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Introduction / Plot:

As it stands the game doesn't require more than a faster impression, a full review is pretty impossible to afford!

OK, I must say that I admire anything related to Rome. The culture, the traditional clothing (Toga's yes?), the Spirit the ancient feeling of superiority, The philosophy hovering where ever you go..... Well, this game simply Shocked me, although the graphics are nice, the game isn't. Let the text explain my point......

Gameplay / Controls 2.6

Extreme disappointment. Controlling the character is an absolute shame, on a Pentium (TM) 3: 500MHZ with a Voodoo5 5500AGP, I Hated each and every minute of it. At first, I though it was my computer that was slow, then it turned out that the entire game, where ever you went to, is Slow. Not to mention the bad controlling methods (the mouse), and the control's aren't even dynamic! I'd move around, click 3-4 times, then the character actually feels that he should move... (quite stubborn there ha?). The models of the characters are poorly made I might say, I didn't feel that their THAT amazing, I like Sanity's models more :l
Even some bugs (right at the beginning of the game) were discovered, not to mention the Lack of compatibility with many systems (did one work on one out of three systems here at gH), I hope that the next Historically related 3D game will be worth grabbing. As for this one, Forget about it.

Sounds / Music 4.9

Well, I wont comment about the music, really basic stuff. As for the speech, even this, was very disappointing: The voices speak as if their teaching a 3 year old how to comprehend simple sentences! It gets really irritating waiting to hear what I'd probably already read as subtitles twice! As for the voices themselves, their quite OK, but do not reach the "good' level.

Graphics 8.5/10

This is the only aspect that was fairly good, I'm not talking about the models (players) themselves, rather the architecture, buildings, textures, rooms, objects, those looked quite good. I was anticipating such a game that will be somewhat of Historical greatness, and I actually thought that one has actually come around, only to be disappointed.

Overall 4.1

Well what you wanna hear, untile the game is patched properly it's not even worth considering, and even after looks like it would not apply to many adventure gameplayers. What a pity.