Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado Released, Launch Video Available
27/02/15 13:53 | Category: Videos | Platform: PC |
Paradox Interactive haas announced that El Dorado, the fifth expansion for Europa Universalis IV, is out now for Windows, Mac and Linux. Developed by Paradox Development Studio, Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado introduces the Nation Designer, a tool that lets you customize your starting nation in a campaign. You can choose your starting capital and neighboring provinces, modify your starting culture and leader and then lead this new nation to new and original heights of glory.
This expansion's historical focus on the Central American and South American theaters of exploration will challenge you with new decisions worthy of a king or conqueror. As the Aztecs, subject the Mexican plain to your rule but make sure you have enough vassal kings to sacrifice to your angry gods. As the Europeans, you will push deeper into the jungles of the Amazon, following rumors of lost cities and magical fountains. You should defer to the Pope as he intervenes to divide the New World among squabbling empires. Press Release: Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado Lands Upon Digital Shores Today

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Nintendo at PAX East 2015
27/02/15 13:50 | Category: General | Platform: DS |
Nintendo sent out a press release announcing that the company will be in Boston, Massachusetts, for the upcoming PAX East event to give attendees hands-on time with the New Nintendo 3DS XL system. The Nintendo booth (#4072) will also feature Splatoon and Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.
PAX East, which runs March 6-8, takes place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center at 415 Summer St. Press Release: Nintendo is Headed to PAX East with New Nintendo 3DS XL and Splatoon

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Square Enix has announced that the total number of registered accounts for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn now exceeds 4 million globally. To celebrate the 4 million accounts, Square Enix is holding a free login campaign from Friday, February 27, 2015 (12:00 A.M. PST) to Monday, March 9, 2015 (12:00 A.M. PST).

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Gameplay Videos and Screens
27/02/15 13:43 | Category: Videos |
Square Enix has released two more videos and seven fresh screenshots for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, a game that will transport you to the dynamic world of Orience, where a turbulent war of nations threatens to tear the land apart. You will step into the fray as Class Zero, a group of students from an elite military academy whose country is attacked by an aggressive neighbouring Empire. In the brutal and harrowing struggle that follows, you must engage a range of powerful magical and combat abilities using a new battle system, to defeat the Empire and uncover the secrets behind the war.
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will arrive on March 17, 2015 in North America and 20th March 2015 in Europe, for Xbox One and PS4.

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Created by Daylight Studios, an indie developer based in Singapore, Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! is an upcoming simulator-type game where "potato smiths" forge weapons and sell them to questing heroes. There are more than 200 weapons to discover - including daggers, swords, katanas, rifles, cannons, and more. You will research blueprints and forge weapons with materials you buy or find. And you can also expand your business into 20 wacky areas, hire/fire/overwork 30 talented potato smiths, discover 10 legendary pop culture heroes, and adopt the cutest potato dog on the planet.
The game's score will be composed by the legendary Kimura Masahiko​ - who worked on the original score for Genso Suikoden III, Genso Suikoden IV and Genso Suikoden V. Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! needs your votes on Steam Greenlight here.

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Naturally Intelligent is running a Kickstarter campaign for Don't Be Patchman, a pixel-art action/adventure game developed for PC, Mac, Linux. The Sheeple are in trouble - they've been enslaved by the Drones - and it's all Patchman's fault. Now it's up to you to redeem Patchman, rescue the Sheeple, and uncover the awful secret behind the Drone army. You must stay out of sight, wear clever disguises, search the forest for seeds, grow fruits and plants, tear down propaganda, awaken the Sheeple to break the control scheme, and power down those nasty robots...
Don't Be Patchman also needs your votes on Steam Greenlight here. Twelve screenshots and a video are available for your viewing pleasure.

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Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic Goes Mobile
27/02/15 13:12 | Category: General |
Originally released by The Bitfather via Steam on PC, Mac and Linux, Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic is a new RPG/roguelike experience which promises a randomized world full of hilarious events, deadly dungeons and the weirdest NPCs you will ever meet in a game. You can choose three heroes for your party and take them on a journey that will be completely different each time you start a new game.
Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic will launched on iOS and Android devices on 5th March 2015.

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GungHo Online Entertainment America at PAX East 2015
27/02/15 13:01 | Category: General |
GungHo Online Entertainment America sent out a press release unveiling its PAX East 2015 lineup, allowing attendees to experience GungHo Online Entertainment's latest offerings. Taking place at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from March 6 - 8, GOEA will be located at Booth #8092.
PAX East attendees will get the first hands-on opportunity with two puzzle RPGs for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system: Puzzle & Dragons Z, an original spinoff of the classic mobile title, and Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition, a Super Mario Bros. inspired take on Puzzle & Dragons. In Puzzle & Dragons Z, players can explore the land of Dracomacia, while Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition lets fans team-up with different Mushroom Kingdom baddies to rescue Princess Peach. Press Release: GungHo Online Entertainment America Announces PAX East 2015 Lineup

Sierra has announced that Velocity 2X, an arcade shooter developed by FuturLab and currently available on PS4 and PS Vita, will arrive to Xbox One and PC in summer 2015. Built around fast action and tight controls, Velocity 2X combines a top-down vertical shooter with a side-scrolling platformer. It features over 50 stages of twitch-trigger adventure, including engaging puzzle levels, dynamic boss battles and energetic audio-visual design.
Exclusive to the Xbox One and PC editions of Velocity 2X are special daily challenge stages, making the game's leaderboard system more compelling for competitive speedrunners. These versions also include all the bonus stages from the Critical Urgency and Dual Core DLC packs from Velocity 2X's original PlayStation releases.
Four screenshots and a video have been inserted in our download area. Press Release: Sierra™ to Publish Futurlab's Velocity® 2X on Xbox One and PC This Summer
Local Download:

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Nordic Games Signs Shadowrun Online
27/02/15 12:14 | Category: General |
Shadowrun Online, a turn-based MMO successfully funded on Kickstarter and available now via Steam Early Access, will be fully released by Nordic Games in Q2 2015, for PC, Mac and Linux. In Shadowrun Online players take on missions alone or together in the dystopian world of the 2070s, ranging from hustling a local Ork gang, to stealing valuable cargo from a ghoul-infested warehouse, through infiltrating a remote megacorp research lab to sabotage a top-secret project. Players will meet and mingle in social hubs and (in)famous establishments, to form runner teams, and pick up missions. Press Release: Nordic Games teams up with Cliffhanger Productions to distribute Shadowrun

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From March 6-8, PAX East attendees can visit Reverb's booth #7192 featuring two playable indie titles

For the first time ever, the cars of Forza are combining with the Fast & Furious movie franchise

EA Access gives you 10 hours of game time before the game is released, starting March 12

Explore crime scenes, interrogate suspects, and solve crimes with the Detective career in The Sims 4 Get to Work expansion pack

Incorporating traditional MOBA features, Call of Champions introduces new streamlined gameplay to encourage fast and furious matches

Top down 3D shooter to arrive next month

Join over 10 million players and experience Call of Duty: Heroes, the combat strategy game for mobile devices

Turn-based strategy game from the developers of Reus

Coming this summer to a bloodstream near you

A firefighting game needs a legendary hero

Airships: Conquer the Skies is an indie dieselpunk RTS about shipbuilding and aerial conquest

StarDrive 2 is a turn-based 4X strategy game where the goal is to build an empire to span the stars

Explore the wild beauty of nature and do everything possible to prepare your family for the vicious entities dwelling on the cold tundra

Find out how Ubisoft Reflection imagined this unique character and unexpected open-world in this video

14 new planes and tanks joined the War Thunder arsenal

Become irreversibly entangled in violence as reality dissolves into a haze of neon and carnage

For many that have completed The Evil Within, the mysteries surrounding Sebastian’s partner, Juli Kidman, are among the most discussed plotlines in the game...

Weapon balancing, perk fixes (including the heavy ammo fix), and other bug fixes

A tale about faith and hope and change, about the choices we make and the people we are destined to become

Legendary designer Sid Meier leads development on turn-based, adventure-driven strategy game set in the Civilization: Beyond Earth universe

The legendary space real-time strategy series is back with ultra high-definition graphics and compatibility with the modern operating systems

Dragon Ball Xenoverse was developed by Japanese studio Dimps, the team behind Dragon Ball Z: Budokai games

The latest version is currently 2.2.3 (displayed in the lower left corner of the main menu)

From this video, you will learn how to chabge your character's looks using camouflage and decals, as well as how to better use them for their intended purpose

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty is a ground-up remake of the 1997 classic Abe's Oddysee

PS4 owners will now be able to lay the smack down against PC owners and vice-versa

Cooking Mama video game franchise sold more than 13 million copies worldwide

Trapped on an island prison, two heroes must fight to survive. A father searches for his daughter. Mysteries and monsters at every turn.

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