Warlords (next-gen) Screenshots Gallery
Warlords (next-gen) Screenshots (19)
Multi --> Warlords Announcement Trailer (HD)
164.06MB - 63 downloads - 29 March, 2011

0:43 of in-game footage

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Multi --> Warlords E3 2011 Gameplay Trailer
25.49MB - 50 downloads - 13 June, 2011

0:34 of gameplay footage

play Warlords E3 2011 Gameplay Trailer download Warlords E3 2011 Gameplay Trailer
Multi --> Warlords Characters Trailer (HD)
240.11MB - 45 downloads - 28 June, 2011

A quick look at the sinister nature of each of Warlords you'll face in the game - from the tree-hugging Restivo, to the rotund and fire-loving Groi, the snowman-exploiting Goelus, and even the balleticly inclined, yet entirely evil Tarorthane.

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Multi --> Warlords Pro Tips Trailer (HD)
80.79MB - 42 downloads - 6 August, 2011

Learn how to frantically defend your castle from the oncoming onslaught of fireballs and minion enemies, as you face the ultimate test of speed, wits, and endurance (1:19)

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Playstation 3 --> Warlords PS3 Launch Trailer (HD)
18.19MB - 39 downloads - 9 October, 2012

The core concept of the game remains the same as the original - defend your fortress while attacking others. You can play either cooperatively or competitively, defending your fort from attacks with up to three other players. Winning requires speed and strategy, as you'll be forced to defend your stronghold by blocking fireballs with your shield while hurling your own fireballs towards your enemies and managing your troops, called Snoots. There are also offensive power-ups that you'll need to overcome your challengers and take down their fortress walls.

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Multi --> Warlords How To Play Trailer (HD)
25.04MB - 35 downloads - 13 July, 2011

An overview on how to play (1:06)

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