GRID 2 Reloaded Edition for Mac Coming Next Month
23/09/14 17:13 | Category: General | Platform: Mac |
Feral Interactive announced today that GRID 2 Reloaded Edition will be launched for Mac on September 25th via the Feral Store, Steam and the Mac App Store. The Mac version of this GRID sequel features "World Series Racing", an embryonic racing league with global ambitions. Players are tasked with becoming WSR's star driver and building it into a top motorsport by facing off against drivers from local clubs all over the world in a selection of electrifying competitions.
GRID 2 Reloaded Edition contains all the additional content previously released for GRID 2, including over 20 additional cars by manufacturers such as McLaren and Aston Martin. Press Release: GRID 2 Reloaded Edition Careers On to the Mac September 25th

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99Seconds Announced for Wii U, Video Released
23/09/14 13:30 | Category: Game Announcements | Platform: Wii U |
EnjoyUp Games today announced that 99Seconds, a retro-style video game originally released for DSi and 3DS, will be launched on October 2nd for Nintendo WiiU, via the Nintendo eShop. After finishing off Black Eye in 99Bullets, V-99 entered a mysterious zone called Bit 8, without knowing why V-99 could modify time, slow it down and even stop it. But everything became complicated with the appearance of the BLACK VECTORS: mysterious beings that aim to destroy any intruder who reaches Bit 8.
The concept of 99Seconds is to survive using SlowDown to control time and avoid the enemies. Blue Energies will appear during the game that will give you extra time. When the time reaches zero, you will not have the SlowDown power, and if you are hit, you will be defeated.

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Quake Live Launched on Steam, Video Available
23/09/14 13:10 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: PC |
Quake Live is now available through Steam as a Free-to-Play game, Bethesda Softworks announced. The Steam version incorporates all the newest changes for the game, including a new announcer voice, several new in-game reward medals and more.

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BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe S.A.S has revealed a pair of new videos and two more screenshots for Dragon Ball Xenoverse, showcasing this game developed by Japanese studio Dimps, the team behind Dragon Ball Z: Budokai games. The video shows that Dragon Ball Xenoverse, originally announced for Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360, will also arrive on PC.

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Konami Digital Entertainment offers lots of fresh screenshots from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, illustrating the next chapter in the Metal Gear Solid franchise developed for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. This title will introduce a new open-world game design featuring realtime weather, realistic passage of time and a variety of ways to navigate the vast new environments within the game.
In addition to the franchise's returning characters, such as Snake, Kazuhira Miller, Ocelot, and Emmerich, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will introduce all new characters to the Metal Gear universe. The storyline will focus on dark themes that portray the ugliness and tragedy of war, as a legendary hero falls from grace.

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike Tokyo Game Show 2014 Video
23/09/14 12:33 | Category: General |
We have a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, an Android/iOS game that merges high-speed bike chases with RPG elements such as character customization, development and item collection. G-Bike is one of the most beloved mini-games from the Final Fantasy series. First appearing in Final Fantasy VII, this mini-game was playable at a specific point in the main story or from the Gold Saucer amusement park.
Final Fantasy VII G-Bike features full 3D stages where players must evade obstacles and fight enemies at high speeds, classic monsters and Cloud Strife's fighting techniques, plus a wealth of familiar gameplay features including missions, epic boss battles, detailed weapon customization and item collection.

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The Assassin's Creed Unity Season Pass contains Assassin's Creed Unity Dead Kings, which is a new story campaign that takes place after the events of Assassin's Creed Unity. Arno leaves Paris for Saint Denis, a troubled city with a mysterious and extensive underground that holds the crypts of deceased French kings. Furthermore, with the Season Pass you will also extend Arno's journey in Paris with three more missions, over 30 new weapons and customization options.
The Assassin's Creed Unity Season Pass will also offer Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China, a new standalone Assassin's Creed experience delivering a new story, setting, and gameplay type. In this 2.5D reimagining of the celebrated franchise, and developed by Climax Studios, players will perform parkour on the Great Wall of China, kill from the shadows and take the leap of faith.
Press Release: Assassin's CreedŽ Unity Season Pass Takes Players on New Adventures

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Autocraft Revealed, First Screens Released
23/09/14 11:23 | Category: Screenshots | Platform: PC |
Developed by Alientrap for the PC, Autocraft is a game about constructing vehicles and other automatons to accomplish objectives. Currently the game has 21 challenge levels, and a sandbox mode for experimentation. Developers are still prototyping the design of the Sandbox area and other game modes.
By ordering the game now players will receive immediate Alpha access (through a key redeemable on Steam, Windows only currently), and all future updates. Six screenshots found their way in our gallery.

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The Long Dark Gets Steam Early Access, Video Available
23/09/14 11:21 | Category: General |
Hinterland Studio, a development team formed by game industry veteran Raphael van Lierop, announced that The Long Dark, is available now via Steam Early Access. This is a first-person post-disaster survival simulation set in the aftermath of a geomagnetic super storm that has destroyed North America's technology infrastructure. In the first season of this episodic series, players experience this grim new reality through the eyes of bush pilot William Mackenzie, isolated with other survivors in the Northern wilderness as a result of the event.
Gameplay emphasizes exploration to gather resources and knowledge about the world, while mastering a deep survival simulation to overcome the myriad natural and man-made hazards of the new frontier. Players will also face difficult moral choices that will affect the outcome of gameplay, story, and ultimately, the course of humanity's recovery.

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Apple Sold 10 million iPhones in Opening Weekend
23/09/14 11:18 | Category: General | Platform: iphone ipad iOS |
Apple sent our a press release announcing it has sold over 10 million new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models, a new record, just three days after the launch on September 19. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are available in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore and the UK and will be available in more than 20 additional countries on September 26. Press Release: First Weekend iPhone Sales Top 10 Million, Set New Record

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