Chicken Run is going to be an huge success (the movie that is), and this one is already the second game featuring a license from the movie. First one was just a collection of mini-games and altough pretty funny it will pass by without any notices (luckily). Instead this second Chicken effort is probably the one that ties better with the movie and overall accomplish offering some fun to movie lovers. The movie's plot is based on the trials of some chicken trying to escape from their master. As you may wonder the game takes place over a similar plot, again chicken trying to escape, you'll take the role of one of them (!) and start planning and collecting objects for the big escape.

Gaming wise, Chicken Run is yet another 3D arcade/adventure, better controlled with a gamepad you will be able to jump, throw and collect objects and of course play a bit with the camera. Overall the gameplay is uninteresting, all you have to do is look for what you have been told to do and all you will have to do is locate it (with the help of a fixed and a dynamic maps) and of course, grab it, avoiding dogs and people, helped with some food to avoid dog assaults. The graphics engine gets is job done with some good textures and a fast framing per second on anything but a two years old PC. I feel this game will be a good grab for christmas just for those kids that loved the game, adults will feel a lot was missed porting the movie to PC. Anyway, further playing may offer gorgeous surprises.. or not? I bet on 'N', developers maybe on 'Y'.

Graphics: 7.1/10
Playability 6.9/10
Overall 6.7/10