3ivx Delta 1 Review

by Soultrape

DivX ;-) was released and Hollywood was shaking. DivX ;-), the controversial (and illegal) "hacked" codec, made out of Microsoft's own codec and an implementation of MPEG 3 layer, created a monster that let users create small(er) video files without loosing quality. DivX ;-), viewed in near DVD quality, showed the world that it can be done in less Size and better quality.

Unfortunately, the DivX ;-) creator released it to the public and then was never seen again (or so they say...), preventing the enhancement of the codec itself. DivX source was just recently released, but without its original author ir's pretty hard to to improve it, and so the hunt for a better codec arised again.

3ivx is a project that calls for a multi-platform codec, based on MPEG4, which will be similar to DivX ;-) within the concept, yet different in one area: improvements.
The 3ivx crew is working hard on creating this very promising new codec which is supposedly about to blow DivX ;-) and all its competitors away, all of that, without any quality loss.

After numerous months of stressful coding, the crew comes up with the main code, whish is now called: "3ivx Delta 1", This is what we will be reviewing.

The Review:
The codec is far from being perfected, which is actually good news, Why? because it is already reaching unparalleled results while still remains not optimized, improved, enhanced or even touched. This review is to be considered a nice preview of things to come.

Size and Quality:
Well, 3ivx does break new grounds, it actually blew off DivX ;-) by quite a lot considering its uses. Here are some numbers:

  Divx 3ivx "HiRes" 3ivx
Size 1.25MBV 1.07MB 248KB
FrameRate 30 per second 30 per second 10 per second

Divx ScreenShot (JPG, 100% Highest Jpeg res.) 3ivx ScreenShot (JPG, 100% Highest Jpeg res.)

As you can see from the numbers and pictures above, 3ivx is pretty close to DivX ;-), and yet it shows better quality, file size AND it is natively multi-platform (unlike divx which only is windows based, all other players are "wrapped" around the windows DLLs). Not only that 3ivx is near saying "bye-bye" to DivX ;-), but it is also streamable, so you finally will be able to view High Quality MPEG4 based video streamed directly to your computer screen.

Just like DivX ;-), 3ivx does not require one certain type of audio layer but allows you to choose the one you would like to use. One of runner-ups is MP3, which seems to suit this codec just fine. I will not get into specs, considering Mpeg3 layer is pretty much the same everywhere :P

Bugs and Future Plans:
Although this review came a little late (I've had the encoder for quite a while now), It does have a purpose, which is to compare Delta 1 (Which is clearly blowing off DivX ;-) ) with 3ivx's new release: "3ivx Delta 2" (You might have figured that... :P).
All known bugs from Delta 1 were removed, including the "Halo" effect that has been created (one that hit the quality of the image, and in Delta 2 image quality Is better), a new Deringer was implemented (For those lovely animation movies, AKA. Disney movies, I love'em ;P), some speed improvements (not all technologies have been implemented, specially MMX, which personally I'm waiting to see and try, MMX speeds up video to a certain extent).

Future plans are basically to kill bugs, make the codec faster, pump up the image quality and most of all, shrink the file size (up to 40%-60% smaller than DivX). Seemes impossible to you? Keep checking back for our next review of the 3ivx Delta 2 codec for more comparisons and maybe trailer conversions!

Keep checking back for the next review, we will be interviewing one of the senior members of the 3ivx crew, if you'd like to submit questions to the 3ivx crew, mail me at soultrape@imap4.com and I'll personally direct the question to the crew member(s). Expect more comparisons between 3ivx Delta 1 and Delta 2, DivX and Microsoft Media Encoder 8 and more...... Stay tuned!

Well, Here are the cons and pro's of 3ivx Delta ONE:
1) High quality MPEG 4 based codec.
2) Dedicated crew working on improving the code (ie: future support).
3) Streamable for Internet use.
4) QuickTime based for professional use.
5) True multi-platform compatibility.
6) Can be improved A LOT until it reaches perfection.

1) Slower encoding time (comparing to DivX ;-) ).
2) Needs a high end PC to play high resolution movies.