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After less than a year, Bugs Bunny hits again and he's still in 3D, though this time he brought Taz with him and they're ready for a full team work. Overall the game doesn't change a lot from last Bunny on PC, though graphics, sounds were higly enhanced and game-play is no more hard as hell. In brief Bugs Bunny and Taz is a 3d platform, levels are wide and the gameplay is aimed toward puzzle solving more than jumping or monster bashing. The plot is about just another accident caused by Dorky Duck, B.B. and Taz will have to travel across time and space to collect back objects to fix a weird machine. Therefore there will be different levels, each with an unique design and theme. Levels are avaiable from huge portals that remember various Spyroes, overall the level design looks really like those in Spyro Episodes.

Over all other 3d platform B.B. and Taz enhanches the genre trough the avaiabily of two different characters, therefore you will need to use both Taz and Bugs and their different abilities to solve most of the puzzles. As a funny example to reach higher platforms you'll have to let Bugs bounce over Taz head. Controls are pretty standard, though to master everything you will have to use about 8 keys, you will easily hit a wrong key.

Bugs Bunny and Taz: Time Busters is an interesting title, offering a long lasting experience with different puzzles and various enemies, not missing final level bosses, The Gift feels better thought, though Bugs Bunny has more arcade action and less impossible situations, both are worth their price, still I would still suggest The Gift with a walktrough a bit more.

Overall: 7 Pigs