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Multi --> Creatures 4 GangNorn Style Trailer (HD)
12.69MB - 56 downloads - 13 November, 2012

Hatch eggs, breed creatures, pet them, educate them, feed them, nurture them, teach them, play with their genomes, mate them through the splicing machine or through natural means, do whatever you have to do to save the endangered species from extinction and repopulate the planet -- Tinker with evolution and balance the eco-system over generations! Each and every Norn created in the game is almost as unique as a human being: over a billion customization combination possibilities! Creatures 4 is a true Simulation of Life.

play Creatures 4 GangNorn Style Trailer (HD) download Creatures 4 GangNorn Style Trailer (HD)
Multi --> Creatures 4 Demo Trailer (HD)
111.27MB - 50 downloads - 23 November, 2012

Discover the first glimpse of Creatures 4 in this video taken from the Paris Games Week 2012 demo. This video is based on work-in-progress code and does not reflect the final quality of the game. The footages are edited and does not reflect the final story of the game.

play Creatures 4 Demo Trailer (HD) download Creatures 4 Demo Trailer (HD)