Question: When did work on Dreamlords start?
The first meeting regarding Dreamlords I think was held in September or October of 2004. We had just started Lockpick and we where all students on our second year at university. Only our CEO wasn’t a student at the time.

The development has sort of escalated as we learned more and got more proficient as developers.

Question: How would you describe Dreamlords?
I would describe Dreamlords as a deep and fresh strategy game in which you can truly experience strategy gaming opposed to “tactical” gaming which I think many other strategy games provide. However, Dreamlords isn’t “just” deep. We have worked hard to make it accessible, fun and friendly as well which I think we have done. The online interface provides the accessibility and our fantastic community certainly is friendly.

If I had to describe Dreamlords with one word I’d say “original”.

Question: What is the object of the game?
Dreamlords is about building an empire as well as your avatar, but there is also actually a way to “win” Dreamlords as opposed to most other MMO games. Dreamlords restarts every once in a while, making it cyclic. We call each of these cycles an “Era”, and it is actually up to the players how long these Eras are. The Era ends when a group of players manage to complete an epic quest, effectively making them the winners of that Era.

Question: Can you tell us a bit about each race?
We have three races, the Thl, Nihilim and Covenant. The Thl are a beastlike warrior breed, the Nihilim are arcane analytical scholars and the Covenant righteous knights basically.

It might sound familiar but we have worked really hard to make the races diverse and believe me they are; We have had people wanting their money back after playing one race and loving the game after trying another and vice versa. We have tried to accommodate for different play styles and needs. The differences are in some cases fundamental. The Thl for example progress in their tech tree by killing enemies in combat whereas the other races have specific buildings that generate research progress. In the end, it’s about playstyle.

Question: How will Dreamlords retain players over time?
One thing that we discovered during beta was that most players felt the Era restart to be inspiring and positive. It provides a chance to try to avoid making the same mistakes you did last era and to try new ideas. Since Dreamlords is so deep you’ll always learn how to improve your game over time. There is also a system in which your avatar, the Dreamlord himself earns special abilities and traits that won’t be lost over the era restarts.

Since Dreamlords is an online game we will obviously improve it as time goes and add some pretty neat features to satisfy our players for a long time.

Question: What are some of the unique features that the game contains?
The most unique thing I suppose is the fact that you manage an empire much like a turn based game AND you resolve the fights in RTS combat in an online setting. It’s hard to put in one word but the cheer depth of the game from building cities, trading with other players and crafting items to combat decisions like which units attacks first, how to move the troops etc.

The web interface is also unique, it’s state of the art web strategy. You can hardly tell that it’s web any more. The fact that management takes part in a web browser provide the important accessibility I mentioned before, it makes it easier to keep in touch in game and to manage your interests.

The PvP is also quite unique, at least the persistence of it is. You see this land sectioned in small areas that there is constant combat over 24/7. The fact that it’s actually rewarding to conquer territories through battles adds a layer to the game, and obviously, you earn resources and bonuses in the web part of the game from holding PvP territory.

Question: Why use both a web-based interface and a client?
It is a method to achieve a goal. The goal is to be extremely accessible but also provide 3D combat encounters. If the management had been a game client as well people would be unable to install it at work, school, library etc.

Question: What distribution methods are going to be used?
First and foremost we distribute Dreamlords by electronic distribution from our site. After that we have some plans to sell collectors edition boxes but that will be just for fun and won’t be a main way to get the game.

Question: With so many online games, why should players choose Dreamlords over any of the others?
There are many online games but there are not very many persistent online strategy games.

Dreamlords offers something new to the market and I think all players who are growing increasingly tired of clones and sequels would do wisely in looking in to more unique games like Dreamlords. There are original and fun games out there, you just have to find them.