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http://store.steampowered.com/app/278440/ 0RBITALIS is a stellar simulation game created by indie developer Alan Zucconi. Your mission: to control the trajectory of a satellite in different celestial situations and successfully orbit various objects within the time limit. The objective: figure out which direction to push the satellite so that it won't collide into any other objects while staying in orbit. Stay alert - you only get one chance to launch the satellite before you are left to the mercy of the gravitational pulls from other planets. Test your staying power with probing missions and scan celestial bodies for the perfect launch time. Success is not just determined by how long you last in orbit - points are awarded by more complex orbits. With over 50 missions to explore and innovative in-game interaction, 0RBITALIS offers a unique experience blending simple but effective visual artistry with physics perfection. Music and audio by composer Doseone, known for the soundtrack of "Samurai Gunn", adds a unique atmosphere to the game. Ambient music and static noise are fused at runtime to enhance the player's perception of being in space. For more information on 0RBITALIS go to: www.0rbitalis.com

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