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Multi --> Hellraid E3 2013 Gameplay Trailer (HD)
43.61MB - 126 downloads - 8 June, 2013

The latest gameplay trailer shows the variety of locations and glimpses of bloody action from the upcoming first-person co-op slasher.

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Multi --> Hellraid Teaser Trailer (HD)
14.96MB - 93 downloads - 9 May, 2013

Hellraid is a first-person co-op slasher that offers a single-player, story-driven campaign of hack & slash action and unique, competitive cooperation multiplayer that pits four players against the armies of hell -- and each other -- in a battle for points, rewards and fame.

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Multi --> Hellraid Game Features Trailer (HD)
37.74MB - 48 downloads - 1 May, 2014

Hellraid is a dark fantasy action game from the company behind Dying Light, the Dead Island and the Call of Juarez series. It's a unique mix of melee, magic and ranged combat that can be played both in single-player and 2-4 player co-op. Hellraid runs on the Chrome Engine 6, the same cutting-edge technology that brought to life Techland's Dying Light. The game will be released in Steam Early Access in Autumn 2014. A full version of the game will be released in 2015 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. To learn more about the game visit http://hellraid.com

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Multi --> Hellraid AI Animations Trailer (HD)
18.72MB - 40 downloads - 26 March, 2014

This video contains examples of AI animations as well as glimpses of gameplay from Hellraid.

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Multi --> Hellraid Sword Fighting Video Dev Diary (HD)
21.47MB - 36 downloads - 14 February, 2014

This video contains an interview with the game's producer, shows a medieval sword fighting training carried out by members of the ARMA-PL association and presents glimpses of gameplay.

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