Crusader: No Remorse (c) Origin

Genre: Action
Year: 1996

A couple of years ago when I was on vacation with my father (as I often am), I naturally visited some game shops, and on a discount shelf I saw it, one of the few games I have on the top of my favourite list; Crusader: No Remorse. When I am on vacation there I have to borrow a relative's computer in case I buy games, which is fine enough, but I did feel the kind of feeling where to want to be alone with the game you've just bought, a need for total concentration I suppose. Even so, the installation went slighty perfect and in a matter of minutes the install was done, and me and my cousin would see what this game was all about. On the way back from the game store I naturally read the back of the box which did give some idea what this game was about, which is as following;

You are the Crusader. Heavily armed and clad in steel you fight in the name of Justice. Joining forces with a band of underground resistance fighters, you're determined to eradicate the Consortium that is destroying the earth in the name of political unity.

* Origin's scrolling isometris sets let you explore refineries, military bases, government offices, rebel bases, labs and interstellar backgrounds that explode at every blast.

* Incredibly high-detailed SVGA frames of bit mapped animation for the Crusader, let you run, jump and crouch, roll, side-step and ambush.

* Live action video gives you fully detailed mission objectives to maximise your shooting efficiency.

* Ingenious puzzles force you to take control of enemy vechicles and gun turrets.

Alright, that was the box hype, let's go deeper..
As you gathered there is Consortium consisting of people with very high powers, and as in every game/movie with a somewhat similar plot they've gotten power hungry and do now want to control the world, because the ones that control the world control the money, and those who control the money don't have to buy games on discount shelves like me (j/k). Anyways, you've been trained at their bases, you've become their top soldier, but then. Then you get a conscience or *something* and decide to drop out, you find out that their plan is to plainly fark over the earth, and you can't have that. In order to stop the consortium you join up with similar spirited people. Some of them are glad you've joined and gives you trust from the first second, some do not. You're given alot of missions where you're to take out important targets, eavesdrop on conversation, kill important fuckers, and so on. At the base you have alot of more of less strange characters including your arms dealer who you will be talking alot to, as he has some REALLY cool toys to
play with, if you can cough up the cash. One of the thing I really like about Crusader: No Remorse is how "real" the game is, you can for instance go through office buildings, with cubicles and everything and literally blow up anything you see, for that is another thing I also like very much; almost everything is "blow-up'able!". To give the game a good theme Origin has put alot of work into the great video sequences throughout the game, also by giving all of your friends at the base a real character depth you kind of live into the game, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. When I say character depth I really mean it, as through conversations with them you get to find out why they've joined up with the rebels, mood changes, the way the think of life, so basicly much more than the average Joe Blow you find in other games where there's only 1 default reply when you talk. Character depth is not the only important thing in a game, by all means, a good plot is awfully important aswell, and here Crusader: No Remorse scores very high indeed. I will not tell what happens thoughout the game, but I can tell you that it does not
go as you think it will, you better believe that!

There is one thing about the character depth I must say should have been improved, you have alot
of information about your friends at the base, but nothing about YOURSELF! You don't get a clue how you look (because of the mask thing), neither where you come from or anything, you're not
a robot so you should at least get to hear yourself telling your pals who you are and shit.

But, as Games Master said; "93% One of the best PC games ever."

The Graphics:
As the box hype says, pure SVGA gfx. Being 96 SVGA gfx was not everyday, and I must say that the isometric view does at times give some strange camera angles, and there's also some bugs here and there, BUT the bottom line is that the graphics are good, if not great. Along with the full-screen videos which are fairly good, but could perhaps have been improved a little here and there. As I've written earlier, you get to blow up pretty much everything and everyone with kick-ass weapons and when you blow up large crates, or basicly use a weapon that shootes a projectile you need good explosions, and good explosions you will get. On 4 of the box's 5 ingame pictures there's explosions so I'm pretty sure Origin are proud of what they've made, as would I (!).

The Sounds:
Alot of crash, boom, bang. Along with very good voices, not only for the people in the movies/plot, but also more or less innocent scientists who scream out don't shoot me (etc etc), but then again, this game is called Crusader: No REMORSE, so disgard whatever they say ;D

The Music:
The ingame tune is REALLY cool, at least in my opionion. But, sadly they play it over, and over, and over again so you will grow tired of it.. I wish there were some way to convert the tune to .mod or whatever so I can play it without playing the game, but I've got no clue, so dang. The saying Quality before Quantity comes to mind, but for christs sake, put in more tunes than 1.

The Gameplay:
The box hype also says the ways you can move, and it is true; you can move a whole lot of ways, so controlling the Crusader the way you want is piece of cake, once you get the hang of the controlls. On the other hand, there are some bugs in the game so keep in mind that SAVING is important, the times when I've come along way in this game and suddenly get killed because I jumped 1mm too short and realise that I've forgotten to save makes me want to throw my monitor out the window, at least blow off some steam (hmmm, perhaps I should go to the town and see if I can do like the guy in the game does.. hehe j/k, I prefer a punching bag).