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Get kinky and creative with all your sexual encounters with some amazing and super hot sex positions!

Are you dreaming of becoming a porn star level lover?

Of course there is a way, in sexy movies; the sexy porn actors and actresses just don’t pull those tricks out of pockets. You should know what would really hit the spot as you thrust and grind your way into carnal heaven. Some of the positions here are challenging but all of them are definitely worth trying. Surprise your partner and even surprise yourself with the awesome and naughty sex positions in this sexy app.

“Sexual Positions rock! Can’t wait to try them all out! Boom!” – Henning W.

Sexual Positions provides detailed descriptions and lists of the most creative and sexy sex positions out there. Each one is a gem and is worthy of being considered deliciously dirty

This wildly entertaining and naughty app Sexual Positions teaches you lots new, innovative and sexy positions which you can try at home. The clearly written instructions will push you deeper into the erotic world worthy of being the secret moves of a Kama Sutra guru will blow the mind of your girlfriend or boyfriend. A special kind of naughty instructional you don’t want to miss!


• Moves that will tone your body and drive her wild

• It will give her a great view of your muscles as you thrust

• Kinds of stretching worth doing everyday

Awesome View

• Witness the inner stripper come out

• How to use the “full package”

• Providing delicious visuals and delicious sensations

Sexual Positions will make you an expert in the sack. I am definitely sure that you want to give your sexy lover some hot loving; you want to acquire more love-making skills. I know you watch porn, but it does not actually give you any information on how to properly execute the position or how it actually feels; simply trying out what you see can lead to a disaster so you better be properly informed. Her in Sexual Positions, we teach you how to do the positions and tell you how it works if you hit the right spots.

In porn, we usually see the rough sex kind and actors acting like they are totally engulfed with over acting throes of passion. Try it out and it won’t be acting anymore ladies and gentlemen, I will be definitely surprised if these positions do not drive you crazy, moaning wild and getting heated up like a bunch of animals in heat. Each position provided has a special something that can fill your imagination with the most naughty, sexy fantasies and reach climax much easily. If you want to experience that uncontrollable lust with your partner, if you want to keep your relationship exciting, then try out Sexual Positions.

Many of us don’t know about the health benefits of having an active sex life, but lesser people know how to maximize the exercise aspects of making love, and how it helps you mentally, spiritually and physically. Sex has lots of benefits like the calories it burn, how it tones your thigh muscles, strengthens your lower back and abdominal muscles and much more. Try out each of the positions and experience a very fulfilling workout session. If rigorous hot sex can give you that much benefits then aren’t we supposed to do it every night? The best thing about trying out these challenging, yet amazingly sexy positions is deepening the bond with your company, whether she is your girlfriend or boyfriend, your spouse, or shall we say, a special friend; it is great to discover new things with the people you love.

Try out the best sex positions! Enjoy some steamy sex encounters now!

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