Planet Coaster Fifth Dev Diary
28/10/16 12:34 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Developed by Frontier Developments for PC, Planet Coaster promises to offer the best-ever ways to express your creativity, total freedom to make your park unique, sophisticated park management gameplay, expressive and charming crowds, and a new connected global village where players can share their creations with the Planet Coaster community. Planet Coaster will launch for PC on 17 November 2016 - the latest video developer diary is available for your viewing pleasure.

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Mortido Indiegogo Campaign Launched
28/10/16 12:26 | Category: Game Announcements | Platform: PC |
Corner Studio is running an Indiegogo campaign for Mortido, a a third-person stealth-adventure game that tells the story about 40 days long path of the human soul after death. The aim of the game is to face the Judgment Day and learn the decision about ones further existence.

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Titanfall 2 Ships Worldwide, Launch Trailer
28/10/16 12:19 | Category: Game Releases |
Electronic Arts today announced that Titanfall 2, the sequel developed by Respawn Entertainment, is now available for Xbox One, Origin for PC, and for the first time ever for the franchise, PlayStation 4. Playable offline, the single player campaign in Titanfall 2 will let fans step out onto the Frontier as a Militia rifleman with aspirations of becoming an elite Pilot. Stranded behind enemy lines and facing overwhelming odds, players must team up with a veteran Titan to uphold a mission they were never meant to carry out.
The multiplayer part of the game features six new Titans, deeper Pilot abilities, more customization options, and a robust progression system. Press Release: Titanfall 2 is Now Available Worldwide

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PC Version Released
28/10/16 12:17 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: PC |
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment today announced that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, developed by famed Osaka, Japan based videogame developer DIMPS, is now available for PC via Steam. Taking place a few years after the events of the original Dragon Ball Xenoverse, players assume the role of a Time Patroller with the mission to once again set the history of the Dragon Ball world on the correct course in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.
Featuring enhanced graphics and gameplay design, as well as a new hub city called Conton City that is seven times larger than the previous hub city, the game also adds new characters to its roster including characters from Dragon Ball Super such as Goku Black, Hit, and Future Trunks.

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Skyrim Special Edition Out Now
28/10/16 12:16 | Category: Game Releases |
Bethesda Softworks today announced that Skyrim Special Edition, a remastered version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, can now be purchased for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Special Edition includes the game and add-ons with all-new features like remastered art and effects, volumetric god rays, dynamic depth of field, screen-space reflections, plus modding on all three platforms.

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Carnival Games VR Released
28/10/16 12:13 | Category: Game Releases |
2K today announced the launch of Carnival Games VR, a new take on the hit franchise created by Cat Daddy Games that has sold-in more than 9 million copies worldwide. The title is available for digital download for HTC Vive and PlayStation VR; it will release later this year for Oculus Rift.
Carnival Games VR allows players to explore the park, interact with patrons and play up to 12 different games. Whether it's scaling a castle in Climbing Wall or rolling for a high score in Alley Ball - everyone will find a favorite. In each of these games, players have the opportunity to collect tickets for fun virtual prizes when they enter one of four different Carnival Alleys. All prizes are held in the Play Room where they can be used to unlock unique achievements. In addition, players will have the opportunity to challenge their friends and see if they can earn the top spot on the online leaderboard.

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World of Final Fantasy Released in Europe
28/10/16 12:07 | Category: Game Releases |
Square Enix today announced the EU launch of World of Final Fantasy, a PlayStation 4/PlayStation Vita game that combines classic RPG gameplay mechanics with imaginative toy-like visuals. Players will lead a pair of twins through varied Final Fantasy worlds and encounter the adorably familiar monsters therein. They will capture and raise such familiar beasts as cactuar, chocobo, and behemoth to discover alternate forms and learn new abilities.
One of the key features of the game is a "stacking" ability - the siblings can adjust their size, turning small enough to jump onto the monsters during combat, or vice versa, shrink the monsters small enough to ride on the twins. By customizing and stacking their army of monsters, players can create strategic tower combinations and take on the most challenging opponents. Press Release: Enter the Wonderful World of Final Fantasy - Available Now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita!

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Asdivine Hearts Coming to PSN
28/10/16 12:05 | Category: General |
KEMCO has announced that Asdivine Hearts, a fantasy 2D turn-based RPG originally released for PC and Mac via Steam as well as for Wii U, hit the North American PlayStation Store this winter. The game will be made available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita supporting Cross Buy.
One year ago, the world of Asdivine was enveloped by a brilliant flash of light. Since that time, the influence of shadow has only continued to grow ever more powerful across the face of the land. Although the event itself was undoubtedly of great significance, few people seem to have realised the far-reaching implications of what transpired. Now turning to the present, a surprising revelation awaits a young man by the name of Zack and his childhood friend Stella in the capital, from a chubby cat claiming to be none other than the Light Deity and declaring the world to be on the verge of destruction.
Asdivine Hearts boasts plenty of subquests, a battle arena, treasure to dig for, and an enemy guide to complete. By taking puzzle pieces and setting them in a box known as a rubix, players are able to customize characters.

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Adaeus: Rogue Planet Hits Steam Greenlight, Trailer and Screens
28/10/16 11:58 | Category: Screenshots | Platform: PC |
Revealing a video and these pics, OMGWTF Games announced that Adaeus: Rogue Planet, a new entry in the roguelike platformer genre featuring 16-bit graphics and RPG mechanics, has now entered Steam Greenlight. Adaeus: Rogue Planet features a world where even the plants are deadly - and menacing monsters lie in wait at every turn. You must survive long enough to uncover the secrets of Adaeus.

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Steep Open Beta Dated, Trailer Revealed
28/10/16 11:53 | Category: General |
Ubisoft has announced that an early access Beta of Steep will run between November 10th to 14th with an Open Beta available between November 18th to 21st on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. The beta phases will let players hit slopes of the Alps ahead of the Steep worldwide launch on December 2nd.
Access for the November 18th Open Beta will be available via digital download on consoles and PC for all players wanting to explore Steep's open-world. Players looking to start snow season sooner can register their interest at before November 9th for the chance to get early access to the Beta. Press Release: Ubisoft Announces Steep Open Beta Weekend on November 18

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