Supercar Shooter
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Supercar Shooter Promo Trailer (HD)
50.54MB - 69 downloads - 18 October, 2013

Supercar Shooter is an action packed 3D Car Racing game with superfast and attractive supercars, addictive explosions and challenging race courses where the cars not only race with each other but attack each other with machine guns, rockets and laser mines to blowup and slow down other opponents just like kart racing. Whats absolutely new in this game is that the fastest supercars race at a top speed of 480 Km-h and use lethal weapons that are specifically designed to be effective at these high speeds so that the winner of the race is qualified by both his steering skills and shooting skills. The game has 8 race courses and 9 supercars that are unlocked from winning 7 challenges and hence provides hours of entertainment at a very small price. The game features 3 kinds of races: the armed race with weapons, the popular nitro powerup race and the classic race without any powerups for the fans of nfs2.

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