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God of Blades is a 2.5D sidescrolling action RPG that vividly depicts an epic retro-fantasy, sword and sorcery saga. Players assume the role of a nameless spectral king standing resolute against the march of a devouring, void-crazed horde on a dying world. Wrenching this world from the grasp of oblivion, the player wields phantom blades forged from the legends and heritage of the vanishing planet. Emergent, physics-driven swordplay, procedurally generated nemeses, and persistent character development propel the player through lush environments crafted in the fashion of traditional Japanese narrative scrolls and 18th and 19th century moving panorama. God of Blades asks players to think about memory, culture, and loss in terms of stories, books, and the communities that love them. What happens to us when our stories disappear? What if we could stop it?

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