Myth War is an MMORPG that is currently being published by It was released in July 2006 and has been in service since then. This is a free to play game that is supported by an item mall where players can go in and buy items ranging from experience –boosting items to pet eggs which are used to hatch new companions for players. With dozens of hours spent into the game, the time for reviewing it has come.

This game offers something a few other MMORPGs offer: a focus on raising pets. While there have been a few that do this, none have had such a detailed system for it. Either by purchasing eggs or finding them in-game, players get the opportunity to complement their own skills by having a pet out to fight during combat sequences. Being a turn-based game makes pets even more valuable since you can raise them to help heal you in battle or to help destroy your enemies even faster.

Being turn-based allows them to use two separate graphical engines, one for travelling the world and the other for combat. When walking around the world the game is viewed in an isometric style with lush environments and detailed cities. When in combat mode, the game changes to a cell-shaded 2d battle, similar to old-school RPGs that look and play like the Final Fantasy series of games from the SNES. Unfortunately though, there are no real changes to the character models from putting on new armor or weapons which we have come to expect from games in this day.

The soundtrack does a passable job at immersing you in the game. While it is not a huge symphony lead by a renowned conductor, it will still do what it is intended to do. My gripe is more with the looping of the tracks and sound effects. These are minor complaints though, and you could always turn off the sound and crank your own music and get the same effect.

Due to nature of this game (being a free to play game), role-playing is impossible to find. The community is full of kids (10-14) with a small amount of teenagers and adults who just could care less about being in-character. This is a bit sad since the storyline for the game does leave a lot open for players to really get into the world. What I would like to see is the GM staff step in and host more events that require players to actually participate in the game world and not just go out and grind gfor hours.

One of my biggest disappointments was the lack of crafting in Myth War. To me, one of the major aspects to a top quality MMORPG is the ability to gather resources and make your own items. This is not offered in Myth War right now, but I am hoping that after people read this review word will get back to the developer and they will consider adding it in. All you can do right now is gather gems which are used to enhance equipment, and that to me is just not as much fun.

Overall, I would say that Myth War is a solid game that has room to grow. While this is not up to the standards of AAA MMORPGs, it is not meant to be. This is a free game that is there for those looking for something a little different, and as a secondary game for most to play when they need a break from their others.

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