Overruled! Gets Steam Early Access, Screens Unveiled
20/08/14 16:17 | Category: Screenshots |
Developed by Dlala Studios for PC, Mac and Linux, Overruled is a 2D multiplayer brawler like no other where the players change the rules as they play, directly influencing the dynamics and direction of combat. You can challenge up to three friends with both local and online multiplayer to a battle - the person with the most points at the end will win the game.
Overruled is out now via Steam Early Access - sixteen more screenshots have been inserted in our gallery.
Update: Overruled! will be coming to Xbox One late 2014. Press Release: Overruled! 2D multiplayer arena-based brawler out now on Steam Early Access and coming to Xbox One late 2014

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NBA 2K15 Announced for PC, gamescom 2014 Screens
20/08/14 16:05 | Category: Screenshots |
2K has announced that the complete NBA 2K15 experience found on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles (available on October 7 in North America and October 10 internationally) will also appear - fully realized - on the PC platform. Gamers will be able to experience the full breadth of new modes and features found on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with even more graphical fidelity.
Four screenshots found their way in our gallery.

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Neverwinter: Tyranny of Dragons Launched, New Screens Available
20/08/14 16:01 | Category: Screenshots | Platform: PC |
Releasing these nine more screenshots, Perfect World Entertainment announced the launch of Neverwinter: Tyranny of Dragons, the latest module developed by Cryptic Studios for Neverwinter. This module aims to provide players a compelling and vibrant Dungeons & Dragons experience, bridging characters and narrative between the MMO and tabletop game through the Tyranny of Dragons storyline. Press Release: Cult of the Dragon Invade Faerun with Neverwinter: Tyranny of Dragons

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Goat Simulator Coming to Xbox One
20/08/14 15:58 | Category: Game Announcements | Platform: Xbox One |
Originally released on Steam, Goat Simulator will also arrive on Xbox One via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program, Coffee Stain Studios announced. Goat Simulator was inspired from old-school skating games, where, instead of being a skater, you are a goat, and instead of doing skating tricks, you wreck stuff. Charging into a table and knocking it over yields points, and if you can manage to do it while doing a backflip first and a 360 afterwards, you will score even more points.

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Defense Grid 2 Dated, gamescom 2014 Screens Released
20/08/14 15:52 | Category: Screenshots |
Revealing these twelve screenshots, Hidden Path Entertainment announced that Defense Grid 2 is scheduled to be available on September 23rd. The game is currently available for pre-order on Steam and will be released for digital download on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
In addition to receiving ten percent off of the launch price, consumers who pre-purchase Defense Grid 2 now will receive immediate access to the beta (currently only for Windows users). As more people pre-order, additional incentive tiers will be unlocked, including the original Defense Grid digital art book, a free copy of the Containment expansion to Defense Grid: The Awakening, and much more. Note that the Containment expansion requires Defense Grid: The Awakening to play, and is available solely for Windows. Press Release: Defense Grid 2 Official Release Announced as September 23

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Rising Generals Closed Beta Begins
20/08/14 15:50 | Category: General | Platform: Browser Games |
InnoGames today announced the start of the Closed Beta test of Rising Generals, a cross-platform strategy-MMO scheduled to be available later this year on iOS and Android phones and tablets as well as on browsers. In Rising Generals, players become commander of a military base, which needs to be quickly upgraded and staffed with troops in order to defend against and attack hostile neighbors. Unlockable technologies as well as officers and generals provide helpful bonuses and perks. The game focuses on PvP-action across game worlds that house up to 40,000 players each.
To create Rising Generals, InnoGames was supported by game design legend Bruce Shelley, known for his work on Civilization and the Age of Empires series. Shelley worked several months with the team during development and spent time in InnoGames' Hamburg offices. Press Release: Let's Get Ready to Rumble: InnoGames Announces Closed Beta for Rising Generals

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Pinball FX2 for Xbox One Released, Video Available
20/08/14 15:46 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: Xbox One |
Zen Studios announced that the Xbox One version of Pinball FX2 is now available for download with new features, achievements, and table imports for Xbox 360 owners. Pinball FX2 is a free-to-play pinball platform download on Xbox One, offering most of the Pinball FX2 library on day one, including the Star Wars Pinball table packs, a selection of Marvel Pinball tables including the recently released Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool tables, and Zen's original roster of tables available for purchase.
Pinball FX2 will receive regular content updates, including The Walking Dead pinball table releasing on August 28, 2014. Press Release: Pinball FX2 Now Available on Xbox One

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Shadowgate Your Death Video Released
20/08/14 15:42 | Category: Videos |
Zojoi unveiled a new trailer for its Shadowgate remake, which will launch on Steam and other digital outlets for both PC and Mac on August 21, 2014. Shadowgate will arrive on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android devices) in fall 2014.
In Shadowgate, you move from room to room through the labyrinths of the living castle, confronting the devilish denizens and confounding the fiendish traps laid by the Warlock Lord. Your quest is to fulfill an ancient prophecy by gathering various objects of power along with three ancient artifacts. Once assembled, these relics of old comprise the Staff of Ages - the only weapon that can stop the traitorous sorcerers' plan of unleashing the Behemoth, a titan of tremendous power, on an unsuspecting world.
Local Download:

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Wakfu Enters Beta, New Screens Released
20/08/14 15:37 | Category: Screenshots |
Unveiling these fresh screenshots, Ankama Studio announced the start of the Open Beta testing of Wakfu, a tactical massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that compliments a rounded transmedia experience that includes animated television, video games and comic books. In the MMO, players find the WAKFU world in ruin following the cataclysm of Ogrest's Chaos. Using turn-based combat, players must strategize and work together to restore the world and defeat the most insidious creatures in the entire World of Twelve.
A unique political system allows players to create laws and initiate conflicts, shaping the environment with game-altering effects. Decisions also have a dramatic effect on the living ecosystem of WAKFU. If too many animals are killed without a chance to reproduce, or too many plants harvested without resowing, they'll disappear forever. Press Release: Open-World Turn-Based MMO WAKFU Goes Into Open Beta

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In Space We Brawl Revealed, First Screens/Video Available
20/08/14 15:29 | Category: Screenshots |
Independent developer Forge Reply announced that In Space We Brawl will be coming soon exclusively to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 platforms. In Space We Brawl combines the best of classic arcade "beat 'em up's" with the competitive nature of a local multiplayer twin stick shooter. Players face off across different intergalactic battlegrounds, selecting from 11 spaceships and 11 weapon attachments, unleashing true cosmic mayhem.
In Space We Brawl features a local multiplayer setting with the gameplay mechanics of a fast paced space shooter. Players can select a ship and a weapon choosing among 100+ different combinations, looking for the best mix for their combat style. When battling in one of the eight different locations, they will also face environmental space hazards such as solar winds, black holes and alien nests that they must carefully navigate or use to their advantage when fighting against other players.
Eighteen screenshots and a video are available for your viewing pleasure.

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