Question: How would you describe Myth War to potential players?

Myth War Online is a MMORPG set in Myth World, an ancient world replete with armies of monsters, vengeful deities and warring factions. Myth War Online is a beautifully illustrated isometric 2D fantasy MMORPG. Myth War Online offers four races, over one hundred pets that can be trained, over 200 skill sets to learn and vast tracts of unique lands to explore and adventure within the game. In keeping with the magical atmosphere rich within the game, players can even encounter certain characters who share incredible myths and legends.

Question: What are the core game mechanics in Myth War?

Pet System, Guild System, Newbie System, Reborn System, Rumor System and Mission System in Myth War are something we’re very proud of. They’re the core mechanics of Myth War.

Question: Pets are a large part of the game. Can you tell us more about what they do and how you get new pets?

Pet System is one of the major highlights that feature Myth War Online. The well-constructed pet System and dazzling pets are extremely attracting to players who love playing with pets. Players are allowed to choose and raise peculiar pets of their own according to their preference. Of course there are many approaches to get a pet. You can attain various pets through events, missions, battles and trades.

Question: What is your favorite class in Myth War, and why?

There are four races and eight characters which can be manipulated by different players to turn out different results. Players can distribute attribute of his character. There’s not a single character with absolutely strong power. Personally speaking, I love male centaur the most because he’ll be riding on a super cool white tiger after the reborn.

Question: Myth War is a free to play MMO and is supported by a cash shop. Why did you decide on this business model and is it working well for you?

All articles in the Item Mall are ready to be chosen by players. They will effectively boost character growth in a short time without harming the balance of the game. All articles were created according to player’s suggestions and open for sale after careful test. There’re a myriad of items in the Item Mall, players can purchase what they need by using our point card. However, whether buying them or not is totally player’s decision.

Question: It seems there are always events going on in Myth War. How do you run so many and still keep them new and exciting?

We collect the players’ demand and suggestion through various ways and scheme different events. We are unremitting to improve the event by the players’ feedback and keep down good events. In this process, the events are updated continuously and avoid being new and exciting.

Question: Why was this style of artwork chosen for Myth War?

In the art facture, we adopted a style which mixes the realistic cartoon and hand-drawing effect. The body length of the character was in proportion of 9 head and the popular CEL-SHADE technique was also applied in the facture. 3D modeling and 2D painting were applied at the same time to bring out the four major scenes which boasts the same delicacy while respectively peculiarity. The whole picture is a perfect combination of 3D and 2D to create a wonderful visual effect. In color-choosing, we stressed the brightness and authenticity of each color used; in drawing quality control, we have attached great importance to the maturity of hand-drawing, aiming to function a glorious cartoon world for our players. We believe that visual effect is definitely one of the elements that most players will balance and compare when choosing a game to play. We strived to build a solid visual foundation, with the hope to win players’ preference, to melt them into a comfortable and lively game atmosphere. We do everything with one strong faith: we should try the best to entertain players to the utmost because they and the community they form are what make an online game the survivor in today’s turbulent and competitive gaming world.

Question: How often do you release new content?

It’s about 2 months.

You can find out more about Myth War at their official site.