Editor's Pick: Ergodex DX1

Every now and then, a gaming peripheral comes along that makes you wonder how you ever got by without it. One such peripheral is the DX1 Input System from Ergodex.

What is it?

Out of the box, the DX1 looks like nothing more than a blank slate. But after adding one, several, or all of the 25 included buttons to this slate, the DX1 starts to take shape as a fully customizable control surface. Where do you put the buttons? Wherever you want. And if you don't like where you've placed a button, just pick it up and move it to another spot on the control surface.

What does it do?

Honestly, whatever you want it to do. The DX1 buttons can be assigned to single keystrokes, multiple keystrokes, and even precisely timed macros within any application. Even better, the functions of each button on the DX1 can be global (same action anywhere in the OS) or context-sensitive to multiple applications. In other words, the same buttons can have very different functions across multiple applications thanks to the Ergodex Manager software.

I have reconfigured the DX1 several times and achieved truly perfect control consoles for World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Flight Simulator, Battlefield 2142, and others. But I didn't stop with just gaming, as a sound designer, I also used the DX1 to create a perfect transport and editing control surface for my favorite audio applications. You can even print out custom inserts for the top pane of the DX1 (underneath the buttons) to provide yourself with a control map or even a cool game-specific background pattern.


The DX1 hardware (USB, of course) was remarkably easy to set up and the software installed without a hitch. Starting slowly with a couple of buttons and functions quicly leads to setting up a feature-rich control surface. The Ergodex Manager software is simply intuitive, making function assignment and macro programming a piece of cake. Response time on the controls is instantaneous and the application awareness works without a hitch.


With marginal improvements to other input peripherals like the mouse and keyboard, it's refreshing to see an entirely new and configurable input option for PC gaming. The ease of use, customization, and control offered by the Ergodex DX1 simply cannot be matched by another gaming input device and I strongly recommend the purchase.