RSS, or Really Simple Syndicate, is a deriative of XML. Our RSS files can be used to place our content easily on your own website. A more detailed explanation of RSS 2.0 can be found here. The RSS Feed Generator below can be used to generate the link to the RSS file you need with sample code. Further down is a tutorial on how to implement the RSS code into your website.
Your RSS file:
Because we understand that not everyone is familiar with using RSS feeds, we have created an XML parser with sample code to get you started. You can get this file here.
We will now explain the file (xml.php).

   // Create RSS object
   $rss = new RSSParser(''); // Change to the RSS feed you wish to use

This is where we declare which RSS feed to use, replace the green URL with the URL you got from the RSS Feed Generator.

   // Parse the RSS feed
   $items = $rss->parse();

Here the RSS gets parsed to get ready for usage.

   // Present the data:
   foreach ($items as $item) {
     echo "<tr>
	<td><a href=\"{$item['LINK']}\">{$item['TITLE']}</a> - {$item['PUBDATE']}</td>

The red foreach statement indicates that the code between { and } should be executed for each found item. In the sample code, a new row is made with the Title and Published Date of the specific item. A hyperlink is attached to the Title. A new row is made below that with the description. You can always edit this to suit your own needs.

The rest of the file should be untouched as this is the XML parser created by us.

Once you are done editing xml.php, you should upload it to your php supported web server. You will still need to include it into your website. Here is a sample php file to show you how to do this:

<title> GamersHell feeds.</title>
<table width=100%>
<?php include 'xml.php'; ?>