No Escape (c) Funcom

Gameplay/Controls: 6.9/10

Well, this game is completely thought for multi-player, altough they choosed to add a single player mode just to be able to write a couple words more on the back of the box. No Escape is a Third Person Shooter, but, unlike Fur Fighters, as a recent example, it has not nice levels to play with, just arenas. So wheter u play in single player or not you will have just to stand with small battle mode arena level designes. Further more the A.I. of the pc is really low, I assume it will get better, but on the whole of 4 levels they just stand here and wait for u to blast them off. The game target is to collect more money than other player at the end of a fixed amount of time, killing other player will materialize a big piece of gold worth way more than all the money you can collect around the level. As in every game from Wolfstein 3d to today there's no lack of weapons, from basic zappers to rocket, mines and an interesting bowling-ball like bomb.

Graphics: 7.0/10

Graphics is really cute, the world looks like it's actually a small ball instead of an huge plain like with all 3d FPS games. The collectable pieces of junk are done with sprites and have no shadow, so they will look like hanging in nothing, sometime you will be certain to have grabbed one, instead you will find it's still there. A multiplayer game like this should work on any pc out there, just disabling some graphical options, instead even disabling everything and something more it was still slow trying often to grab some data from the hdd. Of course there's something wrong with their engine and at least they could have saved their ass with a 320x200 mode and some smarter caching mode, instead we have a game that is unplayable with anything less than a 400mhz (and a not so old TNT2).

Overall: 5.5/10

Well, the game can't succed, it's hardware demanding and doesn't introduce anything new. Of course it's not completely a piece of garbage, if you plain to play it in multi player mode it will still be a lot of fun, but most games are a lot of fun in multi player. It looks nice, it sounds well, it seemed a good idea, but get a bargain quake 1 and you will have the same multiplayer frenzy fun and a lot of money in the bag still.

Remember to put your condom up, over the head