The Grinch (c) Konami

They made a film, a film that will make them a lot of money, a film about an idea as evil as funny, but they were not happy enough and they choosed to license the tag for a videogame too, just to grab some more millions here and there. The Grinch is about a green monster and his lovely dog trying to ruin the Christmas once again to the people of a quiet and nice community. Mr. Grinch is not your everyday main character, it has not an athletic double jump, after a double one he will hit the ground with his ass, not with his legs like at olympic games. His breath has no Brooklyn feeling, it's swamp like and features some green smelly action. Yes Grinch is a nowaday hero, once known as an anti hero, it's here to take the place of Santa in today's boys.

Anyway the Grinch is an ugly bastard, all he will do in the game is break presents with his ass, slap kids, paint walls and destroy snow puppets. It may sounds so nice and funny, but actually they were able to fail a game with such a wonderfull plot... how? Simply, the game is uninteresting and missing a lot of action, you will just wonder around looking for the next present, fronting puzzles that are too cockie for a 3 yeard child... if a passage is narrow what will u do? Wow, you will let your dog walk inside... The game features a nice tutorial that will teach you everything in five minutes, sadly you will be taken off the game by boredom in 20 minutes. Graphics is good, sound is proper, Plot is great.. the game results an uninteresting 3D platformer in wide town levels, not enough jump action, not enough puzzles, looks like a fast package around 'The Grinch' label, sadly I fear it will also sell a lot.

Overall: 6.7