By Andreas 'Interman' Misund

Lord knows I’ve wasted a lot of time with Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. Times have passed, I’ve maxed out my main character and the game has been uninstalled. Then, I read about a game that had been compared with the game that made me loose too many hours when I should’ve been sleeping. Secondly, I’m a sucker for war-movies and such, so Another War seemed to be an interesting title for me. We recently had a chance to ask Pawel Kalinowski some questions about their upcoming title, so enjoy!

Another War -Exclusive- Screenshots

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I am a happy guy who tries to make living by working for a games developer. Sometimes it is a real challenge, but overall feeling is a positive one. At Mirage Interactive in Poland I am helping the rest of management to understand technical aspect of the games developing.

What kind of a game is Another War? What is the story behind it?

It’s a CRPG game. Another War, as of the game, has a lot of depth in the storyline and can be compared to Baldur's Gate and 'fight' from Diablo. To differentiate from other RPG games we have written a rich story set in WW2 times. A good deal of our time has been spent on the look and ambiance of the game also. Initially choosing this timeframe gave us three possible choices of the game feel - a fantastic adventure of Indiana Jones style, bloody, sad and realistic Private Ryan style or comedy like of Monty Python' s Meaning of Life. As we wanted the game to be a real entertainment product third option was a natural choice. You will find that AW offers lots of events and plenty of variety.

How did you come up with the name Another War?

The game is in certain aspect a parody of other RPG titles so we wanted to have something resembling other games - first approach was, as far as I remember, All Out. But later hundred of different 'War' games appeared like 1942: Pacific Air War, After the War, Ancient Art of war, Armorines - Project SWARM, Army Men: World War, Asterix: The Gallic War, Battle Isle IV: The Andosia War, Beast wars, Beyond Pearl Harbor: Pacific Warriors, Brave Dwarves, Cave Wars, Charm Of War, Civil War: War Between the States, Colony Wars: Vengeance, Cossacks: Back to War, Cossacks: European Wars, Cossacks:Napoleonic Wars, Cossacks: The Art of War, Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, Cyberstorm 2: Corporate Wars, Dawn of War, Deadlock II -Shrine Wars, Decisive Battles of World War II: Korsun Pocket, Delta Force: Land Warrior, Delta Force: Urban Warfare, Descent Freespace the Great War, Deus Ex 2: Invisible War, Dogs of War, Dope Wars, Dynasty Warrior 2, Economic War, Eternal War, F-22 Total Air War, FreeSpace: the Great War, Hardwar, I-war, Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos, Jurrasic war, L.E.D. Wars, Man of War, Mechwarrior 2, Medieval: Total War, Mike Stewarts Pro Bodyboarding Int, Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, Operational Art of War, Orbit Wars UT Mod, Orginal War, Outwars, Persian Wars, Primitive Wars: Jurrasic Era, Prisoner of War, Private Wars, Real War, Road Wars, Robot Wars 2, Rogue Wars, Sea War: The Battles, Seven Years of War, Shogun - Total War, Smuggler's Run: Warzone, Software Tycoon, Soldiers at War, Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars, Star wars, Starcraft Brood Wars, State of War, Street Wars, Swarm, Syndicate wars. Tekwar, Three dirty dwarves, Wages of War, War Breeds, War Engine, War of the Worlds, etc, etc. There is even game "War Peace". So it would be really stupid not to come up with another WAR, wouldn't it?

What kind of single-player missions can we expect?

The whole game is just one, large mission - to rescue a friend and save the day. Of course in meantime player must accomplish many smaller quests - from finding way out of somewhere to eliminating the enemy battalion. You for instance start off in a town center and get arrested in a cafe and placed in a cell where you have to escape. The game is full of many events!

How about multiplayer modes?

Sorry, no multiplayer modes available.

anything funny happen during the development?

Nothing that comes to my mind. The sad truth about the game developing is that it is everyday hard and sometimes dull work. Oh, no! I remember - it was when Stefan was in his cubicle for a whole week and we thought he has been very busy finishing his milestone but he just died.

ther War has been compared with Diablo (2). Will magical / rare items play an equally important role

Yes and no - yes, because they can help a lot during the fight and no, because it is perfectly possible to finish the game without most of them. First of all, it is fun to find some rare item even if it is immediately traded.

Where did you get the inspiration when making Another War?

These are WW2 movies that gave the most, but on the funny side Allo allo and Monty Python's Flying Circus were our favourites. After a while everyone will notice we are making fun of different national prejudices, too. As soon as you start playing the game you will start thinking about certain films and programs and there are many surprises in store!

What is your current favourite game?

Honestly - Bust'a'move 4 and Bomberman Online on my Dreamcast!

Which one of the three giants (Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony) do you think will win the console war?

As far as I can see Sony already won. Other platforms will exist as long as they have something special to show. It's a great pity Nintendo couldn't make another cartridge based console - N64 was great for kids throwing games all around.

Are you looking forward to E3? Why?

No - it used to be a milestone, but is no more. Look - ECTS was a great show but now it almost is of no importance. It looks like Internet made it - there are so many Internet game sites that everyone can have a pass to E3 or ECTS and now it looks like a regular consumer show, not trade one. For industry it is just an occasion to meet again and drink some beers together, not a place for important events.

And finally, what do you think people will like the most about Another War?

Two things - anti-hard-core fight and twisted humour... and yes the dialgoue. The game will come on 4 CDs and one CD is dedicated to speech in the game. Oh, and the challenge. To be honest Another War offers a lot, but every developer would say that about their game!