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Multi --> Mad Riders Launch Trailer (HD)
17.58MB - 76 downloads - 29 May, 2012

If you like games & if you like races, you"ll probably like Mad Riders! Fast. Mad. Fun. An awesome arcade game for the price of a pizza ! (yes, that means 10 bucks!) See more and even perfecter than perfection:

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Multi --> Mad Riders Trailer (HD)
227.27MB - 63 downloads - 15 February, 2012

Mad Riders, developed by Techland, will see players performing amazing aerial stunts and racing on over 45 stunning tracks from all over the world, at breathtaking speeds. To gain the edge on the competition, players will need to use their boost skill wisely and take advantage of shortcuts hidden in the tracks.

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Multi --> Mad Riders Teaser Trailer (HD)
44.51MB - 63 downloads - 25 May, 2012

Mad Riders, the maddest ride since your Ex! ... For the price of a pizza (yes, that means 10 bucks!)

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Multi --> Mad Riders May 30th Trailer (HD)
11.4MB - 47 downloads - 18 May, 2012

Discover Mad Riders, avaible on Xbox LIVE, PSN & Steam. Featuring Mad Speed, Mad Stunts and Mad Styles! Crashing on May 30th ! More information on:

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