What is Gamelio?

Gamelio is the first site in the world where you can play Counter-Strike and Quake 4 for real money, in a cheat free environment, with rankings. Gamelio also offers a safe transaction environment and a user friendly site with a one click solution. In the future Gamelio will also offer an even wider range of other games for real money.

How was Gamelio started?

Gamelio was founded by people who love gaming and gambling. The combination is thrilling. We believe the revolution with real money gaming in PC-games has only begun. In the future most of the large PC titles will have a real money mode, and we envision them all being available on Gamelio.com.

Why was Gamelio created?

We started Gamelio because we felt that gamers, just like online poker players, also would like to be able profit on their skills playing their favourite games. We don’t consider ourselves as E-sport, but as E-sport entertainment. We see that that there is a big demand out there, but no one has successfully done this before. Modifying the games, providing the essential anti-cheat solution, adding rankings in order to be matched with gamers of similar skill level, in a secure environment: this combination is nothing you develop in your garage.

What other games do you support now, and what type of games will you support in the future?

Gamelio.com supports Quake 4 and Counter-Strike 1.6 today, but we will also launch Battlefield 2 soon. In the future we will have a wide range of games like sports games, racing games and other action games. Gamelio.com will be a portal for real money PC gaming. This is only the beginning.

Network performance and lag is a huge issue inside a First Person Shooter game. How are you handling this in order to mitigate the situations that arise due to it?
We will have the servers based close to the players, and we only work with top of the line servers. We have had very good feedback from our players about PING and the network performance.

Try it for yourself and you will see. You can always see the PING before you enter a server, so you decide for yourself if you accept it. The broadband connections around Europe are also becoming better and better, so this issue will probably decrease over time.

However, to take in US players, for example, will demand servers in the US and so on. Today most of our servers are based in Stockholm, but we have plans to set up servers all over Europe. If you consider it important to have a server closer to you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you anticipate opening up service for games other than FPS games?

Yes, we see a great demand for other games. We are looking for games that are created so that they can be played on public servers. That’s a key issue. There also has to be a way to modify the games so that they fit in a real money environment. We spend a lot of time of modifying the games so that the players feel it’s a fair game. Otherwise no one would like to put their money on the line.

How does Gamelio make money?
Gamelio takes a rake/fee of around ten percent. So if you shoot someone on a € 1 server, you earn € 0.9. In a larger tournament Gamelio takes a fixed fee depending on the tournament stake.