Gunscape Gets Steam Early Access, New Screens/Trailer Revealed
04/03/15 09:47 | Category: Screenshots |
Indie developer Blowfish Studios announced that Gunscape, their easy-to-use FPS construction kit, is now available as a free download via Steam Early Access, including 2 theme-packs. Gunscape aims to be the start of a new evolution of FPS games by combining accessible level building and sharing functionality with core FPS single player and multiplayer gameplay. It does this by providing easy-to-use tools based on a block-placement interface everybody's already familiar with to create single-player campaigns, co-op maps and multiplayer arenas and the functionality to share your creations with your friends and others
A video and thirteen screenshots are available for your viewing pleasure.

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Ether One Playstation 4 GDC 2015 Teaser Video
04/03/15 09:42 | Category: Videos | Platform: Playstation 4 |
Your role in Ether One is that of a Restorer, an individual with the ability to project himself into the mind of someone suffering from mental illness in the hopes of restoring their memories. Once inside the mind, you will have to find the broken fragments of your patient's memories in order to heal and restore them By piecing together these fragments, you'll start to understand more about your patient's life, where they grew up and what your place is in all of this.
Developed by White Paper Games and available now for PC via Steam, GOG & Humble, Ether One will also arrive soon on PS4.

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Seventeen Uncles: A Pug's Life Demo Released
04/03/15 09:31 | Category: Demos | Platform: PC |
Seventeen Uncles has released a playable demo of Seventeen Uncles: A Pug's Life, a surreal point & click adventure game with bold cartoon style graphics full of unique characters in hilarious situations. Seventeen Uncles: A Pug's Life is scheduled to arrive in Q2 2016, for PC, Mac and Linux - a Kickstarter page dedicated to the game is located here.
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Survarium Beta Update 0.27a Deployed
04/03/15 09:23 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Vostok Games has announced that another Survarium update is now live adding a new game mode called "Research". It also includes new weapons and a new ammo system, and also improves user interface. Visit this page for details.

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Umbra GDC 2015 Video
04/03/15 09:06 | Category: General | Platform: PC |
Developed by SolarFall Games, Umbra is a hack 'n' slash game that puts the player in a post-apocalyptic fantasy universe. It promises violent combat against large groups of organized enemies, destructible environment, a day and night cycle and weather management, free character progression, and a powerful craft system and semi-procedural weapon generation.

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Loading Human GDC 2015 Gameplay Demo
04/03/15 09:02 | Category: General |
Created by Untold Games for Windows and Mac, Loading Human is a virtual reality adventure game in which players take on the role of André Gibson, a writer who is forced to relive his memories in order to be successfully transferred into a robot body and reunite with his beloved wife, Michelle.
Loading Human has been developed to support the latest VR technology like the forthcoming Oculus Rift headset, and motion-based controllers like Sixense STEM and Razer Hydra which will simulate the player's hand movements. The player will naturally interact with the world: pick-up objects, open them or use them just like they would in real life. Whilst experiencing Loading Human, players will hear André's thoughts, control his body with their own, and live his life while the story unravels itself around them.
The gameplay demo has been developed using the new Unreal Engine 4, and implements Untold's proprietary New Locomotion system, which uses the headset to rotate and thus reducing motion sickness. Untold has also achieved 75 frames per second in VR with stereoscopic rendering.

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Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power Announced, First Trailer/Screens Revea..
03/03/15 19:19 | Category: Screenshots | Platform: PC |
Frozenbyte has unveiled a video and these screenshots announcing Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power, the next installment in the award-winning Trine series. The game will arrive later this year - the initial release will be PC only.

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Helldivers Launched Today, Gameplay Video Unveiled
03/03/15 18:41 | Category: Videos |
Developed by Arrowhead Game Studios for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, Helldivers is a top-down squad shooter set in a dystopian future. Players fight to protect "Super Earth", where a managed democracy has blurred the lines between military and government rule. We are losing the war, and the Helldivers are the last line of defense against three invading enemy species.
Up to four players can play together, either online or locally around the same television. Helldivers features Cross-Play and Cross-Save functionality, where players on the console of their choice can fight together to survive in an unforgiving environment.
The game is out now in North America - it will arrive in Europe tomorrow.
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White Night Launched, New Videos Available
03/03/15 18:35 | Category: Videos |
Developed by OSome Studio, White Night is a third person adventure game that combines puzzle and survival horror elements while taking its inspiration from the cult game Alone in the Dark 1. The use of black and white builds up a solid, visual identity (such as found in German expressionist cinema) and is directly connected to the game design and the story. As players investigate a shadowy mansion in the dead of night after a near-fatal car crash, what started as a search for aid will become a desperate quest to unearth the secrets behind the manor's tortured past.
White Night was released today by Activision Publishing for PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One - a pair of new videos and five fresh screenshots are also available.
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Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Released, Story Video Available
03/03/15 18:29 | Category: Videos | Platform: PSV |
Set in ancient Japan, Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines is a JRPG with a game art that delivers a rich world inspired by traditional brush paintings of the Heian era. In Oreshika, you will take control of a clan whose bloodlines have been struck with two terrible curses - a Curse of Ephemerality, and a Curse of Broken Lineage.
The Curse of Ephemerality means that your clan members age rapidly with a maximum lifespan of around 2 years. As you explore labyrinths, defeat demons, and find treasures, the clock of in-game time is always ticking so you have to plan your moves strategically. In Oreshika, no matter how skilled you are in battle or how strong your equipment is, your characters will face death and so it’s your job to make sure your clan's family tree grows new members to step up to the ranks.
The Curse of Broken Lineage means that your clan members can no longer procreate. Luckily you can turn to the gods for help. By performing the Rite of Divine Union with a god, a new clan member will be created. It's important to choose carefully which gods you perform the Rite with as the genetic makeup will be a combination of the 'parent' clan member and the chosen god which affects stats as well as appearance.
Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines is available now as a digital download on PS Vita via PlayStation Store in North America - it will arrive in Europe tomorrow.

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