Hugo 3D (c) ITE Media

Hugo goes 3D... this game plays mostly like Donald Duck, and that's extremely good especially considering there was no Ubisoft or Disney under this game, though some tidbits let's you feel this one had not 20 coders working on it. The game, depending on the level can scroll on all four directions, being in real 3D even if levels have predefined paths. As in every game after mario, you can collect diamonds and 100 diamonds will make a life, other collectable objects will give you back some more life (energy bar on top of the screen) and other ones looking like toilet paper indicates saving points. The game even if for PC is ported from PSX and therefore they choosed to use a 'code' system instead of savefiles, of course all the people that will play the PC version can't think anything then 'fuck off' about it (...). Graphics is pretty good, poor compared to Ray Man 2, of course, but movements are fluid with an high fps even on a low end pc, enemies and hugo models are well thought and rendered. Enemies changes enough from level to level, though they're, like in Donald Duck, not higly challenging and pretty static, the hard side of the game is the lenght of the levels and the enormous time you will have to face same enemies. Like in Rayman there is a LAVA level and here too it's the one that looks better graphically, other levels include a swamp and a tutorial like first level in a forest. Hugo is really funny to play and can keep you busy for a bit, though, of course it's not the best game in its genre. So if you're a 3d platformer lover and have bought and completed Rayman 2 and Donald Duck and have no PSX to play Crash Bandicoot, Midievil and Spyro and of course did complete on PC or PSX both Croc episodes, well, Hugo 3D is the best platformer lasting. Even a low price can't help Hugo, since most of the aforementioned games are already on the bargain bin. Though if you find a copy at a friend house, steal the box, this game has 7/10 graphics, 7/10 sounds and 7.5/10 gameplay... not that bad absolutely!

Overall: 7.1/10