PlayStation Now PC Streaming Service Gone Live
31/08/16 16:31 | Category: General |
Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) has announced that its streaming game service, PlayStation Now (PS Now), is launched on Windows PC across North America. Gamers can now download an application to access a wide selection of PlayStation titles on Windows PC. That includes console exclusive games from the Uncharted, God of War, and Ratchet & Clank franchises.
A single monthly subscription provides unlimited access to over 400 games from the PlayStation 3 library, including hits like The Last Of Us, Journey, and more.

Fallout 4: Nuka-World Released, Launch Trailer
31/08/16 16:28 | Category: Game Releases |
Bethesda Softworks has revealed a new video for Nuka-World, announcing that the latest add-on for Fallout 4 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam. Featuring new quests, Raiders factions, weapons, creatures and more, Nuka-World is a vast amusement park featuring Raider gangs and unique park zones like Safari Adventure, the World of Refreshment, Dry Rock Gulch, Kiddie Kingdom, Galactic Zone and Nuka-Town, USA.

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Featuring over 100-hour long, open-world adventure along with both its story-driven expansions worth an extra 50 hours of gameplay, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game of the Year Edition includes all additional content - new weapons, armor, companion outfits, new game mode and side quests. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game of the Year Edition was released on PS4, PC and Xbox One earlier this week - a new video developer diary is available inviting you to learn how the music and sounds of The Witcher 3 came together.

One Day First Episode Released on Steam
31/08/16 16:19 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: PC |
he Sun Disappeared, the first episode of One Day, is now available via Steam, Teemo Soft announced. This platformer game features a stamina system, three character abilities, an attribute system, Xbox and PS4 controller support, and more.

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Forza Horizon 3 Gone Gold
31/08/16 16:12 | Category: General |
Microsoft announced that Forza Horizon 3, an open-world racing game developed by Playground Games for Xbox One and Windows 10, has reached Gold status and will launch on September 27. The game will be available on September 23 for Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition owners.
In Forza Horizon 3, you are in charge of the Horizon Festival - you will customize everything, hire and fire your friends, and explore Australia in over 350 of the world's greatest cars, including the debut of the 2017 Lamborghini Centenario.

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Zombie City Defense 2 Released on Steam
31/08/16 16:10 | Category: Game Releases |
Developed by Mozg Labs for PC, Mac and Linux, Zombie City Defense 2 is a tactical/strategy defense game launched via Steam earlier this month. In a near future, the world has been devastated by a virus turning most of humanity into zombies. You are part of the Iron Corps, the last defense of civilization traveling the world to find resources, save people, and find answers.

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Developed by M2H for PC, Mac, and Linux, Marooners aims to be the most chaotic local and online party game on the planet. It offers multiple game modes that can be played at the same time, constantly switching between them when you least expect it. You can play locally with your friends on the couch or challenge them or the rest of the world online. Any combination of 2-6 local and / or online players is possible.
Currently available via Steam Early Access, Marooners will be fully launched on September 15th.

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Realpolitiks New Trailer
31/08/16 15:48 | Category: General |
Polish game developer Jujubee has unveiled a new video for Realpolitiks, a real-time, simplified single-player grand strategy game coming to PC, Mac and Linux. In Realpolitiks the gameplay focuses on managing a country in the XXI century dealing with decisions or operations at the macromanagement level. As the player you can choose any country you want to take part in world politics and international affairs. The goal is to provide glory and prosperity to your nation.
The main aspects of the game mechanics include: Internal Policies, Economy, Diplomacy, Event System, Warfare, Espionage, Missions System. The game will feature a number of historical and fictional events to enrich your gameplay experience.
Realpolitiks will arrive later this year.

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Gas Guzzlers Extreme Heading to Consoles, Screens Unveiled
31/08/16 15:37 | Category: Screenshots |
Revealing these screenshots, Iceberg Interactive announced today that the combat racing title Gas Guzzlers Extreme, developed by Gamepires and currently available for PC, will be launching on Xbox One later this year and on PlayStation 4 in Q2 2017. In Gas Guzzlers Extreme, players will start out with low performance vehicles and rapidly work their way up to high-performance models by earning money in a series of high-octane races and arena battles. Various ustomization features are also available to match any player's style as well as matching with their clan members on their road to glory.
The DLC packs Full Metal Zombie and Full Metal Frenzy, currently available on Steam, will also be included in console versions at launch. This additional content throws players into the helm as a zombie apocalypse threatens to take over the race arenas in 'Survival mode'. Armed to the teeth with a mean rig, players must obliterate hordes of the undead with insane power-ups but they must beware as the undead have tricks of their own to fight back. Press Release: Gas Guzzlers Extreme Ignites onto Consoles Later This Year

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The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Released on Steam
31/08/16 12:08 | Category: Game Releases |
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain is a fantasy solo RPG combines unique, simultaneous turn-based combat with a journey that changes based on each figurine you take into Firetop Mountain. This title was released today by Tin Man Games via Steam.

The video showcase begins with the cinematic action of 'Thin Ice' from the main campaign

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The game has built a popular following in Korea since 2012 under the title Blitz 2: Battle Line

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Hue Out Now (30/08)
Hue has been funded by Kuju Startups, a video games investment fund who help great indie developers bring their dream ideas to market

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