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Multi --> Source E3 2014 Trailer (HD)
25.38MB - 61 downloads - 11 June, 2014

SOURCE is an adventure game that exists in another dimension. You control a firefly with the power to manipulate energy with all living creatures. However, this world is being devoured by a dark energy that is tearing the world apart, and it's your destiny to stop this threat of extinction.

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Multi --> Source PAX East 2014 Trailer (HD)
32.14MB - 34 downloads - 9 April, 2014

Imagine you are a butterfly like creature breaking out of your cocoon only to discover that you are the last of your kind left to preserve a beautiful world filled with mystery but in great turmoil. You have the ability to exchange and distribute your energy which is constantly depleting and you need to find a way to replenish your energy or you will die. Don’t fret, for when you die you are reborn and re-hatched, sometimes into a more advanced creature with new abilities, better powers and improved wings. This brings excitement, hope and purpose to your character. You explore a white world and a dark world. Both filled with wonder, hidden areas, mind bending puzzles, epic moments and incredible creatures. You must determine how you are going to exchange and distribute your energy to stop the threat of eternal darkness. You need to find and end the “Source” in order to give balance and peace back to this world. Do you have what it takes? How much would you give to save your world? Will you discover the Source? Source is a surreal adventure that unfolds in a strange alternate dimension. You control a creature similar to a butterfly that must prevent the world of Source from falling into eternal darkness by gathering and distributing energy throughout the vast world. In order to achieve this, you must first learn how the world works by observing and coexisting with the various indigenous creatures that inhabit this bizarre world. Playing out as a true metroidvania, you will face many mind bending puzzles and epic moments while constantly putting yourself at risk for the good of the world.

play Source PAX East 2014 Trailer (HD) download Source PAX East 2014 Trailer (HD)