Years passed and honestly I forgot about Dweebs, then, suddenly, a friend showed me this URL and memories of a really funny puzzle/platform title from the past come to mind. I had to know more, in a matter of 3 days here we go with this interview about forthcoming Dweebs 2: The New Breed with Adrian Cumming.

Exclusive, Low Resolution Screenshots.

Starting off, who are you, what was your role in the development of the title and what did your team develop in the past?

Hi I'm Adrian Cummings the owner and proprietor of Mutation Software UK, a small computer games development company which started back in 1990 and has been developing commercial computer games since on various computer and video game console platforms. As well as developing games, we have also published some titles on our own small budget label, and have also worked in a 'sub-contractor' role on other outside projects for many other developers and larger clients.

DWEEBS 2: The New Breed is being developed in house and is a somewhat personal PC CDROM project of mine being almost solely produced by myself.

Mutation Software has developed, and assisted in the development of; many commercial computer game titles and projects which include:
Dweebs Platinum Remix PC, Midway’s Greatest Arcade Hits GBA, SpongeBob SquarePants GBA, LEGO Alpha Team GBC, The Unholy PC, Dweebs PC, Battlezone 64 N64, NHL Blades of Steel GBC, Mutation Gold Compilation AMIGA, Diablo PS1, Castle Kingdoms AMIGA, Tommy Gun AMIGA, Tin Toy Adventure AMIGA, Congo MEGADRIVE/32X, Cyberpunks AMIGA, Doodlebug AMIGA and quite a few other titles on various platforms well before 1990.

Can you introduce Dweebs 2 Gameplay and some details about it?

Without giving too much away, it is a strategy/puzzle game not unlike a cross between Krusty's Fun House/Lemmings/LEGO Alpha Team and original DWEEBS game of course :)

Which platforms is it headed to? Can you introduce the game briefly? How far in development are you and have you got a release date set yet?

Currently DWEEBS 2: The New Breed is being produced for PC CDROM (Budget) and possibly GBA, but GBA is a tricky market for small developers like ourselves to entertain. All the GBA work we have done so far is via a larger developer so we would need to locate a suitable publisher in due course who could take up publishing duties later (very tricky to do in reality for quite a few good reasons !).

The new Dweebs title follows on from the where the last one left off really in that you now have to rescue all the Dweebs and get them back to their home planet by means of helping them reach a big UFO mothership somwhere in each level. The frantic puzzle action of the orignal has been carried across into the project's design, but now all done from a side on platform aspect.

The project is now in month 4 of development and is about 65% complete with a release date planned for somewhere August 2002 and no later !.

Which are main difference with the original Dweebs?

The game looks about 10 times better visually and features very rich 16-bit cartoon graphics, plus as mentioned earlier it's now all from a side on platform aspect rather then the top down original. This has allowed the actual Dweebs characters to really shine through in the final game design.

Dweebs started as a platform title and ended as a mania, you're now selling a Dweeb "Plush Toy" and more merchandise, what will Dweebs 2 add to Dweebs Frenzy?

Yes well actually it started as a top down puzzler to test out the water in the budget PC sector. Officially there is only one Dweebs title by us directly, as our agent at the time had other spin of versions created that were supposed to compliment the Dweebs brand. However, these versions really only served to damgage the appeal of the Dweebs software brand name and I would like to distance both myself, my company and especially the Dweebs themselves from any
other versions other than our earlier official one i.e. 'Dweebs' by Mutation Software.

The plush toy is really cute and along with vinyl stickers and limited edition keyrings we are attempting to create the Dweebs computer game into a good brand name that can perhaps be expanded on in the future in a big way. The Dweebs do have serious potential to be something really cool and we already have future plans on the cards that could possibly help achieve this goal.

DWEEBS 2: The New Breed simply carries the Dweebs brand name further than the original title could and this in turn could turn out to be nice little title for GBA we feel if marketed correctly with potential leads into other markets too ?.

Which multiplayer support is expected, lan and in particular internet?

DWEEBS 2: The New Breed is a single player title and does not support multiplayer, although plans for a possible GBA version mean we could easily support this feature on that platform of course.

It took a long time to come up with a sequel, considering Lara and Fifa are getting one every couple weeks, you are a bit late, aren't you?

Yes I agree totally, there was supposed to be a Dweebs 2 and other follow-up's in the pipeline not long after the original was released, but due to big problems with our agents and outside publishers this caused us a moderate headache financially and I decided Mutation should work on some bigger 'paying' outside projects that could keep us afloat. If I had not done this we would of gone under for sure, therfore we are late but we are back on PC budget with this new title and hope to make ammends for just about everybody elses publishing and marketing cockups with our game software - that's the video game software biz for you tho - it really is full of monkeys !, but there are some good guys if you look real hard.

Which are the features you like more about Dweebs 2?

Mainly the fact that the game looks much more crafted and is graphically a definate 'eye candy' game for all ages... big bold graphics and easy to get into gameplay, not supposed to be another Quake or RTS or anything like that, but just a fun game that any body or age can pickup and play. This is what would make it an ideal title for GBA or even the newer colour screen enabled programmable mobile phones perhaps that we are looking at now too.

Why should I pay $14.95 for it?

Well we just recently dropped our original Dweebs PC CDROM title down to $9.95 direcetly to make way for the newer Dweebs 2 title in August, and on looking a the competition we feel this is offering a superb budget release price of a brand new title to the market place. If we went much lower than these figures you start to erode the pricing structure of the market itself and the customer can have too much of a good thing we feel !. I firmly belive that new budget software is well suited to the $9.95 to $14.95 price point on PC for example compared to the top end AAA market of course.

What gfx engine is the game based on, will it be similar to original one and look out dated or you worked out something original for it?

The new project uses a totaly new C++ 16-bit 2D engine to make use of some DirectX8 and Windows XP features. Dweebs is not evolved into a 3D title as of yet because:

a) we are looking at porting it to GBA
b) the Dweebs themselves are really furry creatures and this would require a really good 3D engine to do them justice and make them look really cool we feel - but we are not ruling this out either in the future it has to be said :)

Closing, greeting you for time spent, is there anything you wish to add?

Thankyou for the interview it has been a real pleasure, and also an opportunity to set the record straight on a few points regarding our title Dweebs.

Adrian Cummings (Proprietor)
Mutation Software UK