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The Peak Performance Pack includes maxed out versions of the following cars: Dodge Charger RT -- Stiffer suspension, wider wheels and aggressive camber improve traction whilst additional power under the bonnet, an extra gear and stripped out weight improve top speed and acceleration Ford Mustang Mach 1 Twister Special -- Improved aerodynamics reduce drag, bigger brakes reducing braking distances and engine improvements increase acceleration and top speed Chevrolet Camaro Z28 RS SS 1970 -- A re-mapped engine adds more horsepower and torque, reduced mass and inertias give the car more responsive steering and a lower centre of mass and stiffer suspension improves traction and reduces body roll VW Golf R -- An engine upgrade boosts acceleration and top speed, a lower roll centre and lower centre of gravity improves traction and its revised differential setup minimises understeer BMW E30 M3 -- Comes equipped with a racing clutch to reduce shift times whilst it's re-mapped engine and stripped out weight improves top speed and acceleration BMW 1 Series M Coupe -- With a huge 150kg stripped out, this BMW's stiffer suspension and increased camber improves traction and longer gear ratios increase top speed

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