Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Story Trailer
27/02/17 20:09 | Category: General |
People Can Fly and Gearbox Publishing have unveiled another video for Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, which will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 7, 2017. Updated with hi-res textures, increased polygon counts, sterling audio, smoother framerates, and running in up to 4K resolution on PC and PS4 Pro, this upgraded version of Bulletstorm includes all of the previously-released DLC along with all-new content.
Also for the first time ever, players who pre-order the game will get the chance to play as the iconic Duke Nukem in Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. Featuring full voice over from the voice of Duke, this feature will replace main character Grayson Hunt with Duke Nukem. Press Release: Gearbox Publishing Drops Action-Packed Story Trailer for Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

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Subsiege Arrives Next Month
27/02/17 20:06 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Headup Games today announced that Subsiege, in the works at Munich-based Icebird Studios, will emerge as a Steam Early Access title on March 8th, 2017, starting with a discounted release price (-35%) for early birds with 19.50 USD / 17.99 EUR / 22.99 GBP / 499 RUB on Steam. Subsiege is an online strategy game based on the Unreal Engine which requires skilled controls and complex tactical knowledge in a refreshing and grasping deep sea setting.
The head attraction of Subsiege compared to other representatives of the classic MOBA genre is that you have to control multiple units simultaneously while keeping your eye on the pressure level of your shrinking oxygen resources. Barricading yourself is no option because you are only able to get hold of the essential resource through active scouting and offensive plays.

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Johnny Graves - The Unchosen One Leaves Steam Early Access This April
27/02/17 20:04 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Developed and published by Stupid Stupid Games for Windows PC, Johnny Graves - The Unchosen One is an action RPG set in an urban fantasy environment. The Early Access version offers up to 20 minutes of hack and slash gameplay (although a seasoned player might get through it faster). The next two parts of the Night of the Creatures trilogy will continue the action that takes place during the one night in 1979, but seen through the eyes of different protagonists.
Johnny Graves - The Unchosen One will be fully launched via Steam on April 6th.

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RIVE Coming to Nintendo Switch
27/02/17 19:57 | Category: General | Platform: NS |
Currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux), RIVE, a game described as a "metal wrecking, robot hacking shooter", will also launch on Nintendo Switch later this year, Two Tribes announced. In the game, during the 360 degree shooting and platforming action, players learn to alter the behavior of their robotic enemies by collecting and uploading hacks.

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Coffee Noir Trailer
27/02/17 19:52 | Category: Game Announcements | Platform: PC |
Developed by Doji Educational Innovation for PC, Coffee Noir combines elements of economic strategy and crime novel genres with a noir atmosphere. Artwork design resembling the classic American comic books and narration style inspired by Agatha Christie's books promise to immerse you in an intriguing case of the mysterious disappearance of Richard Kersey and learn secrets of efficient business management during the investigation.
During the gameplay player can improve skills such as, among others, negotiation, effective selling, business relations, company management, team management. Thanks to numerous conversations with 11 game characters, player has the opportunity to practice new skills.
Coffee Noir will launch on March 10th.

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GamersHell.com Casual Games 25 February 2016
25/02/17 18:04 | Category: Casual Games |
We have added the following games to our casual online / downloadable shareware gaming section:

Pirate Mosaic Puzzle Caribbean Treasures Downloadable game. Six legendary captains met on a mysterious island to piece together the fragments of Captain Flint's map.
Venture into a world filled with pirates and explore 6 unique locations! Assemble patchwork-style puzzles and guess the picture: ocean views, mythical monsters, pirate tales, sea battles and mysterious artifacts.
Do you have what it takes to be the legend of the seven seas?

Mosaic Game of Gods II Downloadable game. The Goddess of Creation and the God of Chaos managed to restore peace and harmony in the Universe, but one powerful and evil creature did not like it. And Darkness was its name. It cursed the Goddess in order to make the God of Chaos its again. But the Darkness did not know that the God of Chaos will never leave his beloved in trouble. And now he needs to do his best to save the Goddess and return the balance to the Universe again.

IGT Slots Day of the Dead Downloadable game. Enjoy a fun and diverse set of IGT slots including the popular Day of the Dead machine – brand new for play on PC! The 3-4-5 hexagonal reels make for unique gameplay and a variety of exciting bonus features provides many more winning possibilities! Try IGT slots: State Fair with 3 interactive Bonus Rounds and big Bonus Multipliers. In Carnival of Mystery use MultiWay betting and 3 interactive Bonus Rounds. Try Jolly Roger with Major and Minor Progressives and a Free Spins bonus!

Dependable Daisy The Wedding Makeover Downloadable game. Zoe's wedding arrangements have hit a roadblock! And she has no one but her best friend Daisy to get her out of this mess.
With Dependable Daisy, play three different types of match 3 games in different shops of the town to earn cash and special currency. Buy the best decor to make the wedding venue look out of this world. Give the catering and the music an edge by hiring celebrity singers and a master chef. Get bonus wedding presents as a sweet surprise for Zoe.

Winter Magic Factory Downloadable game. Sit back, relax and enjoy your stay in Santa's village in this match-3 adventure. Visit its landmark Toy Factory, Christmas Market in the square, Wood Cottage and Candy Workshop. Meet the cute characters that live in the village and take part in preparing Santa for the road. Grow magical trees of funny shapes, help decorate and choose the toys Santa will deliver to the children. Have fun matching in this festive and colorful wonderland.

Bestseller Curse of the Golden Owl Downloadable game. Young writer Jane Harrison, a daughter of the famous detective, is going through a creative crisis. Her father vanished under strange circumstances while working on his last case two years ago. Jane sets off on a journey through the United States and unknowingly gets involved in an adventure with dangerous intrigue and shady characters. It turns out that the key to the mystery might be a cursed item...

Shrouded Tales The Shadow Menace Downloadable game. Your training is finally over and you're about to become a fully-fledged mage, just like your friend Veronica! What should be a joyous occasion is spoiled when the city of Grimsdale is attacked by an unknown force! When Veronica goes missing, it's up to you to find them and track down the source of the chaos. Can you save your friend and the world from falling into eternal darkness? Find out in this eerie hidden-object puzzle adventure!

Midnight Calling Valeria Downloadable game. Your world is rapidly cooling down, and your grandmother has called for you to help prevent worldwide disaster! As you investigate the icy landscape, you'll quickly unravel the magical forces at work. Can you save your family and the world in time? Find out in this exhilarating hidden-object puzzle adventure!.

Check the on-line games if you are after a quick gaming round or wish to take a pause from a frag-fest or days-long Civilization game; Beware though as some of these small flash games may get addictive! For more quick gaming action, we have an archive of over 3600 games on our Casual Games area.

Trajectory Trailer
25/02/17 17:56 | Category: Game Announcements |
Trajectory is a first person scifi adventure game that takes place in Earth's orbit, with a dystopian yet whimsical setting. The player assumes the role of an inmate of undisclosed background who is completing the last few days of their sentence aboard a prison vessel that is owned by a clandestine, quasi­-governmental agency called Orbitek.
During each playthrough, the player experiences the last few days of the prisoner's sentence in orbit. The prisoner performs his daily routines onboard the vessel and follows the orders of an Orbitek warden given through an intercom. That is of course, if you choose to follow them. The missions vary greatly from general maintenance tasks to daring and valorous exploits! In between them, the player can explore the inmate module he is trapped in. The game has many varying endings and with each playthrough, the experience differs.
Trajectory will launch on Steam in March 2017.

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Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation v1.2 Update Deployed
25/02/17 17:51 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Stardock has issued a new patch for Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation which rebalances several maps and adds a single-player observer mode, an option for disabling supply lines, unranked matches, and new maps. The company also announced that players can save 50% off of the game from February 23 - March 2. Press Release: Massive-scale RTS Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation v2.1 Released

Hyper Knights Gets Steam Early Access, Trailer Revealed
25/02/17 17:47 | Category: Game Releases |
Endless Loop Studios has announced the Steam Early Access availability of Hyper Knights, a fast-paced skill-based action game in which you slash and dash your way through hundreds of enemies. You will raise your army and recruit allied Knights to join your cause, command their armies, siege enemy castles, raid their outposts, ambush their convoys and use the loot to build your lands.

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Monster Monpiece Coming to Steam Next Month, Screens Unveiled
25/02/17 17:42 | Category: Screenshots | Platform: PC |
Available now on PS Vita, Monster Monpiece, a card battle strategy game with light RPG elements, will also launch via Steam on March 14 for $19.99, with a 25% weeklong discount, Idea Factory International announced. In Monster Monpiece, there are four types of Monster Girl units: Melee, Ranged, Healers, and Buffers. Each unit type has an aura color, and summoning consecutive same color units will award you with an Aura Bonus/ You can also fuse two units (Fusion) if they are the same type, which will increase the base unit/s stats.
Some units have Skills and Potentials, which are unique attributes that allow them to heal allies, damage enemies, and more. You may also organize your deck at the academy, where you can also access the Shop, Card Gym, Networkmode, and the Museum.
The PC version of Monster Monpiece will not have multiplayer support, however it will include all the original artwork featured in the Japanese release of the game. Eight screenshots have been inserted in our gallery.

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Hellion is a fusion of survival and space simulation genres that pits players against the deadly environment and one another

Lone Light is a puzzle game about a source of light alone in the universe

Darknet Dated (25/02)
Your PS VR headset becomes your virtual window to a hidden digital world

A virtual reality experience that will let players explore and encounter more than 100 creatures from the Jurassic era

Become a legend of the Wild West

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Beat hundreds of monsters, slay the dragon and find the amulet of Yendor

Set in the vein of classic Ghouls N' Ghosts and Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon's Trap

The Mimic Matter power allows you to take the form of just about any appropriately sized object aboard Talos I

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Alliances are shattered - learn how Superman became one of Earth's greatest threats

Prepare to rule the Industrial Revolution

Classic JRPG giving audiences a unique perspective of classic film noir action as seen through a 16-bit lens

Slash and smash through enemies and environments alike in game based on the iconic manga and anime series Berserk

Lost Region is a third person survival action game, with multi and singleplayer elements

The Dungeon Lord returns

A sci-fi AI simulator with 2D pixelart point & click mechanics, focused in narrative experience, investigation and the emotional response of the player

Yoku's Island is an open world pinball adventure game coming in winter 2017/18

Choose your words wisely. They can either be a blessing... or a curse

The Golf Club is a golf simulation video game originally released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Windows platforms during summer 2014

Lead a group of brave adventurers through the perilous dungeons of the Warhammer world in the search for wealth and glory on PC

DYING: Reborn is a dark, horror-themed puzzle game that creates a unique first-person room escape experience

Beat the clock in the sharpened version of the acclaimed music puzzler Chime

Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad to boost player progress with themed character costumes and headgear

RGPR is one of the first 3rd party Xbox Play Anywhere titles, which means players pay just once to get it for Xbox One and Windows 10

Switch is a 2D puzzle platformer game where you take the alphabet 'I' on an adventure to redeem his lost friendship

The game will take full advantage of PlayStation 4 Pro's advanced hardware

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