Break Out: The Last Escape

General Info

Well this game is quite simple .. quite chiledish if u ask me .. hehe its a total new game.. forget about that old arcade version, first its 3D :) totaly new gameplay the story seems to be more beleviable (even thou there are walking jumping sticks talking :D )its a game all arcade loverz must have ! I enjoid it myself :)

Game Play (9/10) : the game is total 3D but there isnt any freedom of movement besides left and right :) A nice tutorial helper named mr steel helps you control all the moves and special move's this jumping stick can do ( theres allot ) bouncing running and turning are very easy but the game keeps getting harder and faster.. kinda reminds me of crash bandicot!.. very c00l..

Graphics (8/10) : very very simple graphics small specialFX but there isnt soo much need for more.. its clean and simple exept textures look like 256 color textures.... all characters have strait colors you wont see any variaty here..

Sound (6/10) : well since all the music was ripped off what we have left is just the sfx which is kinda bad becuase it repeats itself and i turned off the speakers cuz i got a headache....

Overall (8/10) : if u liked the arcade version this is a must!. For people who dont like that kinda genere of shoot 'em up and pingpongy things then you wont enjoy this.. but this game is very enjoyable .. I guess its ment more for kids but it has a nice difficulty level which can be changed to meet your brain strength :)