By Andreas 'Interman' Misund

Two years ago, back in 2000 IO Interactive developed the very successful Hitman: Codename 47. It was an action-packed game that allowed you to kill / assassinate / frag all kinds of people, from limo-drivers to mafia bosses. It was different in many ways, because you had to focus on stealth rather than just firing bullets like a (bald) madman. A sequel has been scheduled for a release in not too long, and we got the chance to ask the lead designer Jacob Anderson some questions, so without further ado – here’s the interview:

Hitman 2 Screenshots

- Who are you, and what is your role in the development of Hitman 2?

My name is Jacob Andersen and I'm the Lead Designer of this project.

- Can you briefly state the new features in Hitman 2?

Better draw distance, more detailed graphics, more levels, save game feature, 1st Person mode, better (more standardised) controls.

- What software did you mainly use in the development of Hitman 2?

We mainly use 3DStudio Max. It's cheap and easy to use, and has a very easy plugin/Script interface.

-Can you name a funny thing that happened during the development?

The guard dog graphics got swapped by accident with the regular-bodyguards. It looked quite funny having guard dogs standing around carrying Uzi’s' and smoking cigarettes… Scary stuff! :-)

- When did you decide to make a sequel?

When we were finishing up Hitman1. At the end of a project you have collected a lot of new ideas that just can't make it into the game (code and Gfx gets closed several months before) and the only way to realize those ideas is to make a sequel. :-)

- What do you like doing in your spare time?


- Where did you get the idea for the main character?

47 have been developed for a long time before ending with the bald Hitman you know now. He started out more as an mean old (hairy) guy, and at some point he had weird hi-tech glasses on. I like the way he turned out.

- Can you name one of your all-time favourite pc/console games?

If you have to count by hours played I guess Counter Strike comes in first, but other games that I've enjoyed on PC are Civ3, Age of Empires and TalonSoft's EastFront2. My favourite Console Games must be Secret Of Mana/SNES,Ogre Battle/SNES, Soul Calibur/DC, Crazy Taxi/DC and PokeMon/GB.

- With the in-game save feature has the game become harder than the original?


- In Hitman 2, will we see more of mr. Hitman's personality?

What personality? He's cold, calculating killer!

- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Working on Hitman 5 or 6. :-)

- Where do you see the gaming-industry in 5 years?

Fighting the new Playstation 3.

- Do you have any advice for people who are just entering the game development business?

On the art-side, realise that because you can make a great rendering in Maya is not the same (at all) as making great in-game graphics.

- Is a second sequel for Hitman possible?

Everything is possible.

That's it, thanks a lot Jacob... and now female players rejoice, we have Jacob NAKED for you -not-!