game's narrative. Gamers play alongside iconic characters such as Rick, Michonne and the Governor as they navigate the challenges of collecting resources, building and fortifying their compounds, searching for and rescuing fellow survivors, all while managing to fend off the onslaught of the undead.
For the first time in a Walking Dead game, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival introduces massively social levels of play - players can progress on an RPG adventure with social elements like player chat, head to head PvP battles, tournaments and player alliances, involving a worldwide community of fellow fans, friends and gamers battling each other for resources and fame - all taking place in the world of The Walking Dead. Players can choose how they want to play, whether it's for a bite-sized 30 second session or for a sit down playing through story missions and chatting with other players and fans from around the world.

Unveiling a new video and these screenshots, Capcom has announced that R. Mika (aka Rainbow Mika) will be joining the Street Fighter V roster. Attendees at PAX Prime (Seattle, WA) this weekend (August 28-31) will have the opportunity to grapple with R. Mika in a brand new playable demo available at the Capcom Booth #3103. The PAX event demo will also include the other previously-announced new and returning challengers, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Cammy, Vega, M. Bison, Birdie, Charlie Nash, and Necalli.
As an aspiring young wrestler, Mika dreamed of one day becoming a star in the ring, much like her idol Zangief. Training under the strict tutelage of her coach, she traveled the world engaging in random matches with street fighters in order to spread her name and popularity. R. Mika's wrestling prowess will be on full display in Street Fighter V, as she dazzles opponents with a wide variety of high-flying moves. This time around, her wrestling tag-team partner Nadeshiko assists in the fight! By calling Nadeshiko at the right time using R. Mika's V-Trigger ability, players will be able to set up sneaky attacks and punishing command grab mix-ups that are sure to deliver devastating amounts of damage.

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Forza Motorsport 6 Gone Gold, Demo Coming Next Week
27/08/15 17:21 | Category: General | Platform: Xbox One |
Microsoft today announced that Forza Motorsport 6, the latest game developed by Turn 10 Studios, has reached Gold status and will launch in two weeks for owners of the Ultimate Edition. Forza Motorsport 6 will be unleashed to everyone five days later, on September 15th.
Scheduled for September 1st, the Forza Motorsport 6 demo features a selection of the 450+ Forzavista cars available in the full version, all with working cockpits and full damage. You will experience highlights from the game's 26 world-famous locales, including wet weather and night racing, all in1080p resolution and 60 frames per second.

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Lara Croft GO Released Today, Launch Video
27/08/15 17:19 | Category: Videos |
Built on the success of Hitman GO, Lara Croft GO is a new mobile experience that expands the turn-based puzzle gameplay and takes you on an adventure set in a long-forgotten world. Players will explore the ruins of an ancient civilization, discover hidden secrets and face deadly challenges as they uncover the myth of the Queen of Venom.
Lara Croft GO is available now for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices.
Local Download:

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Layers of Fear Gets Steam Early Access
27/08/15 17:16 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Developed by Bloober Team for PC, Layers of Fear is a psychedelic horror in which you will delve deep into the mind of an insane painter and discover the secret of his madness, as you walk through a constantly shifting house. The game is available now via Steam Early Access and is 15% off until September 3rd.

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