Tachyon Project Gameplay Video and Screens
01/06/15 20:30 | Category: Screenshots |
Eclipse Games today unveiled some gameplay footage and ten fresh screenshots for Tachyon Project, which will be available for download in mid-July 2015 on Xbox One. The game will also arrive on , Wii U, PC and PlayStation platforms later this year.
Tachyon Project is a dual stick shooter in which a computer program named Ada, specialised in hacking online security systems, has to fight to learn about her origin and uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of her creators. The narrative is presented through 10 unique levels, each made of 6 progressively challenging waves. Success is rewarded with new weapons and perks that are essential to aid you against increasingly difficult odds and tougher enemies.

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Hollow Tree Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Shape of the World, an ephemeral first-person exploration game where the world grows around you in a procedurally populated environment. It builds on the ideas of experiential games like Proteus and Flower where points and combat don't enter the equation. An evolving world that grows with each step and hints at distant landmarks encourages the player to explore, offering a unique unfolding experience for those seeking an alternative to quest-driven adventure games.
Eleven screenshots and a video are available.

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3D Mini Golf Out Now, Video/Screens Released
01/06/15 19:59 | Category: Videos |
Published by Merge Games for PC and Mac, 3D Mini Golf lets you experience virtual 3D mini golf on your computer and master a match over 54 challenging holes - 18 of which have been faithfully modelled after official courses in the real world. There are three scenarios: a lovely green park, a camping site in the mountains and a dreamy sandy beach.
You can create your own profile to keep track of your statistics, and thanks to the integrated medal system you'll collect virtual rewards for your best matches too. You can try improving your own records in Challenge and Tournament mode or face off against your friends in multiplayer mode (2-4 players).
Eighteen screenshots and a video have been inserted in our download area. Press Release: 3D Mini Golf - Challenge your friends to a virtual round of crazy mini golf
Local Download:

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King's Quest Fourth BTS Video
01/06/15 19:55 | Category: General |
Developed by The Odd Gentlemen, the new King's Quest game re-imagines the core characters and familiar storylines of King Graham's early journeys, setting up new chapters tied to - but independent of - the original games. This behind-the-scenes video goes inside the studio for a listen at how story sets the tone for King's Quest's new soundtrack.
King's Quest is planned for fall 2015, for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3. Press Release: King's Quest - 'Music With Character' Behind the Scenes Trailer

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The Bard's Tale IV Crowdfunding Offer Announced
01/06/15 19:49 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
inXile Entertainment announced today that anyone who backs The Bard's Tale IV on Kickstarter in the first 24 hours of the campaign will receive a free copy of inXile's Wasteland 2, CD Projekt's The Witcher, or The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The Bardís Tale IV Kickstarter will launch on June 2nd, 6AM PST/13:00 UTC - inXile is looking to raise funds to revive the dungeon crawl, bringing you a single-player, party-based experience, rich with challenging dungeons filled with dynamic phase-based fights as well as devious puzzles and riddles.

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Avenging Angel Gets Steam Early Access
01/06/15 19:48 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Deeloped by Dark Amber Softworks for Windows PC and Steam OS/Linux, Avenging Angel is an interactive story set in an imaginary world, but with the exploration, experiencing, and participating happening through time tested and familiar FPS dynamics. The story takes place on Planet Earth in a steampunk setting, roughly 10000 years from our current day and age, where 21st century has not only passed from history to legend, but also from legend into myth.
You are an Associate of the Inventors Guild, dropped to an island on the Atlantic Ocean on a routine maintenance job. As you venture through the island, it becomes clear that there is nothing remotely routine about this mission, as you are pulled into the web of international, as well as metaphysical, conflict. You will decipher forbidden history, learn about forgotten tragedy, and in the end, answer the question of all questions: "What is existence?".
Avenging Angel is out now via Steam Early Access.

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Bigben Interactive Signs Rugby World Cup 2015
01/06/15 19:41 | Category: Game Announcements |
French video game publisher Bigben Interactive today announced a new licensing agreement with Rugby World Cup Limited (RWCL) for Rugby World Cup 2015, which is scheduled to arrive in September 2015, for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. After the success of Rugby 15, Bigben Interactive will give players the chance to take control of their favourite national team and win the Webb Ellis Cup. The Rugby World Cup 2015 video game will be released in line with the start of the official Tournament and the video game is set to add an extra dimension to the excitement around one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Press Release: Rugby World Cup 2015 Licensee

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Voyage to Farland Released on Steam, Video Available
01/06/15 19:37 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: PC |
Developed by Peculiar Games, Voyage to Farland is a roguelike game designed to introduce old school gameplay to a wider audience by adding animated graphics and a simple control scheme. Voyage to Farland is "traditional" in the sense that it is turn-based, enforces permadeath and plays out on a grid as the original game Rogue does. But despite being turn-based, it plays at a fast pace giving the player a near platformer feel.
There are also a few more twists to the formula, including "roguelike social networking" or, in normal-speak, a rescue system where the player's gamer pals can come rescue him or her after they've been vanquished.

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Soulcraft Released on Steam, Screens Unveiled
01/06/15 19:31 | Category: Screenshots | Platform: PC |
Along with these screenshots, Headup Games and MobileBits announced the Steam availability of Soulcraft, an ction RPG with lots of hack 'n slash and dungeon crawling. The game features adjustable challenge difficulty, tons of different and diverse enemies, real locations such as Venice, Rome & Hamburg, New York and Egypt, five different game modes (including time run, arena, hellgate, crystal defense and boss fights), rare, epic and legendary loot, and more.
SoulCraft is playable via gamepad, mouse, keyboard or touchscreen.

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Soulcraft - news (1) screens (6) movies (0)

Sparkle 2 PC Version Launched
01/06/15 19:30 | Category: Game Releases | Platform: PC |
Finnish game developer 10tons today announced that Sparkle 2, previously released on PlayStation 4 and Playstation Vita, is also available now on PC via Steam. Sparkle 2 is a match-three marble shooter action puzzle game set in a magical world of mystery. The player must clear increasingly challenging marble shooting match-three challenges, launch spectacular powerups and unlock various enchantments while searching for five magical keys.

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Sparkle 2 - news (1) screens (0) movies (0)

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