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Jewels is a simple, yet quite polished and fun match-3 puzzle game. It's somewhat addictive, do try it out! :)

See below for explanation on the permissions, thanks!

NOTE: If you get errors about package file not being signed correctly when updating, try updating again later. Alternatively, you can uninstall and reinstall the game. Not sure why these occur, it is signed as before.

- Global, cross-platform leaderboards (Scoreloop) -- compete with players around the world!
- Nice, clean graphics and smooth game play
- Four game modes: Normal, Timed, Quick and Infinite


TIP for tablet devices: Disable the Sprite filtering from Settings to speed up the game if it feels sluggish. It will be uglier, but works faster. :)

- Internet Access: Jewels needs internet access for global high scores and ads

- Read Phone State And Identity: required for the Scoreloop integration, and is used solely to assign device ID to the Scoreloop profile. Jewels does NOT access phone calls or other information apart from the device ID.

- Discover Known Accounts: is only used to make it easier for you (by prepopulating your email address) to sign up to hear about updates for Jewels and information on my upcoming games. This is completely optional and we do not use the permission for anything else in the application.

- View Network State: Jewels checks if internet connection is up and enableds/disables online features as appropriate

Recent changes:
See the app description for the permissions explained.

In v1.997:
* Basic support for Galaxy Nexus and other devices with 1280x720 res
* ICS compatible
* Sprite filtering defaults to off for hi-res devices (can be enabled from Settings)

* Offline mode fix
* Updated SDKs
* Ask for registration at most 3 times
* Workaround for SGS2 crashing
* Be first to know about my upcoming games (optional)
* Don't delete saved game unless it is abandoned or gameover
* Basic support for 600x800 res

Content rating: Everyone
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