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39.63MB - 47 downloads - 27 July, 2013

Smash Johnson was a wildly popular stunt man for movies in his prime, but years of physical abuse and hilariously bad life choices have him on the ropes. Lucky for him there's a new director in town (you!) looking for an actor to do his own epic stunts, and Smash knows this is his chance at redemption! The game follows him through several phases of filming stunts in the movie, from tryouts at the sound stage warehouse to full-blown movie sets in the Jungle, in Space, and many more. Help Smash make a comeback and become the master stunt runner he once was. Stunt Runner is a 2.5D physics puzzler for PC/Mac. It's your job to guide Smash (relatively) safely from start to finish on each level by strategically placing props in his path, because Smash isn't the brightest guy from all his previous head traumas and tends to just blindly run straight no matter what's in his way. Help him reach his mark at the end of each level. Or launch him off a cliff at 100MPH with a jetpack strapped to his back and fail the level. You won't beat the level, but we guarantee it'll be hilarious.

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