Sophie's Guardian Available on Steam Early Access, Trailer and Sc..
22/10/16 12:02 | Category: Screenshots | Platform: PC |
Unveiling a video and these screenshots, GameCoder Studios in collaboration with Render Farm Studios have announced the Steam Early Access launch of Sophie's Guardian, a VR survival horror FPS in which th player takes the place of Griff, a Guardian Teddy Bear who has to fight possessed dolls that attack Sophie, a little girl that just moved with her mom to a mysterious house. Playing is very simple; the player can choose one of the three different game modes. Then a 10 seconds countdown announces the beginning of the game. You must defeat the dolls before they can hurt you and if you receive big amounts of damage you loose the game.

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Anima: Gate of Memories Mac Version Dated
22/10/16 11:59 | Category: General | Platform: Mac |
Developed by Anima Project Studio, Gate of Memories is a third person action RPG in which the player must explore a vast world filled with both dangers and wonders. The game is being created by the same people that wrote the Anima Beyond Fantasy role-playing game books and the Anima Tactics miniatures game, who are now working with an experienced team of video game developers.
Anima - Gate of Memories will be released on Mac along with the game's official soundtrack on October 28th. This will coincide with the Steam Halloween Sale, when the game will receive a 25% discount.

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Deceit Gets Steam Early Access
22/10/16 11:47 | Category: Game Announcements | Platform: PC |
Developed by Automaton for Windows PC, Deceit is a multiplayer first-person shooter where you wake up in an asylum to the sound of an unfamiliar voice, surrounded by five others. A third of your group have been infected with a virus, but who escape? Whilst traversing the building the power will be going out creating darkness, allowing the infected players to transform into their terror form and strike. You must find allies and complete objectives around the map to better your chances of survival.
The environment has been specifically setup to cause conflict amongst the group, creating doubt about the true intentions of players. The infected will be trying to cover up their group sabotage attempts, whilst the rest will be keeping an eye out for this suspicious behaviour and attempt to join forces with people they think they can trust.

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Optika Trailer and Screens
22/10/16 11:35 | Category: Screenshots |
Developed by PlayZilla and available via Steam, Optika is a puzzle game where you control light with 14 differents optic devices to complete levels. You will explore the world of Optika with Prof. Opticus and his assistant, Sofia. Research and complete more than one hundred challenging puzzles. All of the puzzles you are about to experience are inspired by real world physics.
Five pics and a video are available for your viewing pleasure.

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Tales of Cosmos Released on Steam. Launch Trailer and Screens
22/10/16 11:24 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: PC |
Along with a new video and these screenshots, Red Dwarf Games announced the Steam availabiliy of Tales of Cosmos, a 2D point-and-click adventure that puts players in the roles of Perseus the dog and Professor Gagayev the monkey, astronauts exploring space. The game takes place in a massive planetary system with many planets and moons that players can explore freely with their self-built spacecraft as well as on foot, while solving adventure game puzzles.

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Maldita Castilla EX Released on Steam, Teaser Trailer
22/10/16 11:08 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: PC |
Abylight and Locomalito have announced that their retro arcade game Maldita Castilla EX is now available on Steam priced at €11,99 / $11,99. In Maldita Castilla EX you become Don Ramiro, a knight of King Alphonse VI of Castile, who faces a perilous mission: travel the cursed lands of Tolomera to fight and banish the evil invading the Kingdom. Set in the medieval Kingdom of Castile (one of the medieval kingdomgs that in time would become present-day Spain), in Locomalito's game you won't face elves, orcs and goblins, but mouras, ojáncanos and nuberus: creatures from European folklore and legends, as well as from chivalric romances such as Amadís de Gaula.
Maldita Castilla EX is an extended version of the renowned classic arcade Maldita Castilla, which was originally published back in 2012 for Windows, Ubuntu, Ouya and Mac.

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Ubisoft has announced that those who pre-order Watch Dogs 2, the newest installment in the Watch_Dogs franchise, will get access to an extra mission - Zodiac Killer - which is presented via a new trailer. Here is the mission's description: "An unwanted ghost of San Francisco’s past has resurfaced after fifty years. A killer is staging the bodies of his victims all over Oakland like the infamous Zodiac Killer of the Sixties, and he’s taunting the police and news outlets with coded messages. Will you succeed in decrypting the messages and hunting down the copycat?"
Watch Dogs 2 will be available worldwide on November 15 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Magical Brickout Left Steam Early Access, Screens and Video
22/10/16 10:45 | Category: Screenshots |
Developed by Cunning Force Games and published by Black Shell Media for Windows, Mac and Linux, Magical Brickout offers a new twist on the classic Breakout formula. Instead of moving a small paddle back and forth across the screen you are able to rotate the bricks in a circular fashion as you frantically try to keep the ball in the play area.
Magical Brickout is now fully released via Steam - a trailer and twelve screenshots are also available.

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1C Signs Realpolitiks
22/10/16 09:46 | Category: General |
Polish game developer Jujubee has announced that Realpolitiks, a real-time, simplified single-player grand strategy game developed for PC, Mac and Linux, will be published by 1C. In Realpolitiks the gameplay focuses on managing a country in the XXI century dealing with decisions or operations at the macromanagement level. As the player you can choose any country you want to take part in world politics and international affairs. The goal is to provide glory and prosperity to your nation.
The main aspects of the game mechanics include: Internal Policies, Economy, Diplomacy, Event System, Warfare, Espionage, Missions System. The game will feature a number of historical and fictional events to enrich your gameplay experience.
Realpolitiks will arrive later this year.

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Skyrim Special Edition Gameplay Trailer
22/10/16 09:37 | Category: General |
Bethesda Softworks offers some gameplay footage from Skyrim Special Edition, a remastered version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim due to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 28th, 2016. The Special Edition includes the game and add-ons with all-new features like remastered art and effects, volumetric god rays, dynamic depth of field, screen-space reflections, plus modding on all three platforms.

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