Spyro 3 (c) Sony/Universal


Spyro 3: YAS... yes, Yet Another Spyro. All the kids love Spyro and some adults too, the purple dragon conquered it's role on PSX by a long time, the first episode was a real novelty, sharing the 3D platformers land on the PSX with Crash Bandicoot, Croc and sidely with Midevil. Altough having a main character clearly pointed to kids the game area is really wide and to fully complete the game 'adult' action is widely involved. But well, now we have the third installment of Spyro, after a pretty disappointing episode 2 which involved novelties mostly only on graphic engine. Yet another time the dragons have been fucked up by an evil wizard and all the eggs of dragon have disappeared. Of course of the whole family dragon only Spyro will move his ass (since adult dragon = fat ass) to the rescue. The introduction screens are completely in Spyro tradition, featuring a little show off for the little dragon.

Gameplay/Controls: 7.4/10

Nothing new on the control area, everything is like Mario 3D or previous Spyroes, well, like most 3D platforms that's it. Gaming experience would seem like previous episodes, though the coders thought a third identical episode would have been way too much, so finally in some levels you will not move the Purple Gay Dragon, but some other characters. It may sound like a small change all around, instead moving another character, like the Kangoroo, goes for a completely different experience. Each single character has it's own different skills, so if Spyro can glide and sometime even fly, the Kangoroo has a double jump way higher than Spyro's one. Playing the levels with another character will feel like playing another Platformer, still with all the graphical beauties of Spyro. Anyway overall the game is always the same affair about collecting Diamonds and saving dragons (even if not delevoped eggs are still dragons), obtaining access to more world doors.

Graphics: 8.2/10

It looks really like Spyro 2, levels are wide and well drawn like always, with textures pulling out every polygon power out of the PSX. Spyro 2 introduced some better graphics toward it's predecessor, instead here they choosed to avoid further work going for easy money collecting for christmas.

Overall: 7.4/10

It's 3d, it's wide, it features a lot of hours of gameplay, in brief it's YAS... Yet Another Spyro as I said in the beginning. Probably one adventure each year is too much, considering they are introducing only few novelties at each episode, though the basis of Spyroes are extremelly well though and hardly even Spyro X will be a complete disappointment, not considering it will sell easily thousands of copies world-wide even if they choose to just change the labels on Spyro 1 cds. It will not break die hard players hearts but it will not disappoint casual gamers or Spyro fans.