I know, this is not something I would normally review and I was pretty
skeptical when the Selk'bag 4G Lite Sleeping System was billed as a way
to keep gamers warm while playing marathon gaming sessions. Especially
since their site, http://www.selkbagusa.com/Selk-bag-4G-Lite.aspx, says this:

'Now in its 4th Generation, the Selk'bag Sleepwear System is now offered
in a new Lite version that is 30% lower in weight than Selk'bag 3G.
Selk'bag 4G Lite is designed as the perfect two-season sleepwear system.
Rated to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, the uncommonly comfortable Selk'bag 4G
Lite is an excellent solution for those who are uncomfortable in
traditional mummy or rectangular sleeping bags. Perfect for a variety of
adventures, the Selk'bag is used by outdoor enthusiasts the world over
for camping in a tent, under the stars, at the lake, at the beach or
even in the cabin. Use the Selk'bag 4G Lite indoors during the Fall and
Winter for immaculate comfort, or even in your RV, camper, SUV, or dorm

So, you can see my reservation as it being something a gamer would
wear unless you are camping in the woods playing on a mobile device.
However, I received it Tuesday and have been using it since. The
picture below shows you how it came out of the box.

Looks pretty small right? Well, it is not! When I took it out of the
bag and laid it on the couch, it looked like it was not even going to
fit me! It is rather large. Still not sure if I am ever going to get
it back in there.

As you can see above, that is the top half. Not sure if you can see it
all that well, but the hands are completely covered but there is a
velcro opening that will allow you to slip your hands out. Which, I
gotta say is very handy when you are gaming. Without that slot, I would
have shortened this review to 'It sucks. Don't buy it for gaming.'
Luckily, it is there and it can be opened from the inside so you are not
trying to use one of your hands that are trapped to open it. Smart
move on their part. Also, when I first wore it and was trying it out, I
had a rough time using the keyboard because when your hands are out,
the cover your hands would normally be in, really get in the way. Again
though, they did something rather smart; on the top of said covers, is a
velcro strap that is used to strap them down a little further down your
arm. I didn't figure that part out til today!

And there is the bottom half! As you can see in the pic, it has rubber
feet which really is nice since the house I live in at the moment has
wood floors. I probably would have fell on my ass at least three times
if the rubber wasn't there. What you might not be able to notice in
that pic is how big the feet really are! When I post the next pic, you

Now that pic is just to show you what it looks like when it is on. And
yes, that is me. It does have a hood, but I really don't like hoods.
As you can see, it is very easy to handle a controller or two whilst
wearing it. Notice that the feet seem overly large? That could be
because it is a little large on me and it kinda sags a bit and I found
myself pulling up on the legs every so often so the rubber bottoms
stayed on the bottom. If you are a little taller than me though, this
might not be such a problem.

I have been wearing it on and off since Wednesday for two reasons:
One, well, I have to review it and it really does help when you actually
use the product and two: since I am getting ready to move, I don't have
the heat on in my house and a few days this week have been a little on
the nippy side! Trust me, the Selk'bag will keep you warm and although
it may not look like it, it really breathes well so you don't over
heat. I was actually really surprised by this after wearing it for five
hours. I thought I would be sweating, but it didn't. Granted, I
didn't play on my computer with it on, because like I said earlier, I
didn't notice the velcro to keep the 'gloves' out of the way until
today. However, I did play on the 360 and PS3 in my room with the AC on
full blast, door shut, and fan on for three hours! Let me tell ya, I
stayed nice and warm during the entire session. Sure, my hands got a
little cold, but when that happened I just paused the game, put my hands
in the 'gloves' for a few seconds, and they were warm again.
Seriously, it works that well.

Being that it really is an outdoors product, I did want to test in its
natural habitat. It was a little on the chilly and windy side here on
Thursday so, I got into the bag and took my phone out back and played
some Burn the City on my Galaxy S II for a little while and that time, I
did wear the hood! Did it work? Well, duh! Wind was whippin all
around me, the Selk'bag was fluttering in the wind like a flag, leaves
were falling all around, I thought the damn tree was going to fall over,
but I was sitting in the grass without getting the slightest chill
while playing a game. Sure, I may have looked a little odd sitting
there, but it was almost surreal. I probably could have laid out there
all night playing! I didn't though because I have a bed and I am not an
outdoorsy kinda guy!

I would be wearing it right now whilst I write this review, however
it is warmer today and I really don't have the need. When I get to the
new house though, this thing is going to get more use than a ten dollar
hooker on payday!! Seriously!

The Selk'bag is a really great product, even though it is not
technically a gamer oriented piece of clothing. It works well on many
different levels as not only does it keep you nice and cozy while your
playing a game, if you have to pause and take out the trash in the wind
and cold, you don't have to change! Trust me, I did that too! I also
let my youngest daughter wear it and she did not want to give it back! I
am pretty sure if I would have let her keep it on, she would have slept
in it. That tells me that Selk'bag did something right! Kids are hard
to please sometimes and if they can make a sleepwear system that she
likes, then I feel comfortable recommending the Selk'bag 4G Lite to
anyone without hesitation.

It is lite!
It is warm!
It is cozy!
You will not want to take it off
It is designed very well
It is relatively cheap ($79 for the kids version. $99 for the adult version)
It works! That is what matters most btw
You will use it for more than gaming. Believe me!

It can be a little baggy depending on your height
Getting it back into the travel pack will be a bitch!
If you have older kids, they will try to steal it
It is not really a gamer necessity, but we have all spent more money on game related things that we use for one day

Even though it will not be for everyone, the Selk'bag does what it does
very well and anyone the is the least bit curious in it, I do recommend
it. I love the damn thing.