By: Ryan Schumacher, Giant Realm

PC Improvements

When a game is released across multiple platforms the debate always rages over which version will be superior. The finer points of graphics, features and multiplayer elements are usually considered to determine which version offers the best gaming experience.

Mass effect was released for the Xbox 360 well before making its PC debut; so judging the two isnít exactly fair. Instead of playing the "my dad can beat up your dad" game, weíve decided to highlight some of the improvements for the PC version, previously announced by the developers. If you havenít had the chance to play Mass Effect yet, the PC version offers some great perks and refined mechanics which will make the epic experience that much better.

More Content

When BioWare announced they would be releasing a series of Mass Effect expansions over Xbox Live, it was an exciting time for eager fans looking to extend their adventures in the game. When we learned the first expansion, Bringing Down the Sky, would be included in Mass Effectís PC release, we got even more excited. Who isnít happy to get another few hours of content free of charge? Xbox suckersÖ


Technically, mods count as more content, but the ability for users to get creative, and make their own content for Mass Effect, is a huge selling point for hardcore gamers. Mods give us the ability to have new weapons, additional powers and even entirely new games. Even after youíve played through the game multiple times, you have the opportunity to try out community-created games and variations, at no extra cost.


For just about any game released on both the PC and console platforms, people always talk about how better the graphics look on the PC version. This can be a tricky assertion, however, because it really depends on what type of TV you have and how powerful your computer is. While itís almost always possible for a PC version to have superior graphics, the truth of the matter is that most of us donít have brand-spanking new PCís, with dual video cards and 4GB of RAM, to utilize the full power of the gameís engine. However, if you do have a new rig, then youíre already set for amazing eye-candy.

Improved HUD

One of the reasonís BioWare pushed back the release of the PC version, was to implement a new Heads up Display (HUD) for an improved experience with a keyboard and mouse. The new layout takes advantage of players using a mouse, and allows for much faster navigation of key inventories and sub-menusóall while looking snazzy, too. For those of you who preferred to play KOTOR on your PC, the tweak will certainly resonate with you.

Improved Mako controls

Mass Effect was the first BioWare game to bring vehicles into the picture. While the initial implementation was simplistic, there is potential to include more vehicles in future titles from the developer. The console controls were a bit clunky, but BioWare have taken the time to refine and improve them for the PC version. Essentially, more precise controls translate to only one thing: a more enjoyable time killing giant worms with rockets.