Hot Wheels: Slot Car Racing (c) Mattel Interactive


Well, everyone older then 18 did play with these funny tracks where all you could do was choosing the speed of the car with one button only controller. Mattel across the years sold millions of these tracks and when sales started to go wrong they choosed to bring the same idea to a videogame. The package includes a single button controller that will help emulating the real feeling of the original hotwheels tracks.

Gameplay/Controls: 5.5/10

You can play in single player unlocking additional track, to fight in multiplayer or just to draw a new track. In real life all the fun about the game was building the track, instead here a poor editor and the missing feeling of phisycally building everything makes the track creation a unfunny waste of time. The game itself is really too basic, no way to turn your car, it's just about going as fast as possible, avoiding to hit other cars and eventually to take the turns too fast. All the effort will be slowing down here and there and choosing left or right track depending on obstacles and other cars, way too less to keep playing the game for more than an hour, especially if in single player mode.

Graphics: 7.0/10

Even if the game seems a quick package the graphic engine doesn't suffer at all, while running around you will be pleased to look at some nice rendered tracks with a lot of details here and there. Yes, there's not special, but the graphics are amongst the best things in this game.

Overall: 6.5/10

The old feeling doesn't work out, it's like playing a dement version of any racing game, really this game doesn't apply to anyone, choose a better target for your money, it's sad to know that with some good commercial this game will sell a lot, with a lot of dads and mums feeling this clueless game is a good choice for their puppies christmas gift.