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Multi --> FUEL Demo Trailer (HD)
39.86MB - 1,346 downloads - 9 July, 2009

0:41 of in-game footage

play FUEL Demo Trailer (HD) download FUEL Demo Trailer (HD)
Multi --> Fuel Cinematic Trailer (HD)
53.67MB - 595 downloads - 16 January, 2009

This CGI video introduces FUEL’s immense landscape and astonishing no-boundaries playfield that, at 5,000 square miles (14,000+ km˛) in size, delivers the world’s largest racing environment. With ultra-competitive races at break-neck speed and huge jumps, the trailer’s dramatic race captures the spirit of FUEL perfectly. The video also previews the game’s extreme weather effects, including violent twisters that tear across the landscape.

play Fuel Cinematic Trailer (HD) download Fuel Cinematic Trailer (HD)
PC --> FUEL PC Launch Trailer (HD)
59.26MB - 258 downloads - 30 June, 2009

New video showcasing beautiful locations and free ride (1:00)

play FUEL PC Launch Trailer (HD) download FUEL PC Launch Trailer (HD)
Multi --> FUEL Multiplayer Trailer (HD)
93.24MB - 231 downloads - 19 May, 2009

Explore, compete or create your own race online in FUEL (1:36)

play FUEL Multiplayer Trailer (HD) download FUEL Multiplayer Trailer (HD)
Multi --> FUEL Launch Trailer (HD)
160.1MB - 224 downloads - 2 June, 2009

2:44 of gameplay footage

play FUEL Launch Trailer (HD) download FUEL Launch Trailer (HD)
Multi --> FUEL GPS Trailer (HD)
55.3MB - 214 downloads - 23 April, 2009

0:56 of gameplay footage

play FUEL GPS Trailer (HD) download FUEL GPS Trailer (HD)
Multi --> FUEL Asobo Tech Trailer (HD)
187.11MB - 189 downloads - 22 May, 2009

3:13 of in-game footage

play FUEL Asobo Tech Trailer (HD) download FUEL Asobo Tech Trailer (HD)
Multi --> FUEL Vehicles Gameplay Trailer (HD)
79.32MB - 188 downloads - 1 April, 2009

All six classes of vehicles revealed in this gameplay movie (1:21)

play FUEL Vehicles Gameplay Trailer (HD) download FUEL Vehicles Gameplay Trailer (HD)
Multi --> FUEL Events Trailer (HD)
104.77MB - 164 downloads - 9 May, 2009

Play hundreds of events or create your own (1:48)

play FUEL Events Trailer (HD) download FUEL Events Trailer (HD)
Multi --> Fuel Video Developer Interview (HD)
110.53MB - 156 downloads - 19 August, 2008

1:53 of in-game footage

play Fuel Video Developer Interview (HD) download Fuel Video Developer Interview (HD)