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You read Crime Cities and wonder about some far west plot or even police racing game, wrong, the title hardly helps with the game here. Crime Cities takes place in far future where cars are not stuck on 2 dimensions but can actually fly, indeed you're in charge of one of these flycars and will make all sort of good/bad use of it. Everything seems stolen from Blade Runner, especially textures, futuristic feeling, cars, buildings. Indeed the best part of Crime Cities is the feeling of being able to drive inside a Blade Runner city, though here there's something more to do. Basically you're a mercenary accepting any sort of mission, job just to collect some money, anyway it looks like in the future all jobs are collected and taken in a matter of 10 minutes trough a small palm-pilot. The controls are Descent alike with some more keys to check emails (messages about your missions and accomplishments).
Graphic engine is pretty good and fast, though with all that black textures also Wolfstein 3D engine would get the job done. The in-game sounds will get you bored, though the use of 4 speakers is pretty perfect, you will turn around with your car/ship to look for a source for what you just heard. It's funny to hear voices coming from ad banners on buildings (i.e. the sexy banner in the middle of the town). Everything needed for a good game is in, firing at will, thinking a bit and learn to drive the car correctly, a proper in game ambientation and atmosherical feeling. Even if it's not the genre of games I like it was quite grabbing me, anyway I was strong enough to close it for a first impression instead that wasting a week for a review. This game is really interesting, a quick tutorial and you're ready, but still you'll have to learn a lot and even if you're forced in most of your choices, you will feel like you had the freedom to choice. Really a game that deserves a further look, though with 10 quality games being released each week in this time of the year, that's all I can offer about it. Blade Runners buy it NOW!

Overall: 7.8/10