Trailers from GamersHell 28 August 2015
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Another day, another batch of videos, this time presenting the following games: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, Heroes of Normandie, Shock Tactics, Superhot, Smite, Perfect World International: Eclipse, Mediocre Monster, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, Armor Blitz, Bridge Constructor, The Legend of Legacy, Killer Instinct Season 3, Crookz - The Big Heist Short, LEGO Dimensions, Stella Glow, Nero, Velocity 2X, and Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson.
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Related Game: Casual Games 28 August 2015
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We have added the following games to our casual online / downloadable shareware gaming section:

The Inner World Downloadable game. The mysterious world of Asposia is located in an enormous and physics defying hollow space and ventilated solely through three big wind fountains. When the wind farms cease working, Robert, a shy court musician and Laura, a mysterious thief; along with a whole host of other bizarre and interesting characters must solve the mystery of the wind's disappearance.
Solve tricky puzzles, meet the weird and wonderful Asposians. Can the young adventurers save the world? What are Laura's secrets? And why does Robert have such a strange nose?

Beyond Light Advent Downloadable game. As a child, you had a wonderful imaginary friend from outer space. Nix taught you about the stars and inspired you become an astronomer. Years later, while investigating a mysterious object in the sky, you discover that your imaginary friend was real all along! He's come to warn Earth of a terrible threat – a merciless race of aliens is fast approaching, and you and Nix are the only ones who can stop them. Can you save both your friend's planet and your own in time? Your journey will take you into the past and beyond the stars in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Dead Reckoning The Crescent Case Downloadable game. A traveling carnival becomes the scene of a strange murder, and you've been called in to handle the case. There are no witnesses, and everyone at the carnival denies knowing the victim. But are their reactions all for show? The evidence points to a deeper mystery, complete with lies, imposters, and betrayal within the close-knit carnival community. Can you flush out the truth, or will you become just another attraction in this deadly show?
This Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game features unique crime-scene interactions and realistic deduction techniques to help you solve the case!

The Silent Age Downloadable game. Lose yourself in The Silent Age, the thrilling point­and­click adventure!
A dying man from the future has entrusted Joe with a quest to discover the truth behind humankind's extinction. Help Joe as he travels between the groovy present of 1972 to the apocalyptic future of 2012. Explore unique locations and use your portable time travel device to solve puzzles that will bring you one step closer to reaching an answer to save humanity.
Can a simple janitor and literally, "the average Joe," save humankind?

Shrouded Tales Revenge of Shadows Downloadable game. When a garbled distress call comes in from a neighboring city, you are chosen to investigate the source of the trouble. Armed with a magical amulet that can cast a variety of spells, you head through the portal to find out what has happened in Volarden. But as you begin to investigate, you quickly learn that things may not be what they seem. Watch your back - evil is taking shape around every corner in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Magic Griddlers 2 Downloadable game. A wicked warlock has captured 6 magicians and locked them away in tall towers spread across different worlds, each with its own unique magical element. You will need to solve his puzzles to unlock the secret to rescuing each magician. In this sequel to Magic Griddlers, enjoy unique nonograms with a fantasy theme. Complete all these magical puzzles and become a true hero of Wonderland!

Gnomes Garden Downloadable game. A wonderful garden had always brought joy to all the people of the kingdom and all the residents of the castle. But a dry summer withered the king's beloved garden and the surrounding gardens of the kingdom alike. The ruler has fallen ill and the kingdom is in danger. Help the princess save the gardens and make the king better again. Construct buildings, remove obstacles, repair damaged bridges and restore the beauty of the royal garden in Gnomes Garden!

Shadow Wolf Mysteries Tracks of Terror Downloadable game. From ERS Game Studios, creators of Haunted Legends and Redemption Cemetery, join the hunt in a brand new supernatural adventure in the latest Shadow Wolf Mysteries! For centuries, the De Lupe family has protected the city of Gévaudan using the strength granted by their werewolf curse. Now it is time for the next generation to take over. Will young Pierre choose to shoulder his father's burden or will he take a chance with a new cure to free his family from their curse forever? The ghostly wolves have the city surrounded. Who will protect the town?

The Mahjong Huntress Downloadable game. Embark on a mysterious quest in search of the missing groom, Charles Gilbertworth. Solve riddles, encounter supernatural creatures and ghosts, all while solving relaxing and fun Mahjong puzzles with innovative gameplay mechanics in The Mahjong Huntress!

Hotel Mahjong Downloadable game. All Mahjong games are the same? You haven't tried Hotel Mahjong yet! Enjoy 5 different ways to play and never get bored. Reserve a hotel room and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime. In Hotel Mahjong it's all about concentration and relaxation.

Subliminal Realms The Masterpiece Downloadable game. Albert had everything a painter could want, a successful business with a loving family to support him. But for the last few months he's been plagued by nightmares, by visions of a terrifying being that he has named Solitude. One stormy evening, he finds his nightmares have become reality when Solitude kidnaps his family, taking them deep into her painting. Albert yearns to free them, but doing so will come at a high price. All his memories have been corrupted and now only Solitude knows the truth. Albert must face his fears and journey onward, armed only with his paintbrushes and his love for this family. Can he save them, or will Solitude's painting become his final masterpiece?

Phantasmat The Dread of Oakville Downloadable game. It's the end of the world... at least in Oakville. Find out what's really happening in a town where everyone seems to be missing, and a strange mystic is warning citizens of the coming apocalypse. As fans of the Phantasmat series know, it's hard to tell who's really dead and who's really alive in this world. The eerie continuation comes from Eipix, makers of the popular Final Cut and Myths of the World games! Play a new variety of puzzles and hidden-object games, including interactive morphing scenes, silhouettes, and multiple zoom HOPs.

Fort Meow Downloadable game. In Fort Meow, use physics-based puzzle mechanics to construct a pillow fort and protect yourself from a barrage of feline assailants!
In Fort Meow, use physics-based puzzle mechanics to construct a pillow fort and protect yourself from a barrage of feline assailants!
Upon finding her grandfather’s journal in the attic, Nia is attacked by a barrage of feline assailants. It appears that her grandmother has become a crazy cat lady since the last time she visited. Defend Nia by building a protective fort out of furniture to keep the cats at bay, while deciphering the mysterious tales hidden within the journal.

Laruaville 3 Downloadable game. Friendly ghosts are looking for new places to settle. They've found a beautiful valley by the sea, but seasons don't change there. Seasons should be recreated! A whole town is to be built for that purpose. Spring, Summer, Autumn and the Winter along with all of the weather effects for each season such as wind, rain, snow have to be recreated manually in Laruaville 3!

Invasion Lost in Time Downloadable game. While exploring an ancient Egyptian tomb, Mike discovers a strange sarcophagus containing human remains. Much to his shock, the body very closely resembles him. Mike has called you to come help him investigate this bizarre find.
After digging a little deeper, the two explorers find themselves trapped, but they also discover something resembling a large machine in one of the Egyptian tombs. Mike, believing it to be an ancient time machine, believes you can use it to escape. After climbing inside, the real adventures begin.
Enjoy Invasion: Lost in Time and find yourself in Ancient Egypt, visit a caveman, set foot on the mysterious planets Shukaras and Torion. After discovering a sinister invasion plan, will you be able to stop it and return home safely? Only time will tell.

Tibetan Quest: Beyond the World's End Downloadable game. Your niece Larisa set out on an excavation deep in the mountains of Tibet. However, you receive a letter with information about her disappearance. In the search for Larisa you travel across the world only to discover that things are not as they seem and something unnatural may be lurking in the labyrinth that is the temple of Shangri-La. Solve mysteries and face an enemy who will do anything to stop you on your journey through Tibetan Quest: Beyond Worlds End.

Witches' Legacy: The Dark Throne Downloadable game. What should have been a day of celebration turns into a nightmare as good witch Lynn is possessed by a strange evil force! As her witch hunter-turned-husband, you must follow Lynn into the Other World and defeat whatever has a hold on her. EleFun brings you a story rich with family history and witches' lore in this thrilling continuation of the popular Witches' Legacy series. You'll love your impish helper as much as the innovative hidden-object games and puzzles.

Pirate's Solitaire 3 Downloadable game. The Jolly Roger is raised and adventures in the Caribbean are about to begin... But where’s the pirate treasure? Maybe Captain Flint’s map holds the answer? No! The cards of Pirate's Solitaire know the answer - 120 unique solitaire layouts in which you'll have to search for the pirate gold!
This is classic solitaire with a new and unique mechanic - collect pairs of cards by using bonuses: mulligan, shuffle and joker. Any card on the table provides a reward, and a special multiplier can make it far more valuable.
You say you’re an experienced sea dog? Then select "Sea Dog" difficulty and complete the 12 locations over again, but with new rules!

Gunspell Downloadable game. Become a member of a powerful order that protects the Earth from all kinds of otherworldly creatures. Travel through the worlds, fight monsters, complete different quests, upgrade your weapons and magic.
Vampires and demons, heroes and monsters await you in realms of Gunspell!

Amulet of Dreams Downloadable game. Alison's sudden illness was a shock to everyone. The doctors were dismayed by the girl’s condition as she withered with each passing day. Nobody knew that Alison held a secret that could help save her. There was only one person, her childhood friend Aiden, that she chanced sharing her secret with - that she was the Queen of Magical Realm in need of help. It’s now up to the brave boy to defeat the evil and save Alison's life.

Check the on-line games if you are after a quick gaming round or wish to take a pause from a frag-fest or days-long Civilization game; Beware though as some of these small flash games may get addictive! For more quick gaming action, we have an archive of over 3600 games on our Casual Games area.

Magnetic: Cage Closed Released on Xbox One, Launch Trailer
28/08/15 04:46 | Category: Videos | Platform: PC |
Gambitious Digital Entertainment has announced that Magnetic: Cage Closed, a puzzler developed by Guru Games and originally released for PC via Steam, is also available now on Xbox One for $14.99. Magnetic: Cage Closed drops players into the role of a prisoner serving time for past crimes in a vast, ever-changing prison with chambers that shift in random patterns. The players are given a special magnetic gun, and are urged on by a sadistic warden controlling the complex. By manipulating and mastering magnetic forces, they must find a way out - but no choice is without consequence in Facility 7, where each chamber offers a unique challenge ranging from classic puzzles to moral choices.
The console edition of Magnetic: Cage Closed comes complete with all the extra in-game content originally featured in the PC Collector's Edition. Plus, as a special thank you to all those whom bought it when it first came out on PC, the developers will be releasing five new devilishly difficult challenge maps for free on Steam to coincide with its launch on Xbox One. Press Release: Xbox One Welcomes Players to Facility 7 - Magnetic: Cage Closed Available Tomorrow

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Company of Heroes 2 Released on Mac and Linux
28/08/15 04:37 | Category: Game Releases |
Developed by Relic Entertainment and previously published by SEGA for PC, Company of Heroes 2 is also available now for Mac and Linux via Steam, with the Mac App Store version to follow shortly afterwards, Feral Interactive announced. The Steam version of Company of Heroes 2 will support Mac-Mac and Linux-Linux multiplayer using Steamworks.
The DLC for the Mac App Store version of Company of Heroes 2, including the Theater of War mission packs as well as additional Commanders and Skins, will be available post-release, via in-app purchase. The Mac App Store version of Company of Heroes 2 will support Mac-to-Mac multiplayer using Feral Interactive's own multiplayer matching service. Press Release: Company of Heroes 2 for Steam Now Available

Related Game:

Coming in 2016 to PC and console, Headlander is a a retro-futuristic, side-scrolling, action-adventure game set in a world inspired by 70’s science fiction. It is a world of automation, a utopia gone wrong in which all of humanity have transferred their minds into robotic imposter bodies and are ruled by a deranged computer.
You are the last known human in the universe, and all that's left of you is a disembodied head. Seeking clues to your fractured past, you must travel through a hostile world of machines, using a special helmet that allows you to dock into and take control of any robotic host body. As you launch from one body to the next, you'll start to discover that things are not quite what they appear to be, and the fate of humanity has yet to be decided...
Headlander is being developed by Headlander and will be published by Adult Swim Games - a trailer and eight visuals are available for your viewing pleasure.

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Developed by Over the Top Games and originally released for PC, Full Mojo Rampage will also arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year, Nicalis announced. This is a fast-paced exploration and action game that takes place within the confines of the Voodoo reality. In this realm only the most powerful rites and powers can provide a safeguard against evil. It includes cooperative and competitive gameplay, so you can enjoy the game in different ways with your friends.
You need to guide a Voodoo keeper safely through each level whilst hunting for voodoo dolls and mojos. These mojos can be found throughout the game in the form of amulets and trinkets that bring him strength and luck. They also unleash an array of other powers that you can craft to your own advantage in order to truly master the terrible powers of Voodoo. During the game you will can make pacts with the Voodoo gods to help you in your adventure, but some gods are known to like to play tricks and challenge adventurers.
A trailer and five screenshots are available for your viewing pleasure. Press Release: Get Your Mojo On

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Persona 4: Dancing All Night Nanako Video and Screens
28/08/15 03:54 | Category: Videos | Platform: PSV |
Atlus U.S.A. has unveiled a new character video and five fresh screenshots Persona 4: Dancing All Night, showcasing this PlayStation Vita game due to be available in stores and digitally on the PlayStation Network beginning September 29th.
Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a story-driven music game that takes place after the events in Persona 4. Players get pulled onto the Midnight Stage when the spotlight turns to mega-idol Rise and her junior group, Kanamin Kitchen. Members of Kanamin Kitchen have disappeared and it's up to the Investigation Team to mount a rescue mission - only they discover the same monstrous Shadows from the Midnight Channel. To make matters even worse, their Persona abilities are rendered ineffective, and the Shadows in P4D can only be defeated by dance, so bust out powerful dance moves to save the day.

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Brave Tank Hero Released on Wii U
28/08/15 03:48 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: Wii U |
Published by Natsume, Brave Tank Hero is a 3D action tank game featuring over 50 missions which can be replayed to get better rankings to help power up your tank. Previously released on the 3DS, Brave Tank Hero is also available now on the Wii U. Press Release: Natsume's Brave Tank Hero Launches on Wii U!

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Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX Screens 29 August 2015
28/08/15 03:43 | Category: Screenshots | Platform: DS |
Our gallery has been updated with seven screenshots from Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX, a 3D rhythm game developed for the Nintendo 3DS system and due to launch on September 8 in North America and September 11 in Europe. In collaboration with Good Smile Company, a popular Japanese figure company, Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX features Miku and all of her friends in their Nendoroid figure style. The game features 48 full-length versions of fan-favorite songs players can challenge themselves with by trying to match the rhythm in "Tap Mode" and "Button Mode", each with multiple difficulty levels, which can be further augmented with challenge and support items.
In North America, SEGA will offer a special physical Launch Edition at retailers nationwide. This launch edition of Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX will include the game, premium outer box packaging, and a wallet chain designed after Hatsune Miku’s iconic belt - a simple and stylish way for fans to represent their love for Miku. All copies of the game will include 19 double-sided augmented reality (AR) cards that show off additional dance moves and costumes.

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Additional Platforms Revealed for Rocket League
28/08/15 03:38 | Category: General |
Available now on PC via Steam, Rocket League will also be released for Mac and SteamOS later this year, Psyonix announced. To prepare for the SteamOS launch, Psyonix and Valve are offering Rocket League for free to those who pre-order (or have pre-ordered) any of the Steam Hardware devices (Steam Controller, Steam Link, or Steam Machine). Customers who already own Rocket League but pre-order the hardware anyway will be given an additional copy that they can gift to a friend.

Press Release: Rocket League Explodes on Steam

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Early Access 5 will be the very first introduction of the Base gameplay and most of the features are yet to be added

After two recent closed beta tests, Early Access is the final step in the journey to the official launch of the game in early 2016

Watch Shelly 'Bombshell' Harrison take on the Zeroth Guardian, a grueling boss battle on her path to absolution and Earth's salvation

Architecture meets Noir as you become unwillingly entangled in a revolutionist plot

High-octane racing game combines a top-down racing style with drifting mechanics alongside a capsule machine draw system for new parts

Latest console update adds new barrel art system and German and Soviet tanks

The GameKid is a handheld, Raspberry Pi powered, retro gaming console

Highly Limited Edition comes loaded with iconic Lara Croft relics and collectibles

New campaigns, new missions, new characters coming to the multi-award winning title debuting at PAX Prime in booth 1614

The action in Just Cause 3 is bigger, better and more explosive than ever

The Elemental Evil cults invade Forgotten Realms

Weaving together two classic game formats into one seamless experience, Velocity 2X features puzzle-platforming action alongside top-down shoot 'em-up gameplay

The Wildly Popular, Community Driven Sequel to Crafting Zombie Survival Hit ‘How to Survive’ Coming to Steam’s Early Access this Fall

A dark, gritty role-playing game stays true to the series' origins

Last seen in Street Fighter Alpha 3, R. Mika (aka Rainbow Mika) is making her long-awaited return to the Street Fighter universe

Everyone who plays the Forza Motorsport 6 demo will automatically get the new Ford GT delivered to their garage in Forza Motorsport 6 for no additional cost

A never-before-seen take on the iconic franchise at your fingertips

Heavily inspired by the masterpiece paintings from the past centuries, and the architecture and décor from the XIX century

Larian Studios returns to Kickstarter

Assemble a nine-player posse and claim your vengeance

Project CARS continues its programme of continual updates and fresh content delivery

Runbow is the only nine-player game on the Wii U

Total War: Warhammer will take the award-winning PC strategy series to a realm of epic high fantasy for the first time

World War II mobile strategy title focuses on tactics, story, and depth with over 300 campaign stages and a variety of game modes

Build railways, manage traffic and stay accident-free

Developers fought for rights after publisher went bankrupt

A new take on the classic 16-bit RPG formula featuring morale choices and harnessing the weather

Relics of Gods is a 3D turn-based strategy mobile game with 15 races, over 50 playable heroes, and 1 massive fantasy tale

The 'Remake Done Right' of the 1993 Sierra Classic released on Amazon Kindle

Are you ready to be the new ghoul in school?

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