Casual Games 19 September 2014
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Today we have added the following games to our casual online / downloadable shareware gaming section:

9 Clues The Ward Downloadable game. Can you unravel the mystery? Find out in 9 Clues: The Ward!
Feathers Downloadable game. Get ready for the fur to fly in this wild and crazy matching game! A flock of birds is out for revenge after a gang of cats steals their eggs! Match clusters of birds to clear a path to the hatchlings and reclaim what belongs to your finely feathered friends. With dozens of challenging levels, colorful graphics, and a storyline that will have you squawking with laughter, Claws and Feathers will provide hours of matching fun!
9 Elefants Downloadable game. Follow our intrepid investigators as they explore this unique setting
that combines fantasy and the Crazy Years. Converse with colourful
characters with secrets to share, solve puzzles, plunge into the heart
of the capital, and savour this extraordinary tale featuring a modern
art exhibition, poisoned oranges, a magician's cat, a cyclist, an accordion champion, an esoteric conspiracy, the Paris catacombs, the destruction of the Eiffel Tower and... 9 elephants.
Word Explorer Downloadable game. The biggest Word Game on the planet! Collect thousands of photographs around the world with this epic word game! Play alone or with friends!
Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold Downloadable game. Explore these wonderful environments and live an adventure like no other!
Legacy The Ties that Bind Downloadable game. You couldn't be happier for your adopted daughter - until you discover that Edward is missing! A mysterious letter promised answers to his past, urging him to return to his birthplace. As a witch hunter, Edward is accustomed to danger... but he may have gotten in over his head this time. You and Lynn rush to follow his trail, unaware that a dark presence is watching you. Can you track down Edward in time? Find out in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!
Wanderland Downloadable game. Help fix the stories in Wanderland!Travel through portals of imagination! Fix the broken fairy tales in Wanderland! Restore peace to the land and defeat villains!
Vacation Adventures Cruise Director Downloadable game. Spend a truly sensational and adventurous summer working as a Cruise Director, in charge of the Americas Cruise on the super-luxurious S.S. Liberty of the Waves! Arrange fabulous excursions to Mexico, the Caribbean, Rio de Janeiro and more! Visit pyramids, collect souvenirs, go on helicopter rides and glass bottomed boat tours.Help passengers, visit cabins, and search for hundreds of hidden objects. Organize on-board entertainment, evening shows, and relaxation activities. Earn merit awards for your special achievements!Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director guarantees a truly sensational, hour upon hour of gameplay for all ages to enjoy!
Dino R-r-age Defense Downloadable game. adventures, their search for fuel for the time machine, and the nuances of life in a predatory era.Use powerful inventions to fight off hordes of vicious dinosaurs! Build defensive towers and survive in the Ice Age! Can you help the scientist and his electronic assistant defend the time machine?
Spirit of Revenge Cursed Castle Downloadable game..

Check the on-line games if you are after a quick gaming round or wish to take a pause from a frag-fest or days-long Civilization game; Beware though as some of these small flash games may get addictive! For more quick gaming action, we have an archive of over 3600 games on our Casual Games area.

Electronic Arts has announced that Need for Speed Rivals Complete Edition, a special edition of Need for Speed Rivals developed by Ghost Games, will be in-store on October 21 in North America and October 24 in Europe. Need for Speed Rivals Complete Edition includes the main game plus all six of the previously released downloadable content.
Need for Speed Rivals: Complete Edition will be available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3 - four screenshots and a video have been added in our download section. Press Release: Need for Speed Rivals Complete Edition Races to the Streets Starting October 21

The Order: 1886 Release Date Announced, Fifth BTS Video Unveiled
19/09/14 09:21 | Category: Videos | Platform: Playstation 4 |
In the works at Ready At Dawn Studios for PS4, The Order: 1886 re-writes history by introducing a unique vision of Victorian-Era London where myths and technology co-exist.. Players will wield advanced weapons and gadgets that didn't exist during that era and the realism of the game experience will make you feel like these elements could have been very plausible during the time.
The Order: 1886 introduces a unique mythology that will fuse actual history (real world places, figures, and events) with twists on familiar myths and legends to create an alternate history from the one we know today.
The Order: 1886 will arrive on February 20th, 2014.

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Playstation Now for PS3 Enters Open Beta in North America
19/09/14 09:18 | Category: General | Platform: Playstation 3 |
Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that PlayStation Now (PS Now), the company's streaming game service which leverages cloud-based technology, is now in Open Beta testing for PS3 users in the mainland United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) and parts of Canada. The library of PS Now games has more than 150 titles, and will continue to grow as the service expands over time - Ultra Street Fighter 4, Infamous and God of War: Ascension will be added soon.

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Thomas Was Alone Announced for PS4
19/09/14 08:51 | Category: Game Announcements | Platform: Playstation 4 |
Previously released for PC, Mac, PS Vita and PS3, Thomas Was Alone will also arrive on PS4, Curve Studios announced. The game will available to everyone as a Cross-Buy title. That means if you picked up Thomas Was Alone on PlayStation 3 or PS Vita at any point last year, you will be able to grab the game completely free on PS4.
Created by Mike Bithell, voiced by Danny Wallace and with a rousing score by David Housden, Thomas Was Alone is a 2D platform-puzzle game that tells the story of Thomas, a red block, as he teams up with a band of other quadrilaterals to solve a variety of environmental puzzles.

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Minecraft PS4 Version Goes Retail Next Month
18/09/14 21:33 | Category: General | Platform: Playstation 4 |
Available now in North America and Europe via PlayStation Store for $19.99/18.99, Minecraft for PS4 will hit retail stores in North America on October 3rd and in Europe on October 7th. Minecraft for PS4 includes all the features from the most recent Playstation 3 version, plus bigger worlds and a greater draw distance. Note that existing players are able to import PS3 saves to the PS4 Edition.

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Independent developer Rebellion today announced the Steam launch of Confrontation, the third and final part of Save Churchill, a DLC (downloadable content) for Sniper Elite 3. Set after the events of Sniper Elite 3, Save Churchill follows OSS sniper Karl Fairburne in his attempts to uncover and prevent a Nazi assassination attempt on the British Prime Minister in the run up to the famous Casablanca Conference of 1943.
Fourteen screenshots found their way in our gallery. Press Release: Save Churchill in the conclusion to the three part DLC campaign for Sniper Elite 3

Heavy Bullets Released, Launch Video/Screens Available
18/09/14 21:08 | Category: Screenshots | Platform: PC |
Releasing a new video and eleven fresh screenshots, Devolver Digital announced that Heavy Bullets, a procedurally generated FPS from Brazilian developer Terri Vellimann, is available now via Steam, the Humble Store, and other digital download services with a 15% launch week discount off the final 6.99/$9.99 price.
Heavy Bullets arms the player with a simple yet stylish revolver and six devastatingly plump bullets with the goal of resetting the security mainframe to restore order and reap the rewards of a job well done. To succeed in the game, players will need to move carefully and make smart use of their bullets, items, and the environment as rushing into new areas is the fastest way to get killed in the untamed wild of the neon corridors.

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Dying Light Steam Pre-Order Offer
18/09/14 21:02 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Those who pre-order Dying Light via Steam will receive free additional content: the multiplayer DLC mode Be the Zombie and a Steam-exclusive weapon called Punk Queen. Be the Zombie is a competitive asymmetric multiplayer mode that lets you invade other players' games as the Night Hunter - an ultimate zombie with a unique set of deadly skills. By playing as the Night Hunter, you turn into a fast, agile and dangerous predator, whose objective is to hunt down human survivors.
Punk Queen is a powerful crowbar with every possible upgrade on board: batteries and wires for electrical damage, lighters for burning damage, acid containers, spikes, razors, and more. It's the ultimate tool of destruction that alternates between special effects with each blow. Players who pre-purchase Dying Light on Steam will receive an exclusive blueprint enabling them to craft the weapon in the game.
Dying Light will hit the stores in 2015 on January 27th in the Americas, January 28th in Australia and New Zealand, and January 30th in Europe and Asia, for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Press Release: Pre-Purchase Dying Light on Steam and Get Free Bonus Content

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Elminage Gothic Released on Steam
18/09/14 20:59 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: PC |
Ghostlight today announced the Steam availability of the classic Japanese dungeon crawler, Elminage Gothic, originally known as Elminage Gothic: Ulm Zakir to Yami no Gishik. Not only this release marks the first time the Elminage series has been brought to PC but it is alsothe first western release for Elminage Gothic. As neither the PSP version nor the 3DS remake have been localised before.
Elminage Gothic for PC features increased resolution of the original artwork as well as a host of additions for the Steam release including mouse and keyboard support and Steam Trading Cards.

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The series has been widely successful, shipping over 11 million units worldwide

Gameplay of a press demo shown at Gamescom 2014, and it includes footage from one of the first game builds on Chrome Engine 6

Burn some rubber with the Battlefield Hardline's Hotwire mode

Just Dance Now creates the most accessible version of Just Dance yet by enabling players to dance anywhere, anytime with anyone

World War II real-time strategy series returns in 2015

The Director's Cut adds a host of new content and enhancements to the original game

This video is the fourth of a series focusing on the many new aspects brought to Crimes & Punishments, expanding on the series in every way

Psychological horror game inspired by real-life mental illness

Lotus' Romain Grosjean speeds around the Marina Bay Street Circuit

Inspired by the best science-fiction action movies you've seen

Amplitude Studios' 4X strategy title left Steam Early Access

To deliver complementary experience to console game with 14 exclusive villains, new storyline and two Skylanders toys not available in any other Starter Pack

Famed hockey series returns this fall with a new All-Star experience for mobile devices

An allegorical tale about responsibility and making sacrifices for the ones we love

KI: Season 2 will be offered in two bundle packages

Go crazy in wacky melees in a fantastic realm of heated sieges and big magical battles

Top down 3D shooter to arrive next week

Spacewrights takes inspiration from various spaceship games, movies, and TV shows

Signup for the beta and you may experience HELL before release

Embrace the shadows, or die trying

The game can be described as an immersive car racing action game specifically designed for VR racing in mind

PAC and his friends return to defend Pacopolis with new worlds, new characters and new power-ups

Deep Down will transport you to medieval dungeons filled with ravenous monsters

Fst-paced action RPG set to arrive next March

Next installment in the best-selling series to arrive on next-gen consoles

The spookiest RPG of all-time is back, and better than eve

For the first time ever, The Master Chief's entire story is on one console

Get ready to explore, drive, and get social, in the seamless, massive, and connected world of The Crew

Experience what it's like to manage your own rugby union side

Design your ships, build your fleets then pitch them in hands-off battles against the AI or other players

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