Question: How would you describe Dusk-12 to those who have not heard of it yet?

DUSK-12 is a remarkable first person shooter full of action for single and multiplayer, with hyper-realistic graphics and thrilling storyline. DUSK-12 features an exciting possibility to incarnate two heroes – a soldier leading his squad, and a mutant who possesses powers beyond the human limits. Use weapons like in usual shooters and give orders to your companions in the squad mode or use the superpowers of the mutant! You choose!

Question: What is the storyline behind the game?

The storyline is twisting around the mutagenic virus named “DUSK-12”. It causes a very strong and irreversible effect on people making them enormously strong, dreadfully aggressive and in fact unmanageable. Infected people are getting mutated and no remedy to stop this has been found so far.

Initially the virus was a part of the secret experiments and was designed to create a perfect soldier. But, as it usually happens (otherwise it would be too boring ;), something went wrong, the virus escaped and became a real curse for the small East European city. Its friendly inhabitants turned to uncontrollable savage mutants wandering here and there. Definitely not the best attraction for the tourists! ;) Of course, the city has been blocked in order to stop the virus spreading. But those abortive experiments undertaken in the secret laboratory 4 years ago still remain mysterious and inexplicable. What went wrong then? Is there any way to cure the infected people and to save the city? How to stop the expansion of the virus? Who will answer these numerous questions? YOU will!

You’re starting the game as the leader of spec ops squad which was landed into the blocked city to take on the mutant menace. You can use the weapons and the squad commands to fight against the mutants and to reveal the secrets of the contaminated area... Until you find yourself in a strange mutant’s body. How will you act now? Not able to use the usual weapons, without your squad and even any understanding of what has happened to you?! But instead of all these you have new implausible abilities and fantastic powers that no human possesses. So, perhaps you will enjoy trying on the mutant’s shoes ;)

The storyline of DUSK-12 is really uncommon. Actually it’s one of the main features of the game. You are supposed to play for two absolutely different characters. Storylines of the commando and the mutant are deeply intertwined during the game, and at the very end it becomes obvious that in fact that was one person who underwent a mutation! About a year has passed since you played for a soldier and before you turned into the mutant. So, you are collecting the odd pieces of information from the past and from the future, moving in time and trying to piece this puzzle together.

Question: What sets Dusk-12 apart from other First Person Shooters?

“DUSK-12” has a very interesting and intriguing storyline that allows you to enjoy two different gameplay styles and doesn’t let you get bored! This game won’t be just a killing spree. The player has to be attentive and mobile, to work out his/her own tactics and to act considerately. While getting into the past or jumping into the near future, the player has to put together the odd parts of this strange game world.

Another great and really unique peculiarity of DUSK-12 is the weapons! Weapons presented in the game are based on the real samples that are being used today by the Russian army forces! And some models have never appeared in the games so far. You will be able to shoot from the latest models of submachine guns, rifles, machine-guns and grenade cup discharges.

And the mutant for whom you will play in the second part of the game doesn’t even need all those weapons! His special powers and incredible force might be stronger than any machine-gun! Playing for a mutant, you can simply smash the enemies with the powerful strikes of your hands or smother them. You’re able to increase your speed to 400% and to move to the remote places in an eyewink! Or choose another way to play with the time and slow it down – it’s another special capacity you have now. “X-ray eye” allows you to see in the darkness when the humans are absolutely blind. And compared with your special “Mad wave” even the strike of your mighty hands seems just a wind whiff. This prodigious gravitational wave sweeps off everything within the radius of 15 meters!

And now imagine playing with your friends humans versus mutants in multiplayer mode! DUSK-12 gives a really exciting and unique opportunity to oppose the weapons to the superpowers of the mutant in the team-based play!

Question: Multiplayer is an extremely important part of all FPS games today. What types of multiplayer will you have available when you release the game?

Of course, in shooter we can’t do without multiplayer! In DUSK-12 there will be two multiplayer modes: Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch (up to 16 players). In multiplayer you can play for a soldier or for a mutant and choose between so different styles of gameplay. Each side will be balanced and will have its own strengths and weaknesses.

Question: Will any of the new technology that has been released (Physics processors, Network Interface Cards with processors) be utilized?

DUSK-12 features the innovative physics that uses PhysX engine with support of the hardware accelerator. The game world will be almost fully interactive and destructible. Take and carry different items as if they were real and use them in any way you want! You can give vent to your aggression and throw the parts of the environment around just for fun! But if your quick wits suggest some other ways to use the objects that surround you – feel free to try them! Piled up boxes and barrels can serve you as the stairs, for example, and the door of the car might become a great shield and protect you from the bullets. Any item that you see around you can be your weapon or your shelter! Tired of just shooting down your enemies? Try another method - take the rock and throw it into them or break off the board from the bench and use it to deal a shattering blow. On some levels you will be driving a car, and I doubt that it will be a calm journey!;) You will have plenty of obstacles on your way, and the most effective way to deal with them will be just sweeping away and smashing the bars and barricades! Well, and of course, PhysX allows a lot of nice and impressive effects such as water and textile effects, realistic volumetric explosions and many others.

Question: Episodic releases seem to be the biggest new thing going in the gaming industry right now. What are your views on episodic content and do you intend to experiment with it for Dusk-12?

This way of making the game doesn’t require going to great expense. Just make a new, slightly changed version every half a year, and that’s it! The developers really enjoy making something pioneer and not similar to the previous projects. But we are always guided by the needs and wishes of the gamers. So, if the game is acclaimed by the customers, we will make expansion and add new exciting episodic content.

Question: Will you be doing a digital release (download) of the game, or will it only be purchasable in retail stores?

Yes, we are definitely planning a digital release and we are discussing the opportunities with our partners.

Question: When will we be able to get our hands on the game?

We are planning to make some significant improvements to the version we have now, including redesign of some characters. “DUSK-12” will be finalized in the second quarter of 2008. So, get ready to smash some mutants around the next spring!;)