MTV Sports: Skateboarding (c) THQ

Skateboardgames are boring.. normaly
Did U EVER play such a game in multiplayer mode while having 100.000 creds on each side. If u get 6000 points your opponent will loose 6.000 of its 100.000 so its realy funny to play multiplayer.
Single player isnt much else but a bit more boring. U play with 4 stunt keys and 8 way keys so its a LITTLE bit hard to handle but from time to time u will be able to play it.
The stunt mode is very kewl but in some levels i was in need of playing 2 hours to come through it :~
I had luck cause my friend helped me. It realy makes more fun if u play with 2 players. But who cares if u make good looking stunts around in the world? Well I dont and u wont too :)
The prob of the game is only that its a bit hard to handle.
The sound is okay and the music too. U will feel like some real skateboarder if u handle it thats why u will have to react like one.. just on the keys.. and thats what makes the game so realistic, its a good engine when u handle it.

The last words
Well the game is funny at all in Multiplayer but in single player it lags abit with game fun. There arnt enuf maps u can play on so after u completed all u wont have any else. The just and only way is to play Hunt.MTV.. there u will get some new boards and also some news parks where u can play on.

Graphic: 9 its looking nicer then nice :) just have a look and feel like be in the room u are playing in
Sound: 7.5 its a bit lagging but its funny at all the sounds that have to be there are there and that matters
Handling: 8 after a "small" training on the freestyle map u will be able to play the game good
Gamedeep: 8.5 its like that u are a real Skateboarder... just wow
Multiplayer: 8.5 yeah yeah its funny to play the game in mp u will love it
Overall: 8.5 its a good game with new impressions and a super engine of realistic

(c) McGyver