RollerBot: Time Journey (c) Acid Software


Another game that takes a lot from classic games. Here we have a mix of Marble Madness, PacMan and Bomb Jack. It's better described as a Bomb Jack in 3d, though since you're a ball (no I'm not saying you're fat....) and considering how it moves, controls resembles Marble Madness most. Introduction and plots are better skipped, since their lack of deepness and work just take off a well made game.

Gameplay/Controls: 6.9/10

Joystick or Keyboard, you choose, though, movements are hardly mastered and Keyboard offers faster reactions. It's extremely easy to fall out of the level, but you can't try twice since there's also few time to complete the level. Overall all you have to do is eat objects spreaded all around the level, though many are close to canyons, whilst others are defended by (dumb) enemies, further more you will have to jump from one platform to another to be able to reach all the fruits. Game is extremely hard, it feels really like an arcade game, first tries will not last many minutes, this is not your typical PC game where you can think twice, here you have to act and pretty fast too.

Graphics: 7.2/10

Considering it has not been produced by a well known brand, the 3D engine is really good, everything but the fruits really feel like having three dimensions and textures are en pair with some of the games being sold for 50$, really a good work, will please the eyes while fighting against time.

Overall: 7.0/10

Honestly, considering it's source, the game is an high success, it's fun to play, and unlike most of these smaller productions, you feel like coming back to it, just to try to get a bit farther. This is the typical game that can keep you busy for 20 minutes, a good choice for people without hours for famous RPGs and Adventures.