Voyage Century has recently entered commercial service through It is a game set during the Middle Ages on the high seas and promises plenty of adventure. Those who choose to be explorers and discover lost treasures are free to do so. Maybe being a merchant suits you well, and you can go from port to port exchanging goods (and visit the local taverns). Most though would choose to live as a pirate and pillage other player’s ships and the ports. How will this game hold up now that it has officially launched compared to other games?

Keeping in mind that Voyage Century is a free to play game, the graphics are very nice. While they are not up to the quality of Vanguard or Half-Life 2 they are better than several pay to play games on the market today. Battles out at sea look especially great when both ships have a lot of cannons firing back and forth. The avatars have several different outfits they can put on depending on class as well which leads to a variety of different looks for everyone. There are a few graphical glitches here and there, but they will likely be fixed in short order.

The sound quality of Voyage Century does leave a little to be desired. Music is very important for immersion and it sounds just so uninspired and it loops entirely too much. The sound effects though are very nicely done and serve to offset the poorly done music. Cannons boom when fired, masts splinter when struck, and the seas crash when ships are sunk. By turning off the music you can appreciate these sounds more without losing any of the atmosphere of the game if you find yourself annoyed like I did.

The community just did not seem to have a purpose in the game. No one was actively role-playing, nor was anyone really trying to PvP on a regular basis. I have no clue about this last part, but in terms of the lack of role-playing in this lore-heavy world just seems to be a waste to me. This is likely due to the nature of the players which very heavily fall in the “under-18” bracket. Maybe a RP enforced server would help jumpstart player involvement in the game world.

One of the best aspects of the game is the variety of game play options. You can be a trader, a craftsman, a pirate, or an explorer with only one restriction: only seven skills can go over skill level 30. This is fine though, since you will not find yourself wanting to go outside the role you choose often. If you do want to go outside your role, just make another account to have another character to experience it! Every play style has a place here and it does a good job at catering evenly to just about everyone.

While I will not sit here and say Voyage Century is the game of the year, it is definitely worth a look. Solid graphics and varied game play as well as a free to play (supported by an item mall) business model means that everyone will find something to like about this game, especially as a secondary game to play when your main game is down; or if you are just too broke to afford anything else.