Scooby Doo Showdown in Ghost Town (c) TLC

So what if this title looks like a kiddie game ? It's an adventure... and I love adventures. Adventure style games were the best, I always loved them, but for some lame reason they are not making Adventure titles anymore, the only adventure titles with puzzles left are Resident Evil kind of games, and boy, on the whole game there are only a couple of puzzles and they are the most obvious ones. I'm not saying this game is hard, coz it's not, this game is developed mainly for the kids, and the puzzles are easy, although there are plenty of them.

Graphics - 7/10 - The graphics are simple 2d, but it's based on a cartoon show, and It looks pretty much like the cartoon, so you can't blame it for not been complex, if their point was making the game look like the original cartoon, however, it feels like it needed a little more animation, things look like too much standing still.

Sound - 6/10 - Voices are great, but sometimes the sound effects get annoying, mostly because it's into a kiddie environment and kiddie things happens.

Playability - 5/10 - Well playability is similar to all the other adventure games, you click here and there, and that's it. The biggest problem here is that it's just too simple, simple clicks will solve everything, it should have different icons like in Full Throttle (I know it's old, but I still love that game :P).

Overall - 6/10 - If you are an oldschool scooby fan or you have a young kid, get this. If you hate kiddie games and don't have patience to play and adventure I don't know why you are reading this :)