Lost Sea Announced, First Trailer/Screens Released
25/10/14 09:13 | Category: Videos |
eastasiasoft today announced that Lost Sea, a B-movie strategy-action game set inside a procedurally generated Bermuda Triangle, is due to be available in 2015, for PC, Xbox One and PS4. In this 3D strategy action game that takes place inside a procedurally generated archipelago, players must form a ragtag crew of survivors and explore the surrounding islands as they hunt for the necessary resources to upgrade their ship and escape the Bermuda Triangle.
Lost Sea needs your votes on Steam Greenlight here - sixteen visuals and a video have been added in our download section.
Press Release: Lost Sea in Development for Consoles & PC - Escape Paradise in 2015!
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PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 2.00 Dated, Share Play Feature Detailed
25/10/14 09:02 | Category: General | Platform: Playstation 4 |
The next system software update for PlayStation 4 (version 2.00) will implement Share Play, a new feature that allows gamers to invite their friends to join them in a shared gameplay experience even if they don't own the game that's currently being played. In addition, the update will add the ability to upload game footage direct to YouTube and even view it through the PS4 YouTube Player App.
Codenamed Masamune, PlayStation 4's system software update v2.00 launches next Tuesday, 28th October.

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Costume Quest 2 Confirmed for PS4 and PS3, Video Released
25/10/14 08:33 | Category: General |
Available now for PC via Steam, Costume Quest 2 will also arrive on PS4 and PS3 via PlayStation Network on October 28th, Midnight City announced. You will join Wren, Reynold and a cast of friends both old and new as they save Halloween from a demented dental overlord hell-bent on a tooth-centric future that shuns candy, costumes and fun. Local Auburn Pines dentist, Dr. Orel White, DDS has a long, troubled history with Halloween and has dedicated his life to ridding the world of this menace to society. Teaming up with a powerful Time Wizard, the deranged dentist seizes a magic talisman that releases the Grubbins from their prison and destroys Halloween once and for all... or has he?
This sequel invites you to explore spooky time-traversing landscapes, don adorable new costumes that transform into powerful Hallo-warriors, and collect even Creepier Treat Cards to wield in combat against a legion of hygiene obsessed baddies.

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Project CARS Halloween
25/10/14 08:27 | Category: Videos | Platform: PC |
BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe S.A.S has unveiled a new video for Project Cars, a racing title developed by Slightly Mad Studios and set to be released on March 17th, 2015 (North America) and March 20th, 2015 (Europe). This is a racing game that invites you to create a driver, pick from a variety of motorsports, and shift into high gear to chase a number of Historic Goals and enter the Hall of Fame. Then you can test your skills online either in competitive fully-loaded race weekends, leaderboard-based time challenges, or continually-updated community events. Press Release: Sit down and enjoy the Halloween thrill with PROJECT CARS

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SingStar Ultimate Party Released
25/10/14 08:22 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: Playstation 4 |
Developed by SCE Worldwide Studios London for the PS4, SingStar Ultimate Party is out now alongside a compilation disk titled SingStar: Ultimate Party. SingStar is back with the free SingStar Mic app, a brand new interface, improved scoring system and various party effects to use with the PlayStation Camera.

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TERA: Fate of Arun Announced, First Screens Available
25/10/14 08:15 | Category: Screenshots | Platform: PC |
Releasing these screenshots, En Masse Entertainment revealed TERA: Fate of Arun, the first and biggest expansion for TERA to date, featuring a new level cap of 65 and the lands of Northern Arun to explore through a brand-new storyline. Fate of Arun also offers new quests, zones, dungeons, skills, gear and a new PvP battleground, in addition to gameplay tweaks. Press Release: TERA: Fate of Arun Announced

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Power Rangers Super Megaforce Ships to Europe
25/10/14 08:10 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: DS |
BANDAI NAMCO Games has announced that Power Rangers Super Megaforce is out now in Europe, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS - the game is due to be available in North America on October 28th, 2014. This is a side-scrolling, action-packed video game that gives fans the chance to experience the legendary powers of the Super Megaforce Rangers and save the earth from evil.
Fans will be able to play as their favorite Super Megaforce Rangers in addition to the Legendary Red Power Rangers and the iconic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Players will also engage in epic Zord battles to conquer the colossal monsters that threaten humankind. Press Release: POWER RANGERS SUPER MEGAFORCE for Nintendo 3DS available now!

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Shelter 2 Gameplay Video
25/10/14 08:06 | Category: General |
Might and Delight has unveiled a gameplay movie from Shelter 2, which will be arriving on Steam, Good Old Games and other digital platforms in February 2015. The spiritual sequel to Shelter follows the life cycle of a mother lynx, starting as a pregnant animal preparing her den for the coming litter, giving birth, and continuing in to a journey of parenthood where nurturing her cubs is paramount for survival.
Shelter 2 includes more elaborate gameplay features than its predecessor, such as stamina, different types of movements, jumps and a variety of prey to kill. Besides hunting there are several maternal features such as calling the cubs closer, making sure they drink water from rivers and lifting and carrying your cubs from harm's way.

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Robowars Released on Steam, Screens/Video Available
25/10/14 07:50 | Category: Videos | Platform: PC |
Kiss Ltd has announced the Steam availability of Robowars, which combines tower defence gameplay with a collectible card game. Robowars allows you to immerse yourself in the world of the future, where the clash between the uncompromising great superpower and planetary corporation continues. You must destroy, burn, poison and freeze enemies to stop the attack on your base and prevent the enemy capturing your flags.
Twenty screenshots and a trailer have been added in our download section.
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Toybox Turbos Arrives Next Month, Video Released
24/10/14 21:36 | Category: Game Announcements |
Codemasters announced today that Toybox Turbos will be launched for Windows PC via Steam on November 12th - the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will be coming soon. This is a retro table top racing that invites players to take a nostalgic tour of 18 obstacle and short-cut filled circuits inspired by childhood locations. Players will speed past spilt sticky jam on the kitchen table, dodge flaming Bunsen burners as they take their opponents back to school and zip past the runaway train in races around a railway set and more.
Toybox Turbos also offers four-player local and online multiplayer, plus 35 vehicles to collect and customize, ranging from sports cars and dragsters to emergency vehicles, taxis, ice cream vans, construction vehicles, milk float, moon buggies. Each can be raced in six super-charged game modes: Classic Race, Time Trial, Overtake, Escape, Countdown, and Elimination. To gain the advantage, gamers can collect and use a range of power-ups spread liberally around each circuit, including, but not limited to, machine guns, mines, electronic pulses, and, giant hammers. Press Release: Fire Up the Fun with Toybox Turbos – Codemasters®' Table top Arcade Racer Packed with Retro Thrills

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