The Gift (c) Cryo

Gift looks like just another 3D platform, though, just after some minutes you will feel there has been a lot of effort in the development, same feeling I had trying Ray Man 2 for the very first time. Anyway The Gift pretty differs from Ray Man, there's a lot more thinking and less action. The graphics are simply impressive, there has been so an huge effort on the lighting system that actually the game itself is based on lights and shadows. Indeed some of your hardest enemies are light or dark shadows and just a light or darkness will kill them. Textures are extremelly researched and adds a lot to the visual feeling, though the graphical engine results pretty fast, just during load times you can meet slow frame rates.

Gift basically is just a matter of jump coordination, puzzle solving and light/dark games, though everything is deeply thought offering a wonderfull single player emotion. Still not everything good is told about Gift, also the music and sounds are astonishing, supporting deeply 3D systems and using different themes for each level. Though if you will not find how to complete a level you would really think about lowering down music volume. Mr. Gift can use a magical wand with it's own features (black, yellow, ...), each one required on a single point of the level, i.e. the yellow one on dark places. Further more other objects like a gun will be collected during the quest. Some of in-game visuals are astonishing and the game is thought to be fun, every cut scene will make you laugh (first time... if you have to retry a level, you will hate them). It's really easy to die on The Gift, just to try out what something actually does in game and puzzle solving is really hard, without a walktrough I don't feel I will be able to collect all the pieces to solve levels. Further more each level can be accessed only if you did beat previous one.

All about the game is as real as possible, just Gift jump seems more a fly than a jump, he will take more than a bit to fall back on the floor, just like he was empty or something, still that helps a lot during the platform jumping sides: they even choosed to use a cross instead of a black circle as your shadow whilst you're on air. In some levels there are two possible viewpoints, external and the standard Over Gift Shoulders one, external viewing exploits the goodness of the graphics even more! Everything about The Gift is impressive... Sound System, Lighting Effects and Level Design, still you can be taken off the game by it's complexity and lack of hints, anyway this one is a Jewel, use with walktrough if needed, but grab it.