Question: What is Xiah?

Xiah is an Asian-themed martial arts massively multi-player on-line game. This adventure is set in a fantasy world where four warriors engage in battle in an epic struggle of good versus evil. Unlike other MMORPGs, Xiah allows players to choose between using a keyboard or a controller when playing the game. Players have the option to play with other players or alone and are able to upgrade weapons an unlimited number of times. The quick reflex action feature gives players more realistic combat movement during battle situations.

Question: What sets Xiah apart from other games in the genre?

There are a few elements that set Xiah apart from other online role-playing games that are on the market. First of all, Xiah is an Asian-themed MMORPG. There are not many games within this category that currently are focusing on this theme. Another unique element is that gamers can use a game pad in addition to the traditional keyboard. This is a first-of-its-kind feature in the online gaming world. The game pad is something gamers enjoy since it brings a sense of familiarity when it comes to controllability. It also is more comfortable to use during extended game-play.

Question: Can you tell us a bit about the classes in Xiah?

Mage – this female character uses a fan and brush to combat her enemies. Her speed makes up for her lack of strength and stamina.

Sword Man – equally skilled in offensive and defensive skills. This character uses swords as his main weapon of choice.

Ghost Fighter – uses a talon and tonfa as his primary weapons. This character relies on his speed and ability to poison enemies.

Warrior – relies on his natural strength and stamina to overpower his enemies. He also has the ability to confuse his opponents during combat.

Question: When players are nearing the level cap, what challenges await them in the end game?

There is a feature which is known as the “Rebirth” system. This feature was created for players who reach the highest levels of the game. The main elements are as follows:

*If a player has been reborn, then the player will have items which designate their “reborn” status. The features that these players can use as well as their appearance are different from those players that have not been “reborn”. The “reborn” players also can go through training with the “Rebirth” Martial Arts. After that training period, players can use this special type of martial arts (more powerful and more features) in combat situations.

*Fight the Evil Blood Emperor. If a user defeats the Evil Blood Emperor, then he or she will become one of the strongest players in Xiah.

*The “Rebirth” items enhance the features that are part of the “enchant” items. This enhancement allows for more exciting game play.

Question: How does PvP factor in to Xiah?

The PvP feature does exist in Xiah. It allows for players who want to fight against each other to do so. Those players that do fight other players (as opposed to fighting monsters) will gain a negative reputation with the other players in the game.

Question: How often can players expect new content to be delivered?

We are aware of how much players love to see new content, so we will be adding new content at least twice a month.

Question: Is Xiah free to play? If so, how will the game support itself?

Yes, we certainly will keep Xiah free to play. Players will be able to purchase unique in-game items in the near future. For example, players will be able to buy stats such as “Defense”, “Attack” and many others to improve their character’s abilities.

Question: What will OnNet do to keep the game fresh and interesting for players?

There are many ways that we will be keeping Xiah fresh and interesting for players.

We will be adding another challenging map within a few months. The map will be specifically for players that have reached the higher levels of the game. The main features of this map will be that players will be able to fight high-level monsters as well as the Evil Blood Emperor. Xiah will also be adding more features that will enhance the game. There will be constant upgrades (weapons and other items), guild wars and wearable items. Special events where players will be able to gain double experience points and also events where monsters will have double the drop rate for rare items are being planned in the near future.