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Multi --> Machinarium Patch #2 for Linux/Mac
42.35MB - 530 downloads - 2 December, 2009

You don't need this patch if you bought the game after November 28 2009. Instructions for Mac and Linux users: 1) open Machinarium folder. 2) open folder 00 and rewrite all older files with the new ones from the patch. IMPORTANT NOTE: don’ t replace the whole directory but open it and update the files manually. Issues fixed: level Waste Dump: fixed logo over game and possibly frozen game while interaction with the rat. level Furnace Room: interaction with right-side controller is now possible only when really standing near by. level Alley: fixed possible lost of barrel while stopping game during animation of pulling the barrel from the bar. level Sewer Room: fixed one incorrect state of water pipes. level Bar: it’s easier now to beat the “bar bot” in 5-in-a-row game after several looses.

play Machinarium Patch #2 for Linux/Mac download Machinarium Patch #2 for Linux/Mac
Multi --> Machinarium Trailer (HD)
840.3MB - 276 downloads - 5 August, 2009

1:57 of gameplay footage

play Machinarium Trailer (HD) download Machinarium Trailer (HD)