Big Brother The Game (c) Infogrames / Soft Machine Released

Game Type : Simulation

Review: thanjee

I assume Big Brother the game is based on a television show, along the lines of the annoying Survivor et al genre, although I have never seen Big Brother on television, only on the net.

I can assure you that Big Brother the Game is more annoying than the Television show could ever hope to be. It consists of three small mindless games. One is Called Budget Breaker, in which the player must catch the gorceries that are falling from the sky, avoiding expensive items such as cigarettes and also trying to cath coins that fall from the sky. As you catch more the action gets faster. Go over budget three times and you get nominated out of the house - game over.

The second game is called Doom Dishes. This game is totally different from the other game because this time it is dishes that are falling from the sky. You must catch all the dishes - if you drop three dishes you get nomited out of the house - game over.

The third game is called Photofun/Take12, and involves a picture of one of the characters from the show being broken up into 12 pieces and shuffled up. Your job of course is to unshuffle the ppicture before the time runs out. If you unshuffle the puzzle you get to watch a short movie of that character.

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics were actually very interesting and appealing to the eye. All neat cartoon like 2D displays. Although it is running at a pretty low resolution.

Sound: 6/10

There were a few different tunes, but they are hardly worth commmenting on, too repetitive, with no melody.

Playability: 6/10

It is an easy game to start playing, although I am still wondering exaclty how to go about winning Budget Breaker. The controls seem a little hesitant sometimes though.

Lastability: 1/10

I don't think I will be playing this one again.

Overall: 3/10

The game ideas are old and worn out. It is time Infogrames went back and did a remake of North and South in 3D or something actually enjoyable.