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By Interman

DuelField Expert Preview

DuelField Expert is an add-on to last year’s release of DuelField Disciple made by the French company Sismoplay. DuelField is a kind of a board game where you and your human opponent battle it out using creatures of various races. When you start the game you create a deity where you specify the ins and outs of how you want to be, and select an element, such as Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Limbo and Nature.

When you start a game you place your units according to the strategy you think your opponent will be using. Each deity has a variety of units to place, which all have their advantages and their disadvantages. The key is to place the correct units who can do melee attacks, along with ranged attackers more in the background, or mage-like characters who can boost defence / offence or even reduce the enemy units abilities.

In this turn-based strategy game there are waves in which you use specific unit abilities (attacking etc), moving them around and using alters. You can turn the tide of a match using alters which are attacks that can do a lot of damage over a rather small area, or a decent amount of damage over a large area. You can also use them to boost or reduce the efficiency of your, or you enemies units.

After having done a few turns you can support your party by adding one or more units. The first time you can add two units and only one the next time(s).

The various deities are all unique and well balanced, so you will have to play some to figure out what abilities you like the most.

When playing you have the ability to play over the internet using the DuelPad, which is a small application that lets you chat, create and host games. A game doesn’t usually take a long time, so DuelField Disciple / Expert is great when you’re bored and feel like challenging someone. There are online ladders and tournaments you can participate in, so you can have fame and fortune if you’re up to it.

What I’m sure a lot of gamers have noticed about DuelField Disciple / Expert is the fact that the graphics of the playing field is rather outdated. Seeing as how this is a kind of a board game the graphics don’t really matter a whole lot when you’re playing. To the left of the playing field there is a small section which displays great computer animated videos of your selected unit and whatever happens to him / her, being an attack on the enemy or on himself / herself. Sismoplay used state-of-the-art motion capture technology to create these pre-rendered animations, and I must say that some of them are really impressive.

The Expert add-on to DuelField, which is also the version where you have to pay a small fee, has a lot of exciting features for fans of the original, such as:
- 18 new creatures.
- Teamplay support.
- Evolution system.
- Creating your own deities.
- Personalize your creatures
- Exhaustive stats and rankings.
- Tournaments with great prizes.
With much more to come.

So, if you’re a fan of playing somewhat short strategy games over the Internet then DuelField Expert may seriously tickle your fancy. The free beta for the Expert edition is still open, so if you want to give it a try then you can do so at Expert.duelfield.Net