GBA Hell : How does it feel to be interviewed?

Phar : I am honored.

GBA Hell : Have u got a real life work, are you looking for one or just studying? Anything about your background that may be of interest for the public?

Phar : Atm I'm unemployed and working from home with a team. We are currently working on another project that we hope a publisher will be impressed by :P

GBA Hell : which classic system did you own in the past, and which ones did you buy as a grown up? Any system you are still missing and willing to grab?

Phar : My first computer was a Sega computer and first console was an Atari2600. I brought as a grown up the following computers Atari ST, Amiga 500, 386 to current PC.
Consoles I brought as a grown up are SMS, Megadrive, SNES, GB, N64, PSX, PS2, GBA. I am missing my old Amiga 500 and Atari ST *sob*.

GBA Hell : Which are your favorite coding languages and tools? Do you think coders are normal human being?

Phar : My favorite coding language atm is ARM Asm, but generally C/C++. Hrm I don't really have a favourite tool, they all have their flaws and advantages.
Haha no coders are NOT normal human beings.

GBA Hell : How hard is gba coding in your opinion? What are you using to develop, which tools and compiler?

Phar : Gba coding is really quite easy and almost any coder with game coding experience should be able to pick it up and make a game.
I'm using GCC to develop, all tools are proprietary tools. The graphics artists use Adobe Photoshop then export to our tools.

GBA Hell : Anything you did learn during your coding section that you would like to spread to all the gameboy advance russ-wannabe coders out there?

Phar : Yes, make sure your committed and have the passion. We lost some of our members because of greed, make sure you select a team you can trust.

GBA Hell : What's good and easy and what instead is a kick in the nuts about gameboy development?

Phar : All the hardware features of the GBA makes it easy for effects and tile based graphics. My biggest gripe is the GBA's DMA halts the CPU.

GBA Hell : What about this compo, were you happy with the result? Did you like how it was set together or would have preferred some different rules?

Phar : The compo was a huge success and I'm very happy with the results. I can't wait for the next compo!

GBA Hell : Which submissions you consider superior to yours?

Phar : A lot of entries were superior to Booze :P. 1st place was amazing and really stood out from the crowd.

GBA Hell : Booze, your platform game, looks really nice, as nice as most of commercial games, though jumping physics are not as nice, who made all those backgrounds and did u had to pack it fast for the compo leaving something unfinished?

Phar : Thanx, 2 fulltime graphics artists from concept artwork to application produced the goods :P. The Booze game was a rush project and completed in 8weeks, which included development of tools, engine, gameplay code and the graphics.
The Booze version entered into the compo was a cut down version of Booze where I just cut out bits and pieces in order to make the 1mb limit. The full version has 5 levels including animated backgrounds, Boss level and sound.

GBA Hell : When did you start working on Booze? You made it for yourself or already thinking about the compo?

Phar : The intention to develop Booze was to show to publishers in hope that we could score a contract to develop a licensed title.

GBA Hell : What would you like to add to Booze in future, and will you actually do it? Anything already added to last public version? We heard about a 4MB version of it being pretty ready sometime ago.

Phar : Hehe I would like to see Booze finished and some gameplay added, atm it's just run and jump. Will I actually do it hehe nope the project is cancelled and the surviving team members including myself are working on another project.
Yes there is a 4mb version that if anyone wants to play can contact me and I will send them a copy.

GBA Hell : Is the game as you wished or you had to dump something due to gameboy advance features or time constraints?

Phar : The game is nowhere near what I had wished it to be.

GBA Hell : Have you got something else in the work?

Phar : Yes.

GBA Hell : Are you looking after someone else's GBA project, who would you consider best homebrew GBA coder around? skiping yourself of course...

Phar : No.
Hmm that's a hard question there are soo many. To be fair I have to say all who participate in the #gbadev (efnet -editor note) channel :P.

GBA Hell : Any wider thoughts on GBA homebrew scene? Any one you wanna greet and any one you could not stand?

Phar : The GBA scene is just like one big happy family :P and everyone is willing to share their knowledge.
Greets to Boofly for all his help and wise wisdom!
Haha yes there are 2 biatches they know who they are who I would like to say to them. "What goes around comes around" sly dogs.

GBA Hell : What do you like to do when you are not coding, of course skipping sex related matters?

Phar : Playing games :P

GBA Hell : Which are your favourite Videogames all-time and nowadays?

Phar : Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands! All-time and nowadays.

GBA Hell : X-Box, Gamecube, PS2, none or all? Both from a coding point of view and as a gamer?

Phar : All :P for games, they each have their advantages.
From a coding point of view the Gamecube is supposed to be the easiest to come to grips with. PS2 has a small scene atm, but needs to mature a bit.

GBA Hell : Thanks for everything, any final thoughts, some exclusives about your coding future to offer at the end?

Phar : Keep an eye out for our next release! It will be a completed project and has extremely addictive gameplay.

The Lost Question

GBA Hell : Do you think Booze had to grab a first place?

Phar : No, I'm surprised it did so well not having sound in the release and bugs :P.