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Multi --> Deadpool Comic-Con 2012 Trailer (HD)
24.65MB - 358 downloads - 17 July, 2012

"I, DEADPOOL, ‘hired’ Peter Della Penna and his physically embarrassing team at High Moon Studios for two reasons. First, because of their close proximity to Mexico so I can get fresh, authentic chimichangas delivered daily,” said DEADPOOL, newly self-appointed Head of High Moon Studios, and Supreme Commander of PR, Marketing, Legal, and just about everything I want to be in charge of at Activision Publishing, Inc. “Second, if High Moon can make an amazing game about big transforming robots look cool, then they can surely make me look amazing in a third-person action video game, from all angles (seriously Peter…my bottom is my good side, so don’t screw this up).”

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Multi --> Deadpool Reveal Trailer (HD)
35.92MB - 221 downloads - 7 March, 2013

Deadpool decides it's time to make his own trailer.

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Multi --> Happy Holidays from Deadpool! (HD)
11.25MB - 89 downloads - 21 December, 2012

The baldest anti-hero in Marvel’s universe is eagerly making preperations for his new video game in 2013.

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