Clouds & Sheep
Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 0
Date 2011-10-06
Publisher HandyGames
Date 2011-10-06
Publisher HandyGames
The goal is to keep your flock of sheep well-fed, healthy and entertained. If youíre a good shepherd, then the woollen fluffballs reward you with Happy Points and make lots of little baby sheep! If you neglect them, the bleating ingrates may glower at you or even have the nerve to die off! Luckily, you can spend your Happy Points on many different items that make your life easier. Itís not all work, though, there is also plenty of play: the walking balls of wool love it when you play and interact with them!

- Innovative casual gameplay
- Interact with adorable sheep
- Manipulate clouds and weather
- More than 20 bonus items, toys and gadgets
- 33 dynamic challenges
- Colourful settings
- Open-ended gameplay
- Heart-meltingly cute graphics
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